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Nami Burn-E Review

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Nami Burn-E is the name that's creating a sensation in the scooter community. If you're completely head over heels in love with electric scooters, a ride on the Nami Burn-E is going to be a love affair. With an intuitive riding experience, there's nothing that can beat this beauty.

So, what makes this scooter so unique?

In this Nami Burn-E review, we're going to cover everything there is to know about this hill-crushing scooter. Our informative guide on all its features and specifications will assist you in deciding whether this charmer is worth your time. 

About Nami Burn-E

Nami Burn-E is the brainchild of Michael Sha, a scooter designer who invented his own company NAMI after quitting his job as a Kaabo salesman. What was at first a mere piece of drawing now emerged in reality as one of the best electric scooters on the market.

And the credit goes to Michael Sha, who proved that dreams could actually come true. In fact, it is the first electric scooter that Nami came up with after a lot of research and analysis.

There are so many unique things about the Nami Burn-E electric scooter, which is why it's ahead of its game in the marketplace right now. It aims to deliver flawless ride quality and record-breaking performance

An Overview of Nami Burn-E

Let's have a quick look at some of the best features this scooter has on offer.

Motors and Battery

This ultra-performance scooter is built with two robust motors of 1500W each that deliver great performance. You can expect this scooter to cover almost 100 miles (160 km), thanks to the solid 72V lithium-ion battery.

The charge time of the scooter is approximately 6 hours with a single charger and 12 hours with a dual charger. Moreover, the motors come with hall sensors, which play an important role in detecting proximity and speed.


Another feature that a rider really values in a scooter is the speed. And this beast excels in this sector. It can accomplish a top speed of up to 60 mph (96 kph), which is pretty impressive.

Folding System

It weighs around 100 pounds (45 kg), so it falls in the heavy category. But don't worry, it's still very user-friendly and easy to store. Thanks to a patented lock taper folding system, you don't have to worry about storage difficulties.


Another impressive feature of this powerful beast are the11-inch air-filled tubeless tires. These tires are pretty impressive in their capability of handling a wide range of terrain.

It does not matter whether you're street riding or driving on a rough and uneven surface since the tires are designed to offer you a smooth ride either way. In addition, the Nami adjustable hydraulic coil-shock suspensions offer a smooth ride on any terrain.


The Burn-E electric scooter stands out because of its waterproof smart display, one of its key features. This smart display allows you to adjust its ride modes, acceleration power, brake intensity, and various settings. There are five riding modes to choose from, including the turbo mode, which is a game changer.

It lets riders adjust the different riding mode options for a smooth ride. You can also adjust the acceleration strength of both the front and rear motor to accomplish your preferred set up. Keeping track of its battery health and speed is easy with the display.

Water Resistance

If you're concerned about riding on a rainy day, no need to worry as the display is built to resist water damage and has an IP56 rating. Other than that, all the scooter components have an IP55 rating, which is amazing. So, it does not matter whether there's rain or storms ahead - this scooter will keep running like a beast.


The addition of powerful 160 mm discs and hydraulic brakes provides phenomenal stopping power. It also has regen braking with five different intensity levels. Feedback and brake lever feel are bang on the money.

Lighting System

You get a 2000 lumen headlight, a rear brake light, and side LED strips, including a turn signal. The lighting is top-notch, so you don't have to worry about riding on dark roads with this scooter.

With so many exciting features, there's truly no other match for this versatile e-scooter. From motor to brakes- everything about Nami Burn-E Viper screams power.

NAMI Burn-E Pros

  • Built with a long-lasting and strong structure
  • Smart and solid cable system for easy operation
  • Excellent top speed of almost 60 mph (96 kph)
  • Range of around 100 miles (160 km)
  • Smart controls and waterproof display
  • Efficient folding system with carbon fiber steering column 
  • Hydraulic suspensions for maximizing the performance
  • Falls on the expensive side
  • Handlebars are slightly short
  • It weighs almost 100 pounds (45 kg), making it bulky and heavy

Performance Overview 

Nami Burn-E is today recognized as one of the best high-performance electric scooters out there. And its exceptional performance and solid features back its popularity. There are many electric scooters out there that do a decent job but come with a lot of niggling issues and shortfalls.

The aim of manufacturing Nami Burn-E was to fix these issues and transform the entire idea of electric scooters in the industry. And Nami has totally nailed it. This is exactly why the Burn-E has been credited as one of the most anticipated electric scooters this year.

The 1500W front and rear motor are responsible for the scooter's top-notch performance. Furthermore, the motor can produce an insane 8400W peak power.

