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Inokim OXO Review

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There is always someone who wants more. Getting a super sports car is not enough for some. So the manufacturer makes an even faster better version.

And this is the case with the Inokim OXO. As brilliant as the OX and even more so. And funnily enough, the same odd imperfections have been left unattended. Nothing that ruins the whole package and nothing that you can't fix yourself with some grip tape and Loctite but it would be nice if it was 100% right out of the box.

It would save us some work as a review would be very easy to write. Brilliant brilliant brilliant, under each heading. Get one. Well, it still is brilliant but some explanations are needed.

ModelWideWheel Pro CityRiderHorizonMantisWolfWarrior
Top Speed26 Mph18 Mph
25 Mph40 Mph50 Mph
Range22 Miles10 Miles25 Miles45 Miles70 Miles
Weight54 lbs28.5 lbs42 lbs65 lbs101 lbs
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  • Pros & Cons
  • Speed & Acceleration
  • Hill Climbing
  • Range
  • Motor Configuration
  • Construction & Build Quality
  • Suspension
  • Ride Quality
  • Lights
  • Brakes
  • Portability
  • Tires
  • Deck
  • Water Resistance
  • Reliability
  • Known Issues & Solutions
  • Conclusion


  • Exceptional Build Quality
  • Equally Exceptional Ride Quality
  • Innovative Single Side Fork
  • Best Braking of them all


  • Slippery Deck
  • Handlebars Don't Fold
  • Kick to Start
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Inokims philosophy is as much about design and quality as it is to provide a riding experience that is, let's say reasonable within some areas. If you are all about maximum top speed and the fastest acceleration possible, then Inokim is not for you, at least not with the existing range. That is not to say that the Inokim OXO electric scooter is slow by any means. This is the fastest within the Inokim line so far.

But, it is still a kick-to-start e-scooter, and once activated, it rather accelerates disciplined as opposed to a Mach 3 bat out of hell with your hair on fire.

Safety is also at the forefront of the designer's intention and you will notice it once you press down the thumb throttle. You can do it as fast as you like, it will still take about 5 seconds for it to go through the power curve. Think opposite of a power switch and more of remote volume control. Release the throttle for more than three seconds, and the process starts again from scratch. But if you release it and come back quickly the power is instant.

Personally, I like this as anything that makes the street riding experience as safe as possible on an electric scooter gets my thumbs up. Smooth acceleration helps.

Why anyone would want head-snapping jerky terrifying acceleration on this type of vehicle is beyond me. But some do and for them, there are other beasts available on the market.

Zero to 15 mph (24 kph) takes just under 4 seconds. That is 1-2 seconds slower than other beast scooters. But who cares. The top speed is 40 mph (64 kph) although it comes delivered locked at 15 mph. You can unlock it via the p-settings menu.

Dual motor mode with lots of torque is a good recipe for climbing hills. And so it is with the Inokim OXO. They say it can manage a 15% climbing angle but it actually does more than that with aplomb. No need to worry about reaching the summit.

inokim oxo range

The range will not be a problem on a premium scooter such as this. The manufacturer advertises approximately 50 miles (80 km). And that is possible should you be riding in power-saving mode and if you are of average rider weight. In real-world riding, it will be closer to 35 miles (56 km).

60V 26 Ah battery and dual motors with a continuous 2000W/2600W peak power. Lots and lots of power.

If you are familiar with the Inokim OX you will recognize the Inokim OXO. They look the same at a glance but there are some major upgrades that we will cover further down.

It has that same elongated stem that increases stability and also makes it look cool from the side. And of course, the standout single-sided swingarm which makes it easier to change a tire and also looks impressive.

The stem folding mechanism is superb with an easy-to-operate red lever that is secured by a rubber collar wrapping around the stem for extra grip.

Everything else is typical of the Inokim brand. Attention to detail and making sure cables and other parts are not sticking out or in other ways disturb the whole package is standard. But, some confusing and overlooked quirks can be found.

Why is the plastic deck so slippery? It is made of a hard plastic that provides minimum traction even if you have sneakers on. You will need to add some grip tape which is an easy fix but still, for a premium scooter, why? And the rear fender, which you have to install yourself, will come loose and start rattling. Add some Loctite.

These are minor imperfections though, and should not put off a potential buyer. After all, how many times have we not read about supercars that are prone to all kinds of quirks and imperfections, and some actually, catch fire quite regularly. No names.

The same smart rubber suspension called OSAP (Ox Suspension Adapter System) can be found on the OXO as on the OX. 

A big part of the comfortable ride is down to this adjustable suspension system. Nothing short of superior ride quality is what you can expect. And you have the option of setup for off-road riding or regular street use. Stable at high speeds and still able to soak up bumps and minor potholes.

The max rider weight is 265 lbs (120 kg).

inokim oxo ride quality

Superb ride quality not only because of the above-mentioned suspension system but also because the cockpit is great. New improved more comfortable handlebar grips. LCD display and square-shaped thumb throttle are easy to operate, although the throttle takes some getting used to. It is not the easiest to maintain a perfectly steady speed so cruise control will come in handy. A proper power button on the left.

The brake levers feel like on a motorcycle.

When riding it you can feel the quality and also note that it is super quiet. No rattling or squeaking noises. As much a perfect scooter as you can wish for.

A major upgrade can be found in the braking system of the Inokim OXO. If the acceleration is not the fastest one of the lot, then stopping power certainly is. Dual hydraulic disc brakes now make this the best in class of them all.

From 15 mph (24 kph) to a complete stop it only needs 9.8 ft. (3 m)! Make sure to bend your knees and never ride with your feet parallel.

It is a big electric scooter and even though you can fold it, it weighs 77 lbs (35kg). The folding mechanism is excellent and the stem latches onto the rear upward fin. It has no foldable handlebars though. Folded it measures 48 x 23 x 22 Inches (120 x 59 x 55 cm).

Front and rear led lights with sensors that turn on automatically when it gets darker. A cool feature, and you can set this to your liking when you prefer them to turn on. The tail and brake light are on the right side only of the rear deck. A bit unusual solution has to be said.

The front led lights are low mounted. Adding an extra headlight is recommended for better nighttime visibility.

inokim oxo tires

Air-filled 10 x 2,5 inches (25,4 x 6,35 cm) tires can be replaced with slightly wider off-road tires. The tires are good and easy to replace due to that single swingarm solution.

A big wide deck with plenty of space for the feet adds to the feeling of stability when riding but, the plastic fabric is just not good enough. Too slippery even when dry. Add some grip tape.

The Inokim OXO lacks an official IP rating but according to the manufacturer, it can tolerate some rain. Try to avoid using it in the wet is probably the best advice.

Inokim scooters are known for their reliability and given the proper attention, they just keep going and going. You can rely on them.

The deck as mentioned a couple of times already. Slippery. Add grip tape and all will be good.

Already the Inokim OX was a brilliant electric scooter. The OXO is all that and even more. Now with a dual motor package and upgraded brake system, it is faster, brakes even better, has a longer range, and climbs hills stronger.

Otherwise, they look the same. The Orange and Black color scheme stands out amongst electric scooters. It is underneath it all you will notice why you pay more for the bigger OXO.

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ModelWideWheel Pro CityRiderHorizonMantisWolfWarrior
Top Speed26 Mph18 Mph
25 Mph40 Mph50 Mph
Range22 Miles10 Miles25 Miles45 Miles70 Miles
Weight54 lbs28.5 lbs42 lbs65 lbs101 lbs
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