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Excellent scooter and even better support!

I bought a widewheel scooter from Peter at Fluidfreeride late last year. It was working great except for an annoying squeaky sound from the wheels (not the disc brakes). I contacted Peter about the issue and sent videos so he could take a look at the issue himself. He responded right away and contacted the manufacturer on my behalf and determined the scooter wheel bearings had an issue. Instead of trying to repair the scooter which would mean I would not have access to the scooter for an extended period Peter arranged for a replacement scooter to be shipped to me right away. I was pleasantly surprised by his strong customer orientation and determination to ensure my satisfaction. I can’t speak highly enough of Peter’s great customer service. Highly recommended!!

Lamborghini of Scooter

SPEC.. 1000w 48volt 13.2ah scooter
RIDER.. 185lb 55yo engineer with lung disease
THE EXPERIENCE...It’s impressive straight out of the box, It looks really cool, first time I rode it in Restricted Eco Mode, I headed straight for the biggest hill in Norwich it dealt with that with ease.
Power Mode performance is surprising, Manoeuvring at low speed in power mode takes a couple of journeys to get use to.
Around town stop start and on paths I use Eco Mode.
I rode it flat out for up to 15 miles to my dads, Mostly road, about 4 miles of smooth dirt track (ex railway line) and very steep hills (nothing slows it down). I’m confident on just tarmac in Eco mode WideWheel will exceed 20 miles range
HEAVY? 1000w, big battery, twin motor and huge wheels (what do you expect)
FOLDING complaints about the folding mechanism are a matter of opinion. it’s simple and bullet Proof. (It’s not quick) This is the sort of scooter to race busses not take on one!
POWER DELIVERY Power Mode is very aggressive! you do get use to it or use Eco Mode
DISPLAY. "there is no display" there’s a series of lights that are used to set up modes.
CUSTOMER SERVICE... When buying an expensive items that may require spares and maintenance, customer service can be a deal breaker. Whilst researching "Peter and Fluid Free Ride’s" legendary customer service kept popping up in reviews, I had a long list of questions I needed answered before buying, Peter not only replied very promptly he itemised my questions and answered each one honestly and comprehensively.
CONCLUSION it’s fast has excellent range, (twin motors share the torque so draw less current during acceleration). Hills don’t slow it down, I’ve taken it off road and it’s quick enough to keep up with traffic around town...
(I don’t fold it or carry it I have a smaller scooter for that work)
This is the Lamborghini of scooter outrageously good looking, very fast, and a little bit of a handful... (who care if you can’t see out the back...

super scooter

I saw these scooters with the wide wheels on a business trip to Singapore and wanted to get one too. Not so easy to buy one in Switzerland. Fluidfreeride could send one directly to Zurich from China. I got the one with two motors almost three weeks ago and its great. at first i thought its way too slow but then the guys from fluid showed me how to remove the speed limit. Now it's 40 km/h :))))) It accelerates good and goes up the hills we have in my city. It looks so cool - everybody asks me about it. The best thing is that nobody else has one. The battery is good, I never made it empty but I already went 20km and it shows half empty.
what I don't like so much:
The folding with the turning screw is not very fast but after you do it a few times its ok.
its very heavy, I think around 20kg so I normally leave it with other bikes with a lock and do not carry it with me.

I would give between 4 and 5 stars but because Peter was so nice in the process I give 5.

Very fun scooter.

Model: Dual Motor
The other day I dropped off my car to get new tires. I could have taken half a day of PTO and sat around to wait for them to finish, or I could have taken the bus; 2 transfers and an hour later I would be at work. Instead I pulled the Wide Wheel out of my trunk and ~10 miles and 30 minutes later I was at work on time and with a smile on my face. Later in the day I took the scooter downtown to run an errand, something I would normally never do, due to traffic and parking difficulty. It was an easy fun trip on the Wide Wheel. I let the scooter charge the rest of the work day until it was time to pick up my car.
I would only suggest this scooter if you have access to trails/bike lanes or 2 lane streets with 30mph speed limits for most of your trips. You will probably feel uncomfortable on anything else, and motorists will be unhappy with you. If you do, I wholeheartedly recommended it, it’s a fun scooter.