To power these strong motors, you get a big 72V battery. The battery itself is a notable feature of this scooter as it allows riders a range of approximately 100 miles (160km).

Do tires matter a lot to you? This scooter excels in this sector as well. The CST-branded road tires are a great feature of this scooter. They are tubeless, very wide, and provide the smoothest ride possible.

You get some cool hydraulic absorbers that can be adjusted easily. The tires are less prone to pinch flats and can be paired well with tire sealants.

This scooter is built with a smart and convenient dashboard to make things more interesting. It is the most fun part of the scooter as it comprises a sophisticated waterproof display. There is a lot of information on the display, including the speed readings, battery levels, distance, brake intensity, etc.

The built-in light system of the scooter is also very impressive. Furthermore, the Burn-E electric scooter can deliver top-notch performance with tough quality Panasonic battery cells. All the other parts of the scooter are finished with polished stainless-steel for a stylish look and comfortable feel.

Another amazing quality of this Burn-E electric scooter is to climb hills at an incline of 35 degrees without tiring out.

Overall, the combination of so many exquisite features truly make this scooter feel luxurious and of premium quality. This is without any doubt truly the best scooter brand in the ultra-performance category.

Does Nami Burn-E Possess the Best Speed and Acceleration?

When it comes to speed and acceleration, the Nami Burn-E is considered to be a better option than its counterparts, including the Wolf King and Dualtron Thunder.

The Nami Burn-E has a top speed of 60 mph (96 kph), which is impressive and makes it an excellent option for scooter fans. Of course, it's not the fastest scooter in the world, but a speed like this makes it a highly desirable electric scooter on the market.

When it comes to acceleration, you can expect a phenomenal performance from the Nami Burn-E. With brushless 1500W motors and dual sine wave controllers, this scooter delivers amazing torque and acceleration up to 60 mph (96 kph).

Besides, the Turbo mode of the scooter provides a smooth cruise without losing control. You can adjust the acceleration strength of both the front and rear motors, which is also a unique feature of this scooter.

Is Nami Burn-E the Best Electric Scooter for Hill Climbing? 

You've heard of the Dualtron X II, which can climb at a 35-degrees incline. Nami Burn-E is even better at hill climbing. Tested on the steepest hills of San Francisco, this scooter has been reported to burn up almost 31.5% grade hill - which is pretty amazing.

Various independent tests have shown similar results with this Burn-E electric scooter, and its hill climbing ability is one of if not the best in the ultra-performance niche.

And the best part is - this scooter can climb more than a 35-degree incline without losing control.

What Is the Battery and Range of Nami Burn-E Like?

With a solid battery and range, you'll never have to worry about getting stranded on your ride again... The Nami Burn-E Viper does not disappoint in this sector.

With a 72V 35Ah lithium-ion battery built with 18650 Panasonic cells, Burn-E can cover a range of almost 100 miles (160 km) on a single charge. So, enabling the highest performance mode, your Burn-E scooter can cross the 55-mile (88 km) target point with absolute ease.

Moreover, along with fast speed, you're also getting a fantastic range with this electric scooter.

Does Nami Burn-E Have a Powerful Motor Configuration?

The Nami Burn-E is equipped with one of the most advanced, powerful and efficient motors aimed to deliver flawless performance.

With dual brushless 15000W motors, this is one helluva scooter! You get an output power of 3000W and a peak power of around 8400W from these brushless motors. Also, you get different ride modes with the Nami Burn-E Viper that enhance the motor actions and ensure a smooth riding experience.

Is the Construction and Quality of Nami Burn-E Electric Scooter Any Good? 

You don't want to invest in a scooter that will break down in a year or two or something that requires frequent change of parts.

This is why investing in a high-quality and solid build scooter can turn out to be the best thing for you. Thanks to its smart structure and durable construction, the Nami Burn-E has been designed to last for a long time.

It has a dynamic design built with an aviation-grade aluminum frame and carbon fiber steering column. The aluminum frame undergoes heat treatment to ensure maximum durability.

You won't have to face frequent wear and tear of the parts for this special heat protection treatment. Again, the carbon fiber material plays a role in maintaining rigidity for a long time.

Besides, Nami Burn-E Viper comprises high-quality polished stainless-steel parts. The polished stainless-steel parts include some of the mobile electric components along with the folding mechanism.

Nami Burn E Viper: Suspension and Comfort

The Burn-E electric scooter provides one of the best suspensions for ensuring a smooth and effortless ride.

With dual adjustable 165mm hydraulic coil-shocks, there is no other electric scooter that can match the excellence of Nami Burn-E. The best part about these shocks is that they are very compatible with the 11-inch tubeless tires of the scooter.

