WOLF WARRIOR 11 Off Road Tire

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Original OFF ROAD Tire for the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Electric Scooter.

Tubeless for maximum performance. 

Off Road Tire for durability and stability in any terrain. Not recommended for high speed on road use. 

(sample image, actual tire may differ)

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Customer Reviews

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I'm 41 years old and have owned many "toys" in my years, including a few exotic vehicles... I don't think I've ever enjoyed anything as much as this Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11. This scooter rivals the $6,000-$7,000 models and, in some instances, is far superior in my opinion for many reasons.
To make matters better, FluidFreeRide has been incredible to work with--all the way from the purchasing process to troubleshooting after ownership. Peter has chatted with me on the phone and via email to ensure complete comfortability with riding as well as mode settings. This truly has been an incredible experience all the way around--absolutely zero complaints and nothing but a smile on my face every time I ride!

Wolf Warrior

Glad I went with this over a Dualtron. I’m using it on road and it is amazing. Super fast, super stable, great construction. I had a few minor issues upon receipt, but Peter helped make it right. The scooter had a few minor cosmetic issues and some damage from shipping, all better now. Single motor works well for me most of the time and then I hit the dual motor for hills. It powers up hills like the are nothing. No wobble in the handle bars that plague so many other scooters even Dualtron. The brakes work well and feel much better than cable brakes. Lights work well enough at night that they will be all you need. Horn is louder than a car

Wolf Warrior for a Lumberjack

I have a 290 lb. 6ft3 Offensive Linemen up at NAU in Flagstaff. He uses this scooter to commute up at school to practice at the Sky Dome, then clear across campus to Accounting. It's a very well built machine, more like a motorcycle than a scooter. Thankfully he was able to get a dorm room on the first floor. This is a big, heavy, bulky, machine and is best left unfolded for transport. The footprint does actually grow when folded up.

We needed something durable and powerful however based on his size and, had to exchange the portability for power and durability. With steep mountaneous hills, heavy inclines, and slippery surfaces at times this was an ideal fit.

In order to have the neck play at zero the folding mechanism had to be made extraordinarily tight which does make folding and unfolding impossible without carrying a wrench. Based on the numerous settings on the display it took a full day to get it dialed in out of the box. Once calibrated however the thing absolutely howls and pulls hard on flat, downhill, and uphill, it simply doesn't care what's in front of it. Easy throttle on take offs! This will lose traction and fishtail at 3/4 throttle with wheel slip up to 20 mph. It's a beast.

Very happy.

Peter there at Fluid Freeride was amazing. They have totally kept their word. I would highly recommend this organization. No regrets. The scooter is unreal. The triple tree front end is the strongest out there. With this thing flying around at high speeds, it gives you some real confidence. I’m totally happy with my choice.