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Better Value for Money

Starting at around $700, the HORIZON is a few hundred dollars cheaper than the Ninebot Max.

You still do not have to compromise on performance or features. Quite the opposite: The HORIZON outperforms the Ninebot on many key characteristics: Higher top speed, better ride quality, faster acceleration, and better portability. 

Why is the Ninebot so much more expensive? We believe their retailers take a pretty large cut while fluidfreeride sells direct. And the Ninebot has a pretty cool App which costs money to develop. If you value performance over gimmicks, check out the HORIZON!

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FFR HorizonFeatureNinebot Max

~ $750
Price~ $950
 23 mph
Top Speed18.6 secs
o26 miles
Tested Range28 miles
 500 Watt
Motor Power350 Watt
oRear drum + regen.
BrakesFront drum + regen.
 264 lbs 
Max Rider Weight220 lbs
Dual Spring
40lb + folding handlebarsPortability42 lb

Excellent Ride Quality

For ultimate riding comfort, the fluid Horizon is best in class. Outfitted with dual front and rear suspension plus higher ground clearance than the Ninebot Max, this electric scooter makes sure your ride is smooth on any ground. What's more, you can adjust the stem on the fluid HORIZON allowing it to be set up for riders of different heights. 

When you're ready to power down, the HORIZON folds up smaller than the Ninebot. Within seconds the stem and handlebars collapse, ready for a trip on public transport, in your trunk or to be stored away at home.

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We are electric scooter enthusiasts and set out to bring you the highest performance scooters that do not break the bank. Hence you can get the fluid HORIZON only directly from us, delivered for free directly to your door in just a few days. 


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