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find my scooter Quiz

Let’s Find the Perfect Ride for Your Needs

Have you ever ridden a scooter before?

Question 01 / 06

Yes, but never owned one
Yes, I own one

How much do you weigh?

Question 02/ 06

221lbs - 265lbs
266lbs - 330lbs

What is your budget?

Question 03/ 06

How important is power vs. portability?

Question 04 / 06

Power and speed are most important
I want a powerful scooter that is still portable
Portability and versatility are most important

How are the road conditions where you will be riding?

Question 05 / 06

Mostly smooth asphalt
It can get a little rough
I want to go hardcore off road

What is your real world range requirement?

Question 06 / 06

Short distances up to 15 miles
Medium distances up to 25 miles
Long Distances way over 25 miles