36V 300W 7.8Ah

MOSQUITO - Ultra Portable and Fast

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This lightweight and foldable electric scooter is right for everyone who needs a compact and ultra portable scooter to take on the train, up the stairs, or just to store away at home. With only 22 pounds, its 36V 300W motor will reach a top speed of 20 mph. The 7.8Ah battery promises a range of up to 15 miles. Its front and rear suspension is essential for riding comfort for a scooter with 6" wheels. Use the integrated USB port for charging your phone on the go. 

Reinvent your style of transportation - the sleek looking Mosquito will speed up your ride to work or class and make your life a little bit more fun. Guaranteed!

Recommended for riders 6' tall and below. Distance of footboard to handlebar is 34 inches.

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I received this product. I am a bigger guy, (6'1 230lbs). This impressively got me to about 17/17.6 MPH. I do recommend in hindsight maybe getting a more powerful scooter. But for what it is, (portability, smaller) it is a fun time. Also, if you have friends/family who are smaller they will love it. And it will definitely hit 20MPH.

Can you get this scooter for less off Alibaba, etc. Probably.

But what you get for the premium is QUICK shipping, and CUSTOMER SUPPORT from fluidfreeride.

I'm happy with my purchase.

Compact , Sleek & almost complete ..

(NOTE: I wrote a more detailed Review, but this had to be edited in HALF to fit the 2,000 character requirement)
This is Mosquito is not pesky.. & will be a joy to have around. I’d like to say thanks to Peter for all the assists. you are approachable & response when needed.

Pros: The Mosquito, although 22 pounds, is very sturdy, feels durable & well built. When I got it out the box, I was surprised to see those 6 inch wheels are NOT as little as I thought they would be, they are actually big & thick. The Small tire scooters (like a Razer I had many moons ago), catch every pot hole or crack in the road & can send you on unscheduled flight (lol). Bigger wheels provide way more comfort & safety. The deck is slim, & but even slim, it feels like its never going to be a problem.
Overall the scooter gives a lot of bang for its price, & I’m happy with it. I’m almost 6 ft tall, a little over 200 pounds, & still I get very good speed. Although going uphill, the torque didn’t do much. I had to get off & push.

Cons: The only thing I consider a Con… is the “Touch Control Plate” that is below the handle bars, on the back of the Stand (used to turn the scooter on & off, control the front light, & switch gears). I find it to be a kooky cumbersome, unreliable, pain in the A#$. It requires too much fiddling around, for something that you need immediate response from. There are 2 buttons that are TOO close to each other. One is to turn on the scooter’s light (would prefer a button that pushes in & out, or a flip switch). To get a better option, you really need to download their app, & use your phone (the app is way more responsive). To use the app while riding, I needed to buy a phone holder for the handle bars.

All in all, the Mosquito is a very classy scooter, but has a few cheap elements that can be upgraded. At this price point, there shouldn’t be anything that suggests cheapness. The package should be a total CO...

Can't wait to receive this product.

I spent so many hours looking around for something that will go 20mph, more than 10 mile range and under 500 bucks.

If this delivers as expected i will direct further business.

What are you projecting with my demensions: 6'1 , 225lbs


I finally got my Ultra Mosquito out there some and Maine would permit! I am a first time scooter rider. Immediately, with ease, I was riding on first gear. I did not stay on that gear for long I must admit, maybe 10 minutes. Second gear was a blast. Handled nicely. I went with solid rubber tires for the convenience of no flats as I intend to ride in the city of Portland, ME. They were smooth, but essential to slow down with various "bumps of the road". On smooth pavement, all was smooth and a blast. Third gear, hmmm...this baby can move...I dug it!.....I am quite content with this machine. Any future purchases will have to live up to a higher standard!.....

No compromise - the Mosquito Electric Scooter is lightweight and portable, yet high powered and fast 

  • Ultra Portable - Just 22 pounds and folds to a compact 43x7.6x10.7 inches
  • Powerful - the 36V 300W brushless hub motor delivers hill climbing torque and speeds up to 20mph 
  • Long range - the high efficiency Lithium-ion 7.8Ah battery delivers up to 15 miles of range (always depending on rider weight and road conditions)
  • Loaded with features - double suspension, LED headlight, solar powered tail light, edgeless display, USB charging port for your phone 

Packed with powerful features

These features make our lightweight electric scooter the perfect choice for riders wanting an ultra portable, fast, and sleekly designed vehicle.

lightweight fast electric scooter features
lightweight electric scooter with app

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