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fluid Vista

Durable All-Round Commuter Scooter with Quick Acceleration & Long Range

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31 mph
45 miles
$1,199 or $109/month

fluid Vista

Durable All-Round Commuter Scooter with Quick Acceleration & Long Range

31 mph
45 miles
Buy Now
$1,199 or $109/month

Unique in the sagment, the Vista comes with solid tires for a worry-free commute.


The dual preload-adjustable suspension smoothes out rougher road conditions.


Choose from two battery options: 14.5Ah for 45 miles and 21Ah for 65 miles of range.


"A commuter-focused scooter with the right balance for price, maintenance, comfort, efficiency, and portability." - Rider Guide







> 50,000

Join our fast growing community of smart riders who value fast, fun & eco-friendly transportation and industry leading support.

> 470,000 hours

Never get stuck in traffic again. At just 20 minutes commuting time saved per week(!) and rider, our community got back a cumulative 50 years in time to spend on better things. If you personally were able to save just 20 minutes every work-day, you would free up over 80 hours every year.


By replacing your car for just 15 miles every week our rider community is saving big on gas alone. That does not take into account any other expenses of owning a car. By some estimates, an individual rider can save around $8,000 per year by retiring the car in favor of an electric scooter.


While an electric scooter already helps reduce carbon emissions, we are donating part of our revenue to Trees for the Future who have planted over a million trees on our behalf, more than off-setting our operation's carbon footprint.





Unpacked your scooter and noticed it is not the right fit? No worries, we will return your unused scooter in original packaging for 15 days after delivery.


We ship in stock scooters same or next business day. Depending on your location, your scooter will arrive within 2 (West Coast) to 5 (East Coast) business days.


Need a part? Have a question? Our team of experts is there to help. You can count on fluidfreeride even after your warranty has expired.


All our scooters come with 12 months warranty on all major components for full peace of mind. After your warranty expires, you can make use of our Lifetime Service Program: Parts and Labor are 50% Off for fluid freeride customers for the lifetime of your scooter.


  • What is the weight limit of the Vista and what happens if I am heavier?

    The manufacturer recommended weight limit of the Vista is 265 lbs. If you are heavier than this, we cannot recommend the scooter for you. Do have a look at other customer's reviews as we often have heavier customers buy our products at their own risk and have overall good experiences.

  • How long does it take to charge the battery?

    With the included 2A charger, it will take around 7-8 hours for the 14.5Ah battery and 10-12 hours for the 21Ah battery. Our standard 60V fast charger (1+/3-) is compatible with the Vista and will reduce charging time to approx. 40% of the time.

  • What is the name of the App for the scooter?

    The app is called King Song. You can find it in the app store or google play under that name.

  • What is the size of the deck?

    The vista deck has 24 3/4", and width is about 8.5"

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Alan K. (Brooklyn, NY)
Use Case: City riding.
Great Customer Service

I unfortunately had a defective unit, but customer service was really helpful in getting it replaced. Really happy I chose to go with Fluid, and being in NYC i have comfort knowing theres a service center in Brooklyn if needed.

Kirk D. (Alexandria, VA)
Use Case: Commuting and running errands. It is also just plain fun
Fluid Vista

This thing is super quick. I have no fear of not being able to get out of the way and also feel more comfortable riding in traffic.

DB (Annapolis, MD)
Use Case: Commuting to work
Vista is a dream

I've had a Horizon since 2019 and used that primarily for fun. Recently I decided to get rid of my car, because I wasn't using it for much besides going to the office, which is only 3 miles away. The Horizon was nice for commuting, but I wanted something with a little more oomph. When the Vista was on sale, it was easy to pull the trigger after reading and watching many reviews. It is so nice, comfortable, and way faster than I need. It's great knowing that I have that power in reserve, but I'm more than happy to hum along for most of my route at a steady 22mph.

Adam (Springfield, OR)
Use Case: Sub-vehicle carried by EV auto
No Airbags: We Die Like Men

I'm getting a funny anime sticker with that "warning". Riders definitely want a bike helmet and elbow/knee pads at the very least if you are going all out; I regret hitting pavement with no protection on an Unagi and this is far more lethal of a beast. I thought the app had more functions like customizing gear speeds and lighting effects, but it's fine as-is. No cruise control like I saw in review and turn signals don't turn off automatically from my experience, but until I have pads I am being super careful turning. Climbed a hill so steep that I was scared to come down faster than 10mph.

Tonya (Jonesboro, AR)
Use Case: College student
Perfect for college student!

My son rides his scooter from his apartment to his college classes and it is perfect!

Rene R. (San Antonio, TX)
Use Case: I use it just to go down the road to check my mail and also to pick up a meal at local restaurants nearby.
New Fluid Vista Scooter

It’s a nice. I had to figure out how to jump on it before taking off. I wouldn’t recommend this to an older person because it’s like getting on a wild bull. This scooter will take off so fast that you can get badly injured. I was a little scared to ride it at first because of the power it has. I’m 60 years old. The best way I’ve figured out to take off is put my right foot on the scooter and roll myself with my left foot and lean forward a little bit so it doesn’t pop a wheelie, then slightly accelerate. I wish there was a video tutorial on how to get on and ride. Also it rides very smoothly on flat pavement. But is a very rough ride on the road considering it has shock absorbers in the front and back.


I have had it for a week now and this scooter is well built. I took it to work yesterday and it got me back home with enough battery ūüĒč saved. The regenerative brakes are awesome. I noticed when i was coming home on it i toggle the acceleration button and it would charge the battery. I got home from 60 percent to 40 percent charge. The wheels are awesome, they are solid and soft at the same time. They look like air filled tires. The display is amazing it looks clean. The app Kingsong you download to control and modify your scooter is awesome. I like how it records all of my Vista's info since i bought it. And the price is worth it. Fluid really is the best company. I am glad i got this over their Mosquito scooter ūüėā This is a great scooter at best. Tested in these rough streets and pot holes the Vista flies. Also tested it off road is awesome. Thanks Fluid. And the staff is really great really nice and helpful.

Ryan F. (Cleveland, OH)
Use Case: Traveling around town
Great design, could be better

It's a great wide platform, excellent mileage, and best of all - solid tires. The ride is great, so bar maintenance free and feels like a great ride. Could be better design in the handlebar, such as having a separate throttle for the ebrake like other scooters. It's heavy and solid, and fits in my trunk. No mileage anxiety or worries about a flat tire. Great scooter if that is what you are looking for.

Jerrold L. (New York, NY)
Use Case: Recreation
I enjoy riding the Vista

I feel very happy riding the vista scooter. The scooter has an excellent suspension and rides smooth. It feels very stable. The tires are solid and I cannot get a flat. It goes fast enough for me and has a long lasting battery. I highly recommend the fluid vista.

DC (Irvine, CA)
Use Case: shopping

Just signed for the package. And put the handle bars on with the tool provided.
Have the scooter on the charger right now.....Cant' wait to ride it. Saved the packing box.
The nicest secret christmas present delivered.
Thanks. "Fluid Team