48V 2x500W 13.2Ah

WIDEWHEEL - Unique Design, Power and Comfort

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The Mercane Widewheel electric scooter has been designed for ultimate riding comfort. Ultra-wide tires with front and rear suspension ensure the most comfortable and smooth ride! This high-powered and foldable electric scooter with high-efficiency Lithium-ion battery guarantees strong acceleration, top speeds of 25 mph and up to 20 miles on a single charge. 
Two powerful motors make this the best electric scooter for hills.

Change the way you roll: experience a new feeling of freedom while cruising around on this stylish and powerful machine. Reinvent your style of transportation and upgrade your commute! 

Available in two variants:
- single 500W motor with 8.8Ah battery
- dual (front and back) 500W motors with 13.2Ah battery

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Designed to perfection, the WideWheel is the best all-round electric scooter for commute & play

  • Powerful - the 48V 500W brushless hub motor delivers hill climbing torque and speeds up to 20mph 
  • Long range - the high efficiency Lithiom-ion 8.8Ah battery delivers up to 15 miles of range (always depending on rider weight, road conditions, driving speed)
  • Comfortable - the ultra wide wheels in combination with front and back suspension deliver the most comfortable ride any scooter can offer
  • Stylish and durable - the manufacturer's cutting edge die casting method without welding delivers high durability, quality and a seamless appearance 

Available in two variants: with a single 500W motor with 8.8Ah battery and dual (front and back) 500W motors with a 13.2Ah battery. Above features are valid for both models except for weight, range, and speed. The 13.2Ah dual model weighs 45lb. It should be 5-10mph faster and run 5-10 miles longer. 

Engineered to Perfection

Lightweight aluminum alloy construction - easy maintenance at home - ultimate riding comfort 

hi tech electric scooter engineered to perfection
widewheel electric scooter with foam tires
widewheel electric scooter easy maintenance

"Impressive Performance"

"There is a lot to like about WideWheel. It provides a speedy yet comfortable ride, with a range of up to 20 miles and top speeds of 25mph. Additionally, the scooter is pretty well-priced thanks to the pre-order discount and it comes with a 90-day warranty." 

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Fluidfreeride review of the WideWheel

Customer Reviews

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super scooter

I saw these scooters with the wide wheels on a business trip to Singapore and wanted to get one too. Not so easy to buy one in Switzerland. Fluidfreeride could send one directly to Zurich from China. I got the one with two motors almost three weeks ago and its great. at first i thought its way too slow but then the guys from fluid showed me how to remove the speed limit. Now it's 40 km/h :))))) It accelerates good and goes up the hills we have in my city. It looks so cool - everybody asks me about it. The best thing is that nobody else has one. The battery is good, I never made it empty but I already went 20km and it shows half empty.
what I don't like so much:
The folding with the turning screw is not very fast but after you do it a few times its ok.
its very heavy, I think around 20kg so I normally leave it with other bikes with a lock and do not carry it with me.

I would give between 4 and 5 stars but because Peter was so nice in the process I give 5.

This is the scooter you want

If you're looking for a serious commuting scooter, this is it. This is the best scooter I've ridden, and I did a lot of research and rented all the available scooters from Bird, Spin, Lime, etc. You get what you pay for. It rips up San Francisco hills, no problem (I have the dual motor version). It doesn't have certain bells and whistles in terms of an LED screen or connection to an app on your phone, but it's well-built, sturdy, very powerful, and looks great. Once you turn off the speed limit function, it takes a little getting used to the acceleration power, because this thing can fly. I would call this a "vehicle" and not a "toy" in terms of the seriousness of it's power. Just don't buy this scooter if you expect to fold it up quickly and carry it around -- it's heavy and the folding mechanism takes more than just a quick flip down. Fine for longer-term storage but not something you want to be doing multiple times per day. Highly recommend this scooter and the customer service from Peter is great.

Wide wheel

Solid construction, sleek look, lots of compliments. I really enjoy the power of the dual drive motor. The smooth acceleration and impressive speed of the scooter and range far surpasses my expectations. Couldn’t be more excited about this product. The only draw back is waiting on decent weather to enjoy the ride.

Great Scooter!

