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Best-in-Class Ride Quality, Handling & Performance for the Professional Scooter Enthusiast

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60 mph
115 miles
$3,899 or $244/month


Best-in-Class Ride Quality, Handling & Performance for the Professional Scooter Enthusiast

60 mph
115 miles
Buy Now
$3,899 or $244/month

Forget Range Anxiety with a massive 72V 40Ah Battery for up to 115 miles of range!


Experience truly thrilling acceleration up to 60 mph top speed!


With a hand-welded tubular frame, hi-tech suspension, and excellent water-proofing, the Burn-E is built to last.


"It’s a rare thing, to see a brand new company bring out a brand new scooter, which outperforms nearly every other scooter on the market. However, the BURN-E’s exquisite ride quality, is what has us coming back to ride it again and again and again..."







> 50,000

Join our fast growing community of smart riders who value fast, fun & eco-friendly transportation and industry leading support.

> 470,000 hours

Never get stuck in traffic again. At just 20 minutes commuting time saved per week(!) and rider, our community got back a cumulative 50 years in time to spend on better things. If you personally were able to save just 20 minutes every work-day, you would free up over 80 hours every year.


By replacing your car for just 15 miles every week our rider community is saving big on gas alone. That does not take into account any other expenses of owning a car. By some estimates, an individual rider can save around $8,000 per year by retiring the car in favor of an electric scooter.


While an electric scooter already helps reduce carbon emissions, we are donating part of our revenue to Trees for the Future who have planted over a million trees on our behalf, more than off-setting our operation's carbon footprint.


Best Electric Scooter
Best Electric Scooter
Best Electric Scooter
Best Electric Scooter
Best Electric Scooter
Best Electric Scooter



Unpacked your scooter and noticed it is not the right fit? No worries, we will return your unused scooter in original packaging for 15 days after delivery.


We ship in stock scooters same or next business day. Depending on your location, your scooter will arrive within 2 (West Coast) to 5 (East Coast) business days.


Need a part? Have a question? Our team of experts is there to help. You can count on fluidfreeride even after your warranty has expired.


All our scooters come with 12 months warranty on all major components for full peace of mind. After your warranty expires, you can make use of our Lifetime Service Program: Parts and Labor are 50% Off for fluid freeride customers for the lifetime of your scooter.


  • Does the Burn E come with a steering damper?

    Yes, the steering damper is included with the Burn E. It can easily be attached at home.

  • Does the scooter come readily assembled?

    The Burn E is almost ready to ride out of the box. You will need to attach the handlebar and the fenders, as well as the steering damper. We estimate a careful unboxing and set-up to take about 60 minutes.

  • Does the Burn E come with a fast charger?

    Yes, one 72V 5A fast charger is included. With that you will be able to charge within roughly 10h. You can buy an additional aftermarket 6.5A charger from fluid freeride. If using both combined, your Burn E will charge up in 4-5h.

  • How is the scooter packaged and delivered?

    The Burn E ships in a thick cardboard box with an additional over-box and shipping bands. While we had some problems shipping the first batch in 2021, you can rest assured that a scooter ordered today will arrive in excellent shape. We ship by FEDEX ground with signature required to ensure your new scooter does not disappear from your door-step.

  • Do you have an offroad tire option?

    The Burn E ships with street tires installed which is the best choice for most applications. You can purchase off-road tires separately in case you would like to take it on rougher adventures.

Customer Reviews

Based on 131 reviews

My new “car” to work without paying hundreds of dollars a month ^_^

Justin S. (Los Angeles, CA)
Use Case: Recreation

I love this scooter. I use it in virgina city nevada. The hills here are insane and it has no problem getting up them. Plus the looks I get from locals and tourists are priceless.

Keon H.

Extremely …. A cool ride … I love everything about

Anthony G. (Brentwood, CA)

It goes!!!. Once I figured out the speed restriction, It was very quick and fast. Take it easy at first. Especially going over 30 mph.

