48V 2x500W 13.2Ah

WIDEWHEEL - Unique Design, Power and Comfort

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The Mercane Widewheel electric scooter has been designed for ultimate riding comfort. Ultra-wide tires with front and rear suspension ensure the most comfortable and smooth ride! This high-powered and foldable electric scooter with high-efficiency Lithium-ion battery guarantees strong acceleration, top speeds of 25 mph and 20+ miles on a single charge. 

Two powerful 500W motors make this the best electric scooter for hills.

Experience a new feeling of freedom while cruising around on this stylish and powerful machine. Change the way you roll and upgrade your commute! 

Available in two variants:
- single 500W motor with 8.8Ah battery, 15+ miles (19 miles claimed)
- dual motors (500W each) with 13.2Ah battery, 20+ miles (31 miles claimed)

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Customer Reviews

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Very fun scooter.

Model: Dual Motor
The other day I dropped off my car to get new tires. I could have taken half a day of PTO and sat around to wait for them to finish, or I could have taken the bus; 2 transfers and an hour later I would be at work. Instead I pulled the Wide Wheel out of my trunk and ~10 miles and 30 minutes later I was at work on time and with a smile on my face. Later in the day I took the scooter downtown to run an errand, something I would normally never do, due to traffic and parking difficulty. It was an easy fun trip on the Wide Wheel. I let the scooter charge the rest of the work day until it was time to pick up my car.
I would only suggest this scooter if you have access to trails/bike lanes or 2 lane streets with 30mph speed limits for most of your trips. You will probably feel uncomfortable on anything else, and motorists will be unhappy with you. If you do, I wholeheartedly recommended it, it’s a fun scooter.

-Holy torque, this thing gets up to speed quick. In stop sign to stop sign traffic you can keep up with cars.
-Fun to ride, it is very stable and turning has a cool carving feel to it.
-Looks cool, no small feat for a scooter.
-Good range, I think I would get around 15 miles at full throttle without running the battery super low. More if I dialed it back a bit. (180lb rider)
-Good suspension – It’s going to feel rougher than if you were biking over the same terrain, but its pretty good for such small diameter non-pneumatic tires. It’s easy and fun to do little jumps to avoid larger road obstacles.

-The max speed for me was 23 mph on level ground. I wish it were a little faster (+2-3 mph would be ideal). If it were, I would feel comfortable taking it on one lane roads with 30mph speed limits. As it is, I think I would get run off the road in those situations. Maybe if your area has kinder drivers you won’t have this concern. (180lb rider)
-Throttle response is poor from 0-25%, 50-100% feels much better. Makes it hard to co...

Beyond Impressed

This scooter serves a purpose. To get you from Point A to Point B FAST and in style. I'm looking forward to an accessory lineup, parts and new scooters from Mercane. Peter is of great help as well. Thank you.

Solid machine. Great power

I'm using the wide wheel for my daily commute. I ordered the dual motor version, and it has plenty of power to make it up a few steep hills in my area. Much more powerful than the typical scooters.

I'd welcome a more intuitive control unit - a smartphone app would be ideal. Also, it would be helpful to be able to lock or otherwise disable the machine when parked.

Overall, strong and solid machine. Tight construction, great power, and easy to ride.

Tons of FUN but does need some minor improvements

Love the Wide Wheel. Having the dual 500w motors really makes a difference. It's so much fun to ride, even for a large guy like me (I'm over the recommended weight limit).
But it could be improved.
The display is not user-friendly. Takes time to get the timing right on long to push the 1 button, to get the option you want.
Would be nice to be able to change from Eco to Power while riding. I also purchased Mosquito Light & really like the controller display on it (can change power mode, shows speed, battery life, odometer, etc).
The headlight is bright but aiming needs to be adjustable so could light-up the path in front of you.
The cruise control function works but you're never sure if it has engaged or not.
Disc brake doesn't inspire confidence though it hasn't failed me yet, just would be nicer if it slowed down quicker.
The suspension works but would prefer a more travel.
Also would like it if the board deck was a little wider & longer.
Folding handles do fold but don't really stay folded due to cables.
I like how the brake light flashes when applied but the flashing only happens if headlight is on.
The mechanism used to be fold scooter down is a pain. I would carry it more but folding the scooter down takes too much time & it has been vibrated loose while riding. Make sure its tight.
The last improvement would be to the charging system. I think the power adapter could be incorporated into the deck, and just use a C13
connection cable (typical computer desktop power cable) to plug in. This would make it really easy to bring a charging cable with you (current power adapter is too bulky to haul with you).
It sounds like I'm complaining but really these are just minor issues & areas that could be improved. Overall it's a blast to ride. I can't imagine wanting to go faster than this can already go (when in full power mode). Very easy to learn to ride. The wide wheels work great and give you confidence in balancing. The dual motors are fan...

Hi Ty - thank you for your balanced review. You have very valid improvement suggestions there and we are always passing these along so we can get better for future versions. The one thing I do not agree with is your comment on the disc brake. Feedback has actually been very good and the brake's strength in combination with the wide tires make for a short braking distance. As every disc brake, it needs to be properly adjusted to be fully effective. I will send you a little video with some tips...
Wide wheel scooter.

Great scooter with great customer service. A1 support. The wide wheel is as advertised. Very fast and sturdy. Thank you again.

Great company, great scooter!

For the price, it's really hard to beat the performance and style. This thing moves my heavy self with no issue ( 225lbs ). The company is great and responsive. They genuinely care about a good customer experience and will go the extra mile to ensure your happiness and satisfaction. Order with confidence!

Designed to perfection, the WideWheel is the best all-round electric scooter for commute & play

  • Powerful - the 48V 500W brushless hub motor delivers hill climbing torque and speeds up to 20mph 
  • Long range - the high efficiency Lithiom-ion 8.8Ah battery delivers up to 15 miles of range (always depending on rider weight, road conditions, driving speed)
  • Comfortable - the ultra wide wheels in combination with front and back suspension deliver the most comfortable ride any scooter can offer
  • Stylish and durable - the manufacturer's cutting edge die casting method without welding delivers high durability, quality and a seamless appearance 

Available in two variants: with a single 500W motor with 8.8Ah battery and dual (front and back) 500W motors with a 13.2Ah battery. Above features are valid for both models except for weight, range, and speed. The 13.2Ah dual model weighs 45lb. It should be 5-10mph faster and run 5-10 miles longer. 

Engineered to Perfection

Lightweight aluminum alloy construction - easy maintenance at home - ultimate riding comfort 

hi tech electric scooter engineered to perfection
widewheel electric scooter with foam tires
widewheel electric scooter easy maintenance

"Impressive Performance"

"There is a lot to like about WideWheel. It provides a speedy yet comfortable ride, with a range of up to 20 miles and top speeds of 25mph. Additionally, the scooter is pretty well-priced thanks to the pre-order discount and it comes with a 90-day warranty." 

Gadget Flow, Product Story, October 2018 - Learn more... 

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