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Electric Scooter Fans Choose the fluid HORIZON over the Ninebot Max

Horizon vs Ninebot

See how the fluid HORIZON delivers higher performance and better value 

More Power and Higher Top Speed

Dual Suspension for Better Ride Quality

265 lb Weight Limit for Heavier Riders

More Customizable with Adjustable Handlebar

Better Value for Money

US-Based Warranty and Service

Thousands of happy riders choose fluidfreeride.

Why you should go for the Mantis, voted best electric scooter by riders, instead of the Varla Eagle One

See how the fluid Mantis delivers better overall performance 

More Torque & Power

Larger Battery (60v)

Faster Acceleration

IPX5 Waterproof

Higher Portability by Less Weight

US-Based Warranty and Service

Thousands of happy riders choose fluidfreeride.

Better Value for Money

Excellent Ride Quality

Repair Support

Green Technology

The #1 best electric scooter as voted by riders in 2021

Who better to trust than other fellow riders? As mentioned in the Electric Scooter Guide (ESG) the Mantis was voted best electric scooter of 2021. Everyday riding and wear & tear is the ultimate test, and the Mantis got the thumbs up from the toughest crowd.

And this was before the updated Mantis V2 version which is now available. A great package has been further improved and even more attention to detail has been given. The Mantis V2 now comes with IPX5 Waterproofing, a better lighting package and full hydraulic brakes. 

View the MANTIS
Table header 0fluid MantisVarla Eagle One
Price~ $1799~ $1699
Top Speed 40 mph40 mph
Battery Size60V 18.2 Ah52V 18.2 Ah
Motor Power2000 Watt2000 Watt
AccelerationFaster due to 60V Battery
Limited by 52V Battery
Portability65 lbs 77 lbs
WaterproofIPX5No rating

Better overall performance

Although both have good performance figures, the Mantis does have a 60V 18.2 Ah compared to Varlas 52V 18.2 Ah. And when the price is this similar, why not go for the stronger one? Overall performance will be better.

The Mantis also has a more linear acceleration all the way to its top speed of 40 mph (64 kph) as well as a phenomenal ride quality whether you go on gravel or tarmac, it allows for precision carving that few other e-scooters can match.

Higher portability & Waterproof

It also weighs less, with its 66 lbs (30 kg) vs the Varlas 77lbs (35 kg), has a sleeker design, is easier to lift and store away and is, in fact, the lightest in its class, even though it is a big e-scooter. You can carry it in one hand if not for too long distances.

  • Higher Portability
  • IPX5 Waterproof Rating

The Mantis is now IPX5 waterproof so you never have to worry about riding it in the rain. And with the extended rear fender, you don't have to deal with water splashing up on your back. 

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"The Best Vehicle I Ever Owned"

Watch the this video to hear what a scooter rider has to say after putting over 2000 miles on a Mantis.

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