The adjustable 165mm hydraulic coil shocks in unison with these tires, you can expect a smooth and comfortable ride. No matter what the road conditions are and whichever terrain you're riding on, the solid suspension will let you cruise in comfort.

The Burn-E electric scooter is designed while keeping the comfort of the rider in mind. This is why you get the benefit of choosing and configuring the suspension according to your convenience. With adjustable shock absorbers, both control and comfort of the ride is now at the hands of the rider.

Does Nami Burn-E Viper Have the Best Ride Quality?

Nami Burn E Ride Quality

By now, you must have learned that the Burn-E is built with a smart structure, excellent motor configuration, and solid hill climbing ability. Apart from that, this scooter has amazing tires and a rugged braking system.

With a multitude of impressive features, there's no doubt that this electric scooter comes with robust, spectacular, and the best ride quality.

The hydraulic coil suspension, spacious deck design, and ergonomic handlebars ensure top-notch ride quality. One of the best things about this scooter is that it lets you control a high amount of power and still enjoy a fabulous ride.

Especially with a fast scooter like this, there is the risk of jerking forward because of super-sensitive thumb throttles. But with Burn-E, things are totally different because of dead space.

The thumb throttle in this scooter comprises dead space, which is later stamped out when the thumb is anchored on the covering and rolled into the throttle. So, the risks of jerking forward are eliminated as well.

Thus, riders can enjoy a smooth and exquisite ride with this high-performance scooter.

Are the Lights on Burn-E Good Enough?

The lighting system of the Nami Burn-E Viper is brilliant!

With a 2000 lumen headlight, you'll always have plenty of light when riding at night or in dark areas! The headlight is located under the handlebars, which is a very convenient location to get solid lighting.

Moreover, you get a taillight on one side and a strip light on both sides for better vision during the night. The beautiful array of lights on the Nami Burn-E Viper makes riding at nighttime more beautiful and alluring.

Does Nami Burn-E Viper Have Powerful Brakes? 

Nami does not only emphasize on fast speed, acceleration, and high-quality motor; it also plays a role in maintaining the safety of the riders at all times.

The Nami BURN-E Viper comprises some solid and good quality Nutt hydraulic brakes. This hydraulic brake does a wonderful job of halting the scooter with a gentle touch of the lever.

Be it the brake lever feel or the regenerative brake intensity - everything about the braking system of this scooter is exceptional. Especially when riders attempt to transition between hard braking and throttle modes, the scooter still remains planted due to the solid suspension.

The Nami Burn-E Viper scooter comes with 5 riding modes, with 5 as the strongest mode and 1 being the weakest. However, even at level 1, the braking intensity is still productive without feeling impertinent.

The hydraulic brakes are perfectly compatible with regenerative braking to make sure that the rider can enjoy their journey and still remain safe.

Is the Nami Burn-E Portable?

Portability can be an issue with nearly every other scooter. Weighing over 100 pounds (45 kg), you can expect similar ideas with this one. It's not lightweight, and despite having a folding mechanism, it still won't fit in most car trunks.

Some SUVs may accommodate the scooter in their trunk, but it won't be possible with sedans and other average cars. So, in terms of portability, the Nami Burn-E Viper electric scooter is not capable of making an impressive mark.

The folding mechanism, however, can make storage easier and more convenient. So, that's a positive side of the scooter. It is easy to store and does not need much work or effort.

Does Nami Burn-E Have Good-Quality Tires?

Yes, as a matter of fact, the tires of this gorgeous electric scooter are pretty amazing.

With 11-inch tubeless CST-branded tires, you can expect a flawless riding experience from Nami. The tires are air-filled and designed to provide a buttery smooth ride.

Since the tires are tubeless, there is no issue with frequent pinch flats. So, you can expect a phenomenal experience with the scooter.

Most tires do not work well with sealants like tire slime. But you can say goodbye to those worries with these good quality tires. One slight con of the tires is that there are problems during changing. These are still some of the best tires to ride with if you overlook this issue. 

How Expansive Is the Deck of Burn-E?

Electric scooter riders are always concerned with the space of their decks, but fortunately, with Burn-E Viper electric scooter, you won't have to worry about this.

This scooter features an incredible deck of around 12,2 inches (31,2 cm) in width and 30,1 inches (76,6 cm) in length. With that much space, you can place your feet as far apart as you want.

You can rest your feet comfortably and enjoy a smooth riding experience. The front and back balance is easy to find with such a wide and spacious deck.

The deck comes with thin sandpaper tape strips for anti slip resistance which perform a decent job.

The deck is raised on the hind portion that allows easy lifting of the scooter for storage purposes.