Aubrey R. (Sacramento, CA)
Use Case: commuting
Dope scooter :)

Love this thing! Only downside is how heavy it is, but honestly everything else is perfect !! Also love how water resistant it is :)

Felipe G. (Mexico City, CMX)
Use Case: commute and urban troling
Outstanding customer journey

asked a question and a real human came back immeditately with a real answer, how cool is that!! felt ultra refreshing.
Order processing on the site was fantastic. export to mexico flowed perfectly. Product is as advertised really cool, being picky I woul mention just some very quality stuff is not top notch with the product and the assembly instructions where not very clear, but not a real criticism or ding on Fluid

Kurtass (Indianapolis, IN)
Use Case: Helmet holder and taking up space.

I got it unboxed and put together. That is about it. It has been in the teens and single digits since then. The road is a sheet of ice. Supposed to be in the forty's in a couple days, but with rain. I'll get it out as soon as I can.

Spencer D.
Use Case: Casual Riding with Family
Nami Burn-E 2 Max

First of all the scooter is amazing. The quality and craftsmanship are absolutely outstanding. This scooter is a rocket 🚀. I would not recommend it for a novice or a young rider. But for the experience rider looking for some real thrills, this is the one. Thank you Fluid Free Ride for helping me through the order process and shipping it to me so fast. Outstanding company to do business with.

Steph D. (Berlin, CT)
Use Case: Was suppose to be used to help with the commute from Connecticut to New York but NYC buses won’t let me on with this beast! Only Metro North and nyc trains accept it. So I’m trying to figure out how to safely park it to go to work and return to it without New Yorkers wrecking my scooter on purpose or stealing it. It look like it will be my fun transportation when I want to just go hang out or go for joy rides or late night strolls under the stars (slow moving to be safe especially if I’m partying and drinking) I’ll be able to get home safely without getting arrested now that I don’t have to drive. Will definitely help with going places I have to pay for parking (won’t have to pay or look for parking anymore until they come up with a law saying you can’t use scooters in replacement of parking). Imagine I have to pay $40 to park my car to use a beach. Now I can ride my scooter to the beach and only pay $10 to enter.
Caribbean Review

I just got the Nami Burn e2 Max and trust me it’s worth the investment. It cost an arm & leg I won’t lie but you can always put it on a brand new credit card no interest and pay it off monthly. It went from close to the $5000 mark to $3700 and it’s still pricey but definitely better than the $5000. I like that it has different settings especially for speed so you can choose about 5 sections on how you want to ride it. Don’t put it on the maximum setting for the 1st try. The scooter took off on the back wheel and I cld swear I was about to take off in the air. I Never gripped anything so tight flying off!!! Haven’t tested the distance as yet but it is claimed to go about 115 miles. I’m close to the 200lb weight bracket so I’m assuming it will be cut in half to be realistic. Plus I enjoy riding it fast. The suspension is easily adjusted and the build quality looks astounding. Just know it is heavy but after you ride it you will be like I don’t care. I’m still learning about it and doing some testing with the features. It is a lot to process making it even more fun. It’s no simple scooter. So many different modes that will excite you and can definitely be set up to your liking. You won’t regret it. If I’m riding this in Connecticut & New York next to the ocean at 4am in the morning at temperatures below 30 degrees just to test ride it and I’m from the Caribbean you know it’s worth it. I personally feel it should have been just under 100lbs because ny transportation sucks and they like to come up with stupid rules. Won’t let me on buses. Only need the bus to cross the toll bridges to go to work otherwise it wld have been my new commute all the way. The set up could have been a little more informative because I struggled with the throttle and how it works at the beginning not knowing you have to really push off riding with a little kick to get the scooter throttle to actually move my scooter plus some wires were connected to help with speed safety that made me feel the scooter wasn’t working properly. But after taking it to the shop in Brooklyn and getting a quick schooling it was over for me!!! Took off on the back wheel and the front wheel in the air by my 3rd try and I felt like the Grinch upside down if you get where I’m going with the smile(😡➡️😄). Wish I was the one who got the special discount (heard someone got a full refund for the purchase as a plus). I’m still learning and this scooter will definitely be put to work when the cold weather changes. I definitely enjoy the bouncy feeling with the shocks. Please be advised it is heavy. But after your ride it you will forget it’s heavy. Just becareful if you have to take stairs. I am in love with it.

Jeff (Antioch, CA)
Use Case: Fun rides
Grandpa rider

Its more fun riding my Nami than my motorcycle. Wish they had group rides like the cycle clubs.