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Frequently Asked Questions



We ship all scooters next business day from one of our two central warehouses (Utah / Tennessee) with Fedex or UPS Ground, signature required. If you would like us to ship without signature, please add a note in your cart under "Instructions for seller". If the no-signature option is requested, buyer will be responsible for stolen packages.

Accessories and parts may also ship from our Miami, FL service center location, either by Fedex, UPS, or USPS. Unless specifically requested, accessories and parts will ship without signature required.

Electric scooters have to ship ground due to included batteries, so we are unfortunately not able to deliver them to Hawaii, Alaska, Military addresses or overseas US Territories.

Scooters ship next business day and take 2-5 business to be delivered.

Accessories and Parts may take 1-2 days longer to ship depending on our volume at our service center in Miami.

Navidium is protection against any shipped item against damage, loss or theft during shipping. If you choose to add the protection, lost, damaged, or stolen items are easily resolved by contacting customer service.
We ship all our scooters signature required so even if you do not add Navidium as extra protection, you should be on the safe side. 

Navidium is not an insurance product. We collect the fees and use them to cover lost and stolen items. Everyone pays a little for added peace of mind :)

We deliver to Canada and Mexico from our two US warehouses.

Check out fluidfreeride.eu for scooter orders to European addresses.

Accessory and Parts orders can be ordered worldwide through our main site.

Continental US: Orders over $50 ship 100% free by USPS or FEDEX/UPS ground service. Orders under $50 incur a flat $15 shipping fee added at checkout.

Canada / Mexico: Shipping depends on weight of your scooter order. Charges are added during checkout and include all taxes and import fees.

Europe: Please order via fluidfreeride.eu

Other: Contact us for scooters. Accessory and parts can be shipped world-wide. Shipping cost varies and will be added at check out.

Unless otherwise noted on the shipping rate, we ship our scooters duty paid, i.e. you will just have to wait until the scooter arrives at your door. In rare cases, you may still be asked to pay for import duties. Please pay them and send us the receipt so we can send you a refund over that amount.

Our charges are rated 110V - 240V so they work everywhere. We make an effort to ship every scooter with the correct plug for the country it gets delivered to.

Please contact us. You can also reject package upon delivery and once we receive the package back to our facility we will issue a refund within 3-6 business days. Subject to return conditions


Electric scooters are relatively new and regulations differ widely. Our customers are responsible for ensuring a legal operation in line with local rules and regulations. Electric scooters are the future and we believe that with the continued rise of scooter sharing companies and the accompanying rise in popularity of electric scooters, more and more cities will pass favorable regulations. We collected some more information in our blog.

Everyone is different but from our personal experience, you can get on the board and ride away. We recommend you start slowly and always wear protective gear.

It always depends on the model of the scooter, weight of the rider, road conditions, riding speed. In our product description, we call out realistic estimates based on a 170lb rider, flat road conditions and average speed.

The safety of any electric scooter is dependent on its components, especially the battery. We only work with suppliers that adhere to minimum product safety standards. Our batteries are either from Korean manufactures like LG and Samsung or Chinese cells that have undergone rigorous testing and/or have proven reliable over time.
Each scooter has its own capabilities and limitations - please read the manual before use and start slowly. Always wear protective gear like helmets, knee/elbow pads and wrist guards.

We do not recommend using your scooter in the rain or in wet conditions. The road is more slippery and it will take you longer to brake. If you ever get caught in the rain, our scooters are still safe to use. Most are water resistant - just wipe them down once you get back home. Electrical equipment and water do not go well together.

Return & Exchanges

Yes, within 15 days from purchase you can return your scooter no questions asked. The scooter must be unused in its original packaging. Customer will be responsible for return shipping.

Please see our detailed returns & refunds page.

Please request a return authorization first.

See our detailed returns & refunds page to start the process.