-Holy torque, this thing gets up to speed quick. In stop sign to stop sign traffic you can keep up with cars.
-Fun to ride, it is very stable and turning has a cool carving feel to it.
-Looks cool, no small feat for a scooter.
-Good range, I think I would get around 15 miles at full throttle without running the battery super low. More if I dialed it back a bit. (180lb rider)
-Good suspension – It’s going to feel rougher than if you were biking over the same terrain, but its pretty good for such small diameter non-pneumatic tires. It’s easy and fun to do little jumps to avoid larger road obstacles.

-The max speed for me was 23 mph on level ground. I wish it were a little faster (+2-3 mph would be ideal). If it were, I would feel comfortable taking it on one lane roads with 30mph speed limits. As it is, I think I would get run off the road in those situations. Maybe if your area has kinder drivers you won’t have this concern. (180lb rider)
-Throttle response is poor from 0-25%, 50-100% feels much better. Makes it hard to co...

Update after a couple of days

I've had a chance to charge the battery to 100% and this thing is powerful! At full charge, on slight uphills, I cruise at 21 mph, and I've gotten up to 31 mph on a steeper downhill (8-10%). Depending on wind resistance, mild downhills cruise at 25-28 mph.

The rear fender keeps rattling. I screw it down and it goes away for awhile, but I think the screws are going into plastic and don't hold very well. I'm considering using rubber washers between the fender and the frame to solve the noise issue. In the meantime, I'm letting the rear of my shoe touch the fender when I'm riding and it stops the vibration.

I've hit a few bumps that would have knocked me off the Segway (or at least scared me), but the Horizon just rolled on.

I've noticed the rear tire mildly slips around some 90 degree turns, not sure if that is a concern yet as I haven't slipped more than a fraction of a second.

The front lights are disappointing - they are not even close to allowing riding at night. I've added a NightRider headlight to the handlebar, it works well. I've noticed that the scooter's controller has a USB port, and this can charge the NightRider, but the NightRider won't turn on while charging.

My left handlebar keeps loosening up, and I have to keep twisting the lock-down to keep it from rattling, but it is not at risk of folding down. The right side is perfect.

Acceleration is fairly slow - but the unit is powerful once it gets going.

The speedometer will not show below 16 mph when slowing uphill. I compared this against my daughter on the Segway.

* More powerful that Segway (same price-point)
* Faster than the Segway
* Full suspension - much smoother and quieter that the Segway
* Rear brake
* Front/rear visibility lights
* Pneumatic front tire

* Controller's power & regen setting is non-functional.
* Controller's speedometer is inaccurate when straining uphill.
* Rattling rear fender.
* Right handle loosens up.
* Headlights not for night riding.

Great scooter for my commute

I was hesitant between buying a WideWheel single motor or the Horizon scooter. I looked at the widewheel dual motor as well but it was too heavy and I also don’t like that it does not have a display. Wanted something practical for my 6km commute one way in Helsinki. Peter was super helpful in making the right choice and they sent me the Horizon directly from China before it even launched. I received it this week and i love it. It does not have the wideweel nice design but great features. The display lets you read speed and mileage plus you can set speed limit and three gears. Acceleration is fast and I managed to go 40 km/h. Even used it at night and the front lights are really bright. It is not too heavy to carry up some stairs but folding takes a little longer because the handle bar folds down with two screws. But I will probably just fold down the front pole with the main lever and that just takes a few seconds.
The brake is strong and I like that it recharges the battery a little bit when braking.
The suspension feels smooth and so much better than the TIER an VOI rental scooters that feel so rough on the cobble stone in the city.
I can recommend the scooter!

what a blast.

Just preordered the Mantis. Had purchased the Widewheel from Fluid freeride in february and still love it but I felt it was time for an upgrade. When I passed through Miami three weeks ago, I got lucky and Peter was available to let me try the Mantis. I tried their sample with the smaller battery and was immediately sold..
I am used to quite some power from my WW but the Mantis is a completely different ballpark. Acceleration is insane if you want to but at the same time less jerky than the WideWheel. I prefer the thumb throttle of the WW but I guess the finger throttle allows for better control.
I only took it for a 2 mile ride and even tried a little bit of grass. the suspension is great and more forgiving than the WW. the board is wider and allows you to keep your feet in parallel while riding. you can even turn off the second motor while riding to take some power out and save battery.
Loved the scooter and already counting days for mine to arrive.
Thank you Peter for the great service!

