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NAMI Klima

Thoughtful Engineering Delivers Superior Torque & Excellent Ride Quality

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42 mph
60 miles
$1,999 or $125/month

NAMI Klima

Thoughtful Engineering Delivers Superior Torque & Excellent Ride Quality

42 mph
60 miles
Buy Now
$1,999 or $125/month

Supremely designed drive train delivers best in class torque and 42 mph top speed.


Two battery options deliver a max range of up to 60 miles.


The advanced suspension plus low center of gravity deliver a smooth and stable ride.


"Over the last few years, I've spent more than 7,730 hours testing and reviewing countless electric scooters, and it's not often that I'm left stunned. Yet, the NAMI Klima is one of those rare occasions. It brings the wow factor in spades." - Electric Scooter Insider







> 50,000

Join our fast growing community of smart riders who value fast, fun & eco-friendly transportation and industry leading support.

> 470,000 hours

Never get stuck in traffic again. At just 20 minutes commuting time saved per week(!) and rider, our community got back a cumulative 50 years in time to spend on better things. If you personally were able to save just 20 minutes every work-day, you would free up over 80 hours every year.


By replacing your car for just 15 miles every week our rider community is saving big on gas alone. That does not take into account any other expenses of owning a car. By some estimates, an individual rider can save around $8,000 per year by retiring the car in favor of an electric scooter.


While an electric scooter already helps reduce carbon emissions, we are donating part of our revenue to Trees for the Future who have planted over a million trees on our behalf, more than off-setting our operation's carbon footprint.





Unpacked your scooter and noticed it is not the right fit? No worries, we will return your unused scooter in original packaging for 15 days after delivery.


We ship in stock scooters same or next business day. Depending on your location, your scooter will arrive within 2 (West Coast) to 5 (East Coast) business days.


Need a part? Have a question? Our team of experts is there to help. You can count on fluidfreeride even after your warranty has expired.


All our scooters come with 12 months warranty on all major components for full peace of mind. After your warranty expires, you can make use of our Lifetime Service Program: Parts and Labor are 50% Off for fluid freeride customers for the lifetime of your scooter.


  • How tall are the handlebars from deck to display?

    The height from deck to handlebars is 42 inch.

  • Does the scooter come readily assembled?

    The KLIMA is almost ready to ride out of the box. You need to attach the handlebars and the fender extenders. Then make sure your tire pressure is at 50 PSI before taking it on your first ride.

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Dawn S. (Seattle, WA)
Use Case: Having fun rider around my town
Nami Klima is great

The scooter is so much fun. The ride is fast and fun

Aubrey R. (Sacramento, CA)
Use Case: commuting
Had issues, but customer service helped!

Had an issue with the scooter, but was able to work with customer service and receive a newer scooter!

Benjamin W. (Corona, CA)
Use Case: Traveling to work
My chosen Vehicle

Man this Scooter… let me tell you it was not first choice but I had to pick something affordable for the situation was urgent I found a new way to work. I work 25 miles from my job and that includes doing through the mountainous area inland. I assumed the Nami Klima would hold up because of other reviews but I was surprised to see it work so well. So far ive done almost 300miles on it. Ive ridden it in the rain and also had 1 accident with it. The scooter has held together better than any relationship I had ever seen. It is industrial and it was 100% worth every penny. I cant wait to get my Burn E in the near future. Till then though my Klima is doing more than just fine. Its perfect.

Amir M. (North Miami Beach, FL)
Use Case: Casual Riding
Klima is sweet

This thing pulls. It’s a nice ride overall. Suspension is great. I had issues with damage out of the box but FFR (Tami & Bobby) helped me out. I got a replacement sent out. My wife got the horizon. She loved hers as well. Shipping these heavy scooters I found can come with a little heartache. Damage can happen. FFR cared about fixing the issues. I would recommend FFR. If you live next to a service center then you have an added bonus. Safe Ride !

Customer (Antioch, CA)
Use Case: Trails and riding around town
NAMI Klima Max

This is my first scooter after having tried the Burn E Max. I was hooked instantly just needed something lighter to take around. Love the range, speed, suspension and climbing hills even off road. The only thing I wish that it would come with better night visibility lighting like the Burn E, have a handle bar latch when folded for transport, and maybe an option for off road tires.

Jaiden M. (Brooklyn, NY)
Use Case: commuting
amazing scooter!!!

if you want an electric scooter with phenomenal range, torque, and top speed. The Nami Klima is the right choice for you. im 155 pounds and 5’11, i’ve done plenty of range tests with this bike and i’ve never been more happier. i’ve been able to get 40+ miles when riding aggressively (utilizing the C-X modes, including turbo) which is every once now and then. i’m usually using the D-S modes when going for scooter rides with my dad.

in terms of the scooters weight, it’s not really a problem for me, it’s only 80 pounds. I carry the scooter up one flight of stairs with ease and no problem whatsoever.

Overall, i give this scooter a 10/10 100% recommend for anyone who wants a high performance scooter with minimum portability, best in class torque and long lasting range, the klima MAX is the right choice for you. Thanks to fluidfreeride and chuck from brooklyn for hooking me up with this scooter, much appreciated.

Kirby V. (San Francisco, CA)
Use Case: Leisure and work commute. Those two.
Fun fun fun!

This is the second day I have ridden this Nami Klima long distance and it does not disappoint. Riding this is almost like you’re floating on air. It’s fast, stable, comfortable, and very fun. I guess I made the right decision choosing this e-scooter. I am so thankful for FLUID FREE RIDE for having an excellent assortment of e-scooters to choose from. This made the decision process so much easier to compare side by side and choose my “me” scooter. I almost forgot to thank the 2 guys that works at the Fluid Free Ride showroom in San Francisco. They were very helpful in answering my questions. Thank you.

Kent M. (San Diego, CA)
Use Case: Making Commuting Fun Again
Nami Klima Max... LOVE IT

I've had an electric scooter on the brain for months, mainly for commuting but also for the occasional fun rides. I had the Vsett 10+ as a likely candidate but after months of reading reviews, scouring Reddit and watching countless youtubers I eventually picked up a NAMI KLIMA MAX from FluidFreeRide. Shipping was extremely fast, box was a bit damaged and some minor screws were missing but an email to FFR and a few days later I had my missing screws sent to me.

I'm experienced with various eskateboards and OneWheels but knew a torque happy Klima would be a different learning curve. After a few test rides and dialing in the settings, I can report that 60 miles into riding the Klima, I am a very happy customer. It's nimble, heavy enough to feel stable at speed, but not so heavy that I can't lift it on my own when I need to. This is my somewhat daily commuter for an 8 mile round trip 3-4 days a week and it will definitely save me wear and tear on the car, not too mention saving money on gas. To top it off, it makes commuting fun. Happy all around and I look forward to getting on the road. I sometimes wish my commute was even longer, ha!

Joseph K. (Grand Forks, ND)
Use Case: Fun
Nami klima

I recently purchased a Nami klima from fluid free ride. Definitely a beast of a scooter! Great acceleration! Shipping was fast! I even got a few days in December being in the Midwest to ride it, which was awesome. I already can't wait until summer!

Kinnard M. (Fort Worth, TX)
Use Case: Leisure
Awesome scooter

You can’t go wrong with the klima. The scooter is a very solid built machine. The ride comfort, stability, and torque provide an excellent experience every time you ride.