If your scooter is dead on arrival (as can happen with electric vehicles in rare cases independent of battery quality), you can exchange your scooter free of charge and we pay for all shipping. In case of any other technical issues, please trust that we will provide a solution.

Please refer to our warranty and service page.


At fluidfreeride we are focused on providing an excellent experience for our customers. Not only do we warrant our products to be free from manufacturing defects for 12 months following delivery, you will also become part of our Lifetime Service Program.

In case of any issues after the expiration our warranty or not covered by our warranty (such as wear and tear), our Lifetime Service program ensures you will get access to parts and our repair services at 50% off.

Please see our detailed Warranty and Service page for further details and limitations.

Please follow the steps outlined on our Warranty and Service page. In most cases we will be able to diagnose the problem and send you a spare part free of charge. We will provide you with guidance on how to perform simple repairs or will refer you to one of our service partners across the US. During the warranty period we cover parts and labor for the repair. If your scooter needs to be returned to our repair center, we will ask you to pay for shipping it back to us. 


For regular maintenance and repairs, check out our support library at support.fluidfreeride.com with tons of articles and how-to videos for every scooter. We encourage you to maintain and if necessary repair your scooter with the included tools at home. In case of more complicated issues, we can refer you to one of our service partners and you always have the option of shipping the scooter back to us for repair at our service centers in Miami, FL, or Brooklyn, NY.

Not every bike shop is willing to work with electric scooters. We spent lots of time and effort to find and qualify service partners in key metropolitan areas of the US. The list will grow over time. If you have made a good experience with a service provider in your area, please let us know! 
Current network can be found on our Warranty and Service page.

We always strive to make our customers happy. If something is not working right, please follow the steps outlined on our Warranty and Service page. We will diagnose the issue and determine the best steps for a repair. We stock most parts in our service centers and should be able to help you quickly.

Yes we do stock a huge selection of spare parts for every scooter. The most common ones are listed on the site. Just head over to Parts and filter for your scooter model to see what is compatible. Any other parts needed, just reach out to us by sending a request.


We strive to offer batteries produced by South Korean brand-name manufacturers like LG or Samsung. We also accept batteries from reputable Chinese manufacturers if they have been proven over time and have undergone safety testing.

Lithium-ion batteries in the sizes we sell typically have a lifespan of 400-700 charging cycles. Due to the chemistry inherent in the batteries, it is normal that capacity and resultant range of the battery will reduce throughout its lifetime.

There is a lot of technical information on how to prolong battery lifespan - for all the details, have a look at this article.

The most straight forward tips are as follows:
 - batteries like it cool - do not let it get too hot while in use, while charging, or during storage
 - charge slowly if possible. The smaller the battery pack (in Ah) the slower it likes to be charged. If you are concerned about battery life, use the normal 2A chargers coming with our electric scooters.
 - don't overcharge - our chargers will turn off automatically when the battery is full

Li-ion batteries will slowly discharge over time. Don't let your battery run completely empty. If you are storing your scooter for a long time, we recommend checking the charge every 3 months and re-charging if necessary.


Ordering scooters directly from the manufacturer takes a long time. You can assume roughly 4-5 weeks for production plus 10 weeks for shipment to our warehouse. Scooters are becoming very popular and demand is high. You will see lots of electric scooters out of stock around the internet. With pre-orders, we are creating major advantages for you:

- you will have a guarantee to get your brand new scooters before anybody else and before we run out of stock
- you will get your scooter at a significant discount (up to hundreds of dollars)

We have a pretty good track record in shipping our scooters at the time indicated in the product description when you place your order. This date may change over time as we are selling out of incoming deliveries. If you see a new date in the product description some time after placing your order, this does not mean that your shipment is delayed. If we run into unforeseen delays, or, if we are able to ship significantly earlier than expected, we will reach out on email.

Shoot us request with your old address, new address and last four digits of the credit card used for payment and we will update the delivery address for you.

We understand that life can change. You can cancel a pre-order anytime before shipment for a full refund. Please submit a request.

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