Tons of FUN but does need some minor improvements

Love the Wide Wheel. Having the dual 500w motors really makes a difference. It's so much fun to ride, even for a large guy like me (I'm over the recommended weight limit).
But it could be improved.
The display is not user-friendly. Takes time to get the timing right on long to push the 1 button, to get the option you want.
Would be nice to be able to change from Eco to Power while riding. I also purchased Mosquito Light & really like the controller display on it (can change power mode, shows speed, battery life, odometer, etc).
The headlight is bright but aiming needs to be adjustable so could light-up the path in front of you.
The cruise control function works but you're never sure if it has engaged or not.
Disc brake doesn't inspire confidence though it hasn't failed me yet, just would be nicer if it slowed down quicker.
The suspension works but would prefer a more travel.
Also would like it if the board deck was a little wider & longer.
Folding handles do fold but don't really stay folded due to cables.
I like how the brake light flashes when applied but the flashing only happens if headlight is on.
The mechanism used to be fold scooter down is a pain. I would carry it more but folding the scooter down takes too much time & it has been vibrated loose while riding. Make sure its tight.
The last improvement would be to the charging system. I think the power adapter could be incorporated into the deck, and just use a C13
connection cable (typical computer desktop power cable) to plug in. This would make it really easy to bring a charging cable with you (current power adapter is too bulky to haul with you).
It sounds like I'm complaining but really these are just minor issues & areas that could be improved. Overall it's a blast to ride. I can't imagine wanting to go faster than this can already go (when in full power mode). Very easy to learn to ride. The wide wheels work great and give you confidence in balancing. The dual motors are fan...

Hi Ty - thank you for your balanced review. You have very valid improvement suggestions there and we are always passing these along so we can get better for future versions. The one thing I do not agree with is your comment on the disc brake. Feedback has actually been very good and the brake's strength in combination with the wide tires make for a short braking distance. As every disc brake, it needs to be properly adjusted to be fully effective. I will send you a little video with some tips...
Very good scooter for the price

I just received the 2019 version today -- I've been riding a Ninebot/Segway S3 for the past 3 weeks. The Horizon is about the same cost, but it is so much better. The ride is far more fluid. I'm used to having to keep my knees bent to absorb shocks from sidewalk cracks and asphalt, or my head felt like it was getting jostled too much. The Horizon lets you forget about that. I'm about 165lbs, and I can keep 16mph on the steeper uphills, and I usually get around 22mph on the flats. I've hit 25 on a downhill, but I'm sure without wind, I could approach max speed on a long flat.

Out-of-the-box, there were a few rattles, I needed to tighten the rear mudguard, and the brake nut a turn, and now it it much quieter. I hear a little rattle over rougher terrain, but not as bad as the Segway. My daughter rode the Segway with me through our hilly neighborhood, and the Horizon was noticeably faster on all but the steepest grades. She passed me on the Segway due to being 80lbs lighter. On moderate hills, I could keep the same speed or faster. Also, her scooter was at full charge while the Horizon was about 75%.

Peter from FluidFreeRide sent me a link to customize the controller - it is fairly flexible. The regen doesn't seem to work much, I assume I have to use the brake handle to engage it -- sometimes I hear a little motor sound, but it isn't very strong at all. The Segway has good regen braking.

I turned on cruise-control, but it is a bit finicky. You need to be going the same speed for 4-5 seconds before it kicks in. I've found that it engages about 1/3 of the times that I expect. Hoping they improve that.

The battery indicator decreases when strong power is put to the motor. I'm not sure if that is a feature or a bug.

Overall, a really nice scooter -- I'm glad that I can return the Segway and ride this from now on!