I purchased the dual motor version with my main intention being to use it to commute 2mi to and from work through suburban streets. Just received it the other night and we've had an unseasonably warm past two days for me to test it.

- BUILD QUALITY. Well built. Does not feel cheap in any way. Very solid; built with high quality materials
- LOOKS. Very cool looking. Unique an is a head turner. Looks way slicker than Lime or Bird scooters
- STABLE RIDE. The Wide Wheels make it much more stable a ride (the scooter resists tipping more than a typical scooter). Also can take it over gravel and grass w/o issue; wheels don't dig into the ground.
- SMOOTH. For having all rubber tires, the advanced dual suspension really helps take bumps
- POWERFUL. I weigh ~225-230 (more than the recommended rider max of 220) and this thing rips up inclines w no issue at all. I was doing an easy 17mph up a 15-20 degree incline.
- BRAKING. I've read that you need to adjust the disc breaks before riding but I didn't need to. Mine worked fantastic right out of the box. Great stopping power. Always feel in control
- SIZE. Wider base allows me to ride with my 3.5 yo son on the front (he holds onto the middle bar) w/o any issue

- WEIGHT. This thing is not light. It's every bit of 50lbs so don't expect to be carrying it up and down steps or for very long distances.
- CONTROLS. No fancy control screen, but just one button and 4 LED lights. The button that does everything can be a bit finicky in terms of timing.
- FOLDING. The unscrew method of breaking it down takes longer than other mechanisms and requires some finesse
- THROTTLE. Difficult to smoothly get up to speed. It's either fast or REALLY fast.
- CHARGE PORT - the rubber cover for the charge port doesn't sit snuggly when riding.

All things considered, I LOVE the scooter. It's exactly what I wanted and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a full commuter vehicle.

fun and fast scooter - couple of improvements needed

We purchased this scooter along with a mosquito light and also purchased a Swagger 5 (different dealer). I purchased the dual motor option (500W x 2) mainly for the larger battery pack. Of the 3 scooters, this one is the largest, heaviest and definitely the fastest! The torque is really amazing and it easily goes up hills that stall the Swagger and Mosquito. It is really enjoyable to ride. It can be folded and carried but it is quite heavy. The disk brake works well and it has suspension on both the front and back wheels. Few areas for improvement. First, the threaded knob for the folding handlebar often looses up while riding so it would be nice if this stayed secure. Second, the user interface is terrible - not intuitive at all. Additionally, when changing the settings while riding seems to get the controller in some stuck state and you have to wait many minutes for it to time out. (No combination of button presses or holds seems to be able to get the controller out of this stuck state and you end up having to walk the scooter or use it as a kick scooter for quite a while). Lastly, the user manual is really bad. Some of the English is so bad it is had to tell what it really means. I think Google translate would do a better job. Customer service has been good and Peter is responsive. Have to wait to see how it goes with reliability, longevity, replacement parts, etc. Bottom line: It is fun and fast and I would buy it again...but for over $1k, the user interface, software (bug) and instructions should be much better. In the pictures below, you can see the WideWheel on the left, Swagger 5 in the middle and Mosquito Light on the right. You can notice the size, wheel, and display differences.

Powerful and well-built scooter

So far the widewheel has been a great scooter with plenty of power and an excellent ride. I'm 6'5" / 220lbs so the extra stability due to its larger size and wide tires make it a huge upgrade over the smaller lime / bird scooters.

Construction feels very solid and the suspension is effective at dealing with potholes and bad roads in the city. While I haven't taken it on the most insane hills in SF it has plenty of power to tackle moderate to steeper hills while wearing a full backpack. Of course the side effect of a solid build and powerful motor is a heavier scooter (45lbs for the dual motor) but I feel the trade off is worth it.

The integrated lights work well. The folding mechanism is a little fiddly but pretty easy to use once you've done it a few times.

Only real 'con' would be the scooter's interface...very barebones display so changing settings can be a little finicky. Having support with an app or a more detailed display would have been nice. There aren't a ton of settings to mess with though so once you've used it a couple times it works well enough.

Peter at fluidfreeride has been great at answering questions and providing info about operating the scooter. I feel a lot better about the purchase having a resource for parts or information if anything comes up down the road.