Besides, the scooter battery is covered by the deck, and LED lights are also placed on each side of the deck. The charging ports are located right along the front foot. However, the ports are placed on an inclined aluminum plate that keeps them from being stepped on during a ride.

Overall, the deck is spacious enough for the rider to ride smoothly and maintain perfect balance.

How Are the Controls and Display of Nami Burn-E?

The Nami Burn-E Viper electric scooter comprises the best controls and displays in the scooter industry. Built with a waterproof LCD and smart cruise control option, you can't get anything better than this. 

The display features a lot of important control information of the scooter that makes it easy for the rider to operate the scooter.

You get all the information on the speed, acceleration, rider modes, distance covered, battery level, and so on. The controls allow you to swap between different ride modes and even go for the turbo mode. Also, the smart cruise control feature of Nami Burn-E allows you to control the speed.

You can adjust the electric brake intensity and obtain a lot of information that will help you with the smooth management of the ride. Since the display comprises an IP56 waterproof rating, you can ride in the rain and storm without any worries. 

With creative dashboards, the Viper electric scooter is one of a kind. One of the best features you'll find here is the solid handlebars. Although the handlebars are slightly short, the shape is on point.

The shape of the handlebars is designed in a way that it feels very comfortable. Besides, the flexible rubber grips provide a firm grasp for the riders. Even if you're riding long distances, the grips will still work wonders. 

The area around the handlebars features a brake lever, a motorcycle grade horn, and a turn signal. You get a thumb throttle, headlight buttons, and mode buttons as well on the handlebars. The thumb throttle is quite impressive and works great if you're trying to up your speed for a faster and more fun ride.

Is Nami Burn-E Water-Resistant?

Compared to other scooter brands, the Nami Burn-E has dual ratings for water resistance. This electric scooter is built to last long with an IP56 rating for the display and IP55 for the other parts. 

Even the controllers are waterproof, so you don't have to worry about riding in slight showers or heavy rain. Since the scooter parts and display are waterproof, there is no risk of damage from water.

How Reliable Is Nami Burn-E?

Nami Burn-E is a trustworthy electric scooter with its impeccable design and marvelous features. The Burn-E viper electric scooter offers the best services compared to other scooters in the ultra-performance niche.

Everything about this scooter is worth investing in - starting from its high-quality build, powerful motor, smart cruise control, and waterproof display. The top-notch deck, all round lighting system, built-in frame, and amazing battery - all of the features make this scooter a reliable and safe scooter for riding.

Especially if you want the best electric scooter in the market with maximum power that is worth the price, Burn-E will not disappoint you.

Do Electric Scooters Like Nami Burn-E Require a Lot of Maintenance?

The Nami Burn-E requires the same level of maintenance that any other electrical scooter would need. You don't have to do anything extra for this particular scooter.

To keep your Nami Burn-E in the best shape, all you have to do is check up on the battery and keep it fully charged before storage. Also, make sure that you clean your scooter every now and then to prevent any accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris.

You can carry out routine service of the mobile parts every 2-3 weeks to maintain the health of the scooter and to determine any internal issues.

A few measures you can take to prevent any problems with your scooter are checking the tire pressure before going out, checking up on the cables, and inspecting whether there are any loose nuts and screws.

If you buy the scooter from Fluidfreeride, it’ll come with a 12-month warranty. In addition, they also offer a Lifetime Service Commitment for 50% off parts and labor after your first year is up.

Known issues and solutions for the Nami Burn-E

As a first version scooter the Nami Burn-E was very defined. The main issues were boxes for shipping. The exact same boxes were used in Europe and the US.

In Europe there were no reported shipping issues related to boxes, whereas in the US there was. The conclusion is that there are differences in the shipping companies handling of their packages.

An extra box has now been added and this issue is now resolved with no reports of damaged boxes in the US.

At 60 mph (96 kph), taking your thumb off the throttle could result in speed wobble. This has been resolved by including an additional steering damper which removed the speed wobble.

This is not an uncommon phenomenon for high-speed single stem scooters and is not unique for the Nami in that sense.

Original batch indicators were on the side and not fully visible from the back. The manufacturer has now extended the yellow part of the led strip to wrap further back, and this has rectified the issue.

The display is now brighter in daylight as the first version was a bit weak in full sunlight.


Finally, we bring our Nami Burn-E review to an end and conclude that this electric scooter is definitely worth the price. If you're an adventure junkie at heart, there's nothing that can impress you as much as this one.

It can be easily said that this beast is one of the best options in the electric scooter world, considering its fast speed, safety features, and impressive ride quality.

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Wolf Warrior 11 - fluidfreeride.com
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