Upgrade from my Xiaomi

Cool scooter! So much better than my old Xiaomi. Better acceleration and faster!
Don’t like that it’s heavier but I knew this when I bought.
I like the fluid design of this model in black much better than the Zero 8 with huge branding.
Now I am looking forward to going to work next week.

Very upset

1 week after receiving my WW, the post became loose. I called up and spoke to Kyle and sent a video of the problem. I was sent a neck support piece which after receiving, I realized I didn't need (it wasn't broke on my scooter). Then the front tire came off and yanked the electrical cord from the base when it fell and bent all the connectors! All this started exact 1week after I got the scooter, which was not cheap. I'm going to give Fluidfreeride a call on Tuesday.

Hey Rob - sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the scooter. Kyle unfortunately dit not diagnose your issue correctly. We will be in contact today to sort you out asap.
fun and fast scooter - couple of improvements needed

We purchased this scooter along with a mosquito light and also purchased a Swagger 5 (different dealer). I purchased the dual motor option (500W x 2) mainly for the larger battery pack. Of the 3 scooters, this one is the largest, heaviest and definitely the fastest! The torque is really amazing and it easily goes up hills that stall the Swagger and Mosquito. It is really enjoyable to ride. It can be folded and carried but it is quite heavy. The disk brake works well and it has suspension on both the front and back wheels. Few areas for improvement. First, the threaded knob for the folding handlebar often looses up while riding so it would be nice if this stayed secure. Second, the user interface is terrible - not intuitive at all. Additionally, when changing the settings while riding seems to get the controller in some stuck state and you have to wait many minutes for it to time out. (No combination of button presses or holds seems to be able to get the controller out of this stuck state and you end up having to walk the scooter or use it as a kick scooter for quite a while). Lastly, the user manual is really bad. Some of the English is so bad it is had to tell what it really means. I think Google translate would do a better job. Customer service has been good and Peter is responsive. Have to wait to see how it goes with reliability, longevity, replacement parts, etc. Bottom line: It is fun and fast and I would buy it again...but for over $1k, the user interface, software (bug) and instructions should be much better. In the pictures below, you can see the WideWheel on the left, Swagger 5 in the middle and Mosquito Light on the right. You can notice the size, wheel, and display differences.

after one week issues...

Hi guys,

I am also owner of this powerfull beauty, i have 2019 dual motor scooter for one week, about 8 rides i've done and I am little bit confused.Its amazing, its power full like crazy I LOVE IT !! but stability and save felling its not there. Just to want to share my experience, maybe somebode else have same experience.
I have few doubts about :
1. baterry - been charged to 54.6v from begining , now only to 52.1v , range has been decread to 13-15 miles max. I found that baterry is not fully change
13cells x 4.2V = 54.6V, now I have 13xcells x4.0V = 52V, so I am using only 80% capacity.
(per cell -> 3.8v = 40% , 4.0V = 80% ,4.1v=90% , 4.2V = 100%)

2. stability of stearing stick
stearing mechanism still have some free moving space, not giving me save feel during ride but strange feeling its not solid but moving parts which i am holding.I am supprised as this is the main part where I am holding to a scooter, moving this scares me, also durting riding its less and less solid(moving to right) so I have to keep eye on it and keep seting back to left every like 10-15 minutes.. Please see attached picture for details

3. The main stick moving (maybe bendnig ) during acceleration and brakeing (I have 70kg)
- as you know this is powerfull machine, when I accelerate this stick moves to back and also during brakeing move toward.. scary as I have feeling of moving parts,it may bend or broke... the movement is not big , but its stearing part and should be very solid right??.

4. i have problem with rear wheel, it moves on his Achse slighty but getting worse, hitting my brake during moving and doing strange clicking sound every round... front wheel it totaly solid, no moves at all.

I would be more that greatfull if you can share , advice your experience, I love this scooter I want to ride but now I cant.. due to problems on rear wheel, after one week, i am shocked... because it not cheap toy for me... so trying to find best s...

Not really a better throttle... more of a key-start add-on

Like many other users of the Wide Wheel, the two things about it that I disliked were its jerky throttle and lack of key start. For throttle, you were either not accelerating at all or you were accelerating to full speed in the space of 1/8 inch of throttle travel. This makes the scooter very difficult to navigate anywhere you need to travel at a slow, consistent pace (like amongst foot traffic).

