48V 2x500W 13.2Ah

WIDEWHEEL - Unique Design, Power and Comfort

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The Mercane Widewheel electric scooter has been designed for ultimate riding comfort. Ultra-wide tires with front and rear suspension and disc brake ensure the most comfortable and smooth ride! This high-powered and foldable electric scooter with high-efficiency Lithium-ion battery guarantees strong acceleration, top speeds of 25 mph and up to 20 miles on a single charge. 
Two powerful motors make this the best electric scooter for hills.

Change the way you roll: experience a new feeling of freedom while cruising around on this stylish and powerful machine. Reinvent your style of transportation and upgrade your commute! 

Available in two variants:
- single 500W motor with 8.8Ah battery, 15+ miles (19 miles claimed)
- dual motors (500W each) with 13.2Ah battery, 20+ miles (31 miles claimed)

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Customer Reviews

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Fun scooter!

I purchased the dual motor version. It's fast, tons of torque and the wide wheels are very stable. My only gripe is that the manual says not to charge over 10 hrs and it should take 6-7 hours to charge. Well...I charged it 10 hrs, then let it rest for a bit. Then charged another 4 hours and still all the LEDs aren't lit. So either it takes a REALLY long time to fully charge or I have something defective. I've reached out several times and the owner(s) keep ignoring the question.

Hi Shaun - We have already responded to your mail and will sort out the LED display issue to your satisfaction. Please allow some time for our responses especially when you write us late on Friday evening :)
Fast and powerful scooter

This scooter is rock solid. I got a dual version, one charge gives me almost 20 miles and it can go up to 25 mph (I am 170 lbs). Highly recommended!

Simply Amazing. Solved every issue ive ever had with electric scooters

I would argue this is the single best electric scooter on the market anywhere as of 2/2/2019 when I am writing this. Previously, to get a wider wheel on your E-scooter, the only option was to put up with pneumatic air tires thus dealing a blow to one of the best benefits of an e-scooter, minimal upkeep and no surprises on the road that take the scooter OFF the road (like a flat). Ill try and just bullet point what I like about it.

1. The wide wheel is so much better in the traction department, and if you live in a major city like NYC, you know the phenomenon of why their wet streets are not like other wet streets. There is decades of accumulated oil from vehicles covering the roadway so when the roads are wet, you lose even more traction because the water is rests on top of this oily covering, so you actually hydroplane on a scooter even if youre going straight.
ADDENDUM: I no longer slide on those damn random metal plates the DOT puts in place over work areas and then never replaces and refills with gravel.
2. The shocks on this puppy are LEGIT. Take it from someone who rides on NYC streets which are absolute crap. Now, its actually comfy and casual to ride my scooter. I actually had to adjust to this with some time, because I was still in the required “action mode” stance for my previous scooters. Shocks are awesome.
3. Battery life is great for a heavier scooter.
4. Heavier scooter: the pro’s/con’s shake down. Your primary scooter should be a heavy one like this, which is such an advantage on the road. The handle bar fold down is a bit of a hassle, but in all honesty, you’re not going to really want to carry this. They were VERY smart to use the types of handles that unlock and fold down. I just push mine around in its native form. Don’t let the weight dissuade you. You can buy a $100-$150 Swagtron scooter that’s 15 pounds if you want something for quick runs to the store or if you are going inside someone for extended time. Heavier is the way to go. I...

Excellent scooter and even better support!

I bought a widewheel scooter from Peter at Fluidfreeride late last year. It was working great except for an annoying squeaky sound from the wheels (not the disc brakes). I contacted Peter about the issue and sent videos so he could take a look at the issue himself. He responded right away and contacted the manufacturer on my behalf and determined the scooter wheel bearings had an issue. Instead of trying to repair the scooter which would mean I would not have access to the scooter for an extended period Peter arranged for a replacement scooter to be shipped to me right away. I was pleasantly surprised by his strong customer orientation and determination to ensure my satisfaction. I can’t speak highly enough of Peter’s great customer service. Highly recommended!!

Thumbs up!

I have nothing bad to say, overall xp was awesome. 5star all the way!!!

Took some time but extremely satisfided.

The wide wheel is awesome ,conquers Hills I’ve never thought it would be very happy with it.

Designed to perfection, the WideWheel is the best all-round electric scooter for commute & play

  • Powerful - the 48V 500W brushless hub motor delivers hill climbing torque and speeds up to 20mph 
  • Long range - the high efficiency Lithiom-ion 8.8Ah battery delivers up to 15 miles of range (always depending on rider weight, road conditions, driving speed)
  • Comfortable - the ultra wide wheels in combination with front and back suspension deliver the most comfortable ride any scooter can offer
  • Stylish and durable - the manufacturer's cutting edge die casting method without welding delivers high durability, quality and a seamless appearance 

Available in two variants: with a single 500W motor with 8.8Ah battery and dual (front and back) 500W motors with a 13.2Ah battery. Above features are valid for both models except for weight, range, and speed. The 13.2Ah dual model weighs 45lb. It should be 5-10mph faster and run 5-10 miles longer. 

Engineered to Perfection

Lightweight aluminum alloy construction - easy maintenance at home - ultimate riding comfort 

hi tech electric scooter engineered to perfection
widewheel electric scooter with foam tires
widewheel electric scooter easy maintenance

"Impressive Performance"

"There is a lot to like about WideWheel. It provides a speedy yet comfortable ride, with a range of up to 20 miles and top speeds of 25mph. Additionally, the scooter is pretty well-priced thanks to the pre-order discount and it comes with a 90-day warranty." 

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