I purchased this throttle based on the Fluid Free Ride review saying it was much smoother, and had eliminated the issue that plagued the first version. I didn't find this to be much the case at all. The throttle does engage a bit sooner, but it again goes 0-100 the moment the throttle engages. There might be a SLIGHT improvement in ability to ride at slower speeds, but you're constantly having to lift your thumb off and put it back on sofly to create that slower speed rather than just holding it in the same spot at a lower speed.

All in all, I'm disappointed. Yes, this does add a key start which is nice, so if that's a real issue for you then this solves the problem, but don't expect a totally different throttle. The voltage gauge is ok I guess, but I don't see it adding too much value. Additionally, I like the rubber feel of the old throttle better (this one is just plastic), though that's personal preference. I absolutely love everything else about the Wide Wheel and when I heard that they'd fixed the oft complained about throttle issue, I jumped at the chance to purchase it b/c every thing else Fluid Free Ride has said about the scooter has been totally on point thus far... but this didn't live up to expectations. I really hope there will be an even better version developed soon. Fluid Free Ride customer service has been great up to this point; I hope that continues.

Best use of my tax refund ever

I settled on either the dual motor model because Bronx, NY has some pretty hilly streets in some sections. I also didn't want to worry about having to recharge too soon. This thing easily outperforms my previous Ninebot ES2 with external battery. I'm not sure about the range because I get so caught up in the fun of ridding I forget to check- so far I got as much as 2 hrs out of it. The pro's n con's are the same as already mentioned in other reviews. I decided on this scooter for the power & this retailer for the customer service. My experience with ninebot's c/s was so painful so it was a major factor in my buying decision. I began having issues a couple of days out of the box & Peter addressed them promptly which gave me a LOT of reassurance that I purchased from the right place.

The interface did take me some time to get used to primarily in getting rid of the speed restriction. BTW you really should get a helmet when riding this thing -it's fun but no ain't no joke. At top speeds you can really get jacked up if you have an accident.

Thank you Peter for all you help and I may be taking you guys up on the new display offer but do we need to ship the unit back to you guys or can it be realistically installed by us not too mechanically inclined folks?


This is the scooter you want

If you're looking for a serious commuting scooter, this is it. This is the best scooter I've ridden, and I did a lot of research and rented all the available scooters from Bird, Spin, Lime, etc. You get what you pay for. It rips up San Francisco hills, no problem (I have the dual motor version). It doesn't have certain bells and whistles in terms of an LED screen or connection to an app on your phone, but it's well-built, sturdy, very powerful, and looks great. Once you turn off the speed limit function, it takes a little getting used to the acceleration power, because this thing can fly. I would call this a "vehicle" and not a "toy" in terms of the seriousness of it's power. Just don't buy this scooter if you expect to fold it up quickly and carry it around -- it's heavy and the folding mechanism takes more than just a quick flip down. Fine for longer-term storage but not something you want to be doing multiple times per day. Highly recommend this scooter and the customer service from Peter is great.

Great Scooter!

I purchased the dual motor version with my main intention being to use it to commute 2mi to and from work through suburban streets. Just received it the other night and we've had an unseasonably warm past two days for me to test it.

- BUILD QUALITY. Well built. Does not feel cheap in any way. Very solid; built with high quality materials
- LOOKS. Very cool looking. Unique an is a head turner. Looks way slicker than Lime or Bird scooters
- STABLE RIDE. The Wide Wheels make it much more stable a ride (the scooter resists tipping more than a typical scooter). Also can take it over gravel and grass w/o issue; wheels don't dig into the ground.
- SMOOTH. For having all rubber tires, the advanced dual suspension really helps take bumps
- POWERFUL. I weigh ~225-230 (more than the recommended rider max of 220) and this thing rips up inclines w no issue at all. I was doing an easy 17mph up a 15-20 degree incline.
- BRAKING. I've read that you need to adjust the disc breaks before riding but I didn't need to. Mine worked fantastic right out of the box. Great stopping power. Always feel in control
- SIZE. Wider base allows me to ride with my 3.5 yo son on the front (he holds onto the middle bar) w/o any issue

- WEIGHT. This thing is not light. It's every bit of 50lbs so don't expect to be carrying it up and down steps or for very long distances.
- CONTROLS. No fancy control screen, but just one button and 4 LED lights. The button that does everything can be a bit finicky in terms of timing.
- FOLDING. The unscrew method of breaking it down takes longer than other mechanisms and requires some finesse
- THROTTLE. Difficult to smoothly get up to speed. It's either fast or REALLY fast.
- CHARGE PORT - the rubber cover for the charge port doesn't sit snuggly when riding.

All things considered, I LOVE the scooter. It's exactly what I wanted and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a full commuter vehicle.

Cool scooter

I really like this scooter. Solid good construction. I get plenty of ppl saying how cool it looks too. It wasn't quite fast enuff for me but I contacted fluidfreeride they so kindly told me how to disable limiter and now it flies. Good bike good company to deal with

Speed beast

This thing is an animal. Finally the power you wanted in a “scooter”. I say it in inverted commas because this is not a small vehicle. Weighs about 20kg, and is a long way from the Zoom Stryder I had before.
The power is immense though - can drag my 95kg carcass up our 1:3 driveway.
Downsides - not convinced by the wide wheels, good off-road, but less so on pavement, especially cornering. Throttle is still grabby, despite 2019 improvements
The UI is a bit weak too - even with 2019 upgrade. No speedo. No remaining range. They’ll get there I’m sure.
Pros: speed, power, speed (especially de-limited), power
Overall, bar a few details this thing is kickass. Buy it. Now!

Wide wheel

Solid construction, sleek look, lots of compliments. I really enjoy the power of the dual drive motor. The smooth acceleration and impressive speed of the scooter and range far surpasses my expectations. Couldn’t be more excited about this product. The only draw back is waiting on decent weather to enjoy the ride.

Dual motor model

The absolutely love this scooter. Pros: powerful acceleration, although top speed isn’t what I expected out of this model about 24mph, it’s super stable, comfortable & smooth, dual suspension great looks & it folds up surprisingly small, excellent battery life. Cons, not many: weight, for a smaller person the dual motor model may be a bit to carry, brakes could be better because of the weight & speed, an addition of adjustable electronic braking & regen braking would be nice, this would only require a software update.

Good but not perfect

Been riding the dual motor for a few days. Instruction manual was weak. Still not sure what all the lights mean. Also have the mosquito and it's interface it much more intuitive. Why when you spend 1k can't we get a LED screen with writing and numbers instead of four lights that we have no idea what they mean

Thank you for your feedback. The display is indeed pretty basic. We chose to invest in power instead :) Please have a look at this video for basic operations of the scooter:

I'm 41 years old and have owned many "toys" in my years, including a few exotic vehicles... I don't think I've ever enjoyed anything as much as this Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11. This scooter rivals the $6,000-$7,000 models and, in some instances, is far superior in my opinion for many reasons.
To make matters better, FluidFreeRide has been incredible to work with--all the way from the purchasing process to troubleshooting after ownership. Peter has chatted with me on the phone and via email to ensure complete comfortability with riding as well as mode settings. This truly has been an incredible experience all the way around--absolutely zero complaints and nothing but a smile on my face every time I ride!

Solid machine. Great power

I'm using the wide wheel for my daily commute. I ordered the dual motor version, and it has plenty of power to make it up a few steep hills in my area. Much more powerful than the typical scooters.

I'd welcome a more intuitive control unit - a smartphone app would be ideal. Also, it would be helpful to be able to lock or otherwise disable the machine when parked.

Overall, strong and solid machine. Tight construction, great power, and easy to ride.

Horizon M - Amazing scooter with amazing range

Bought this scooter a few months ago on preorder. It surpassed my expectations by a lot!
It's fast - I am only 140lb and I can hit 22mph.
The battery lasts forever - I did 30 miles in one day and did not run out.
It's well built - solid material, great display with lots of information (speed, distance, voltage, battery status, etc.)
Great front and rear light so I can comfortably ride at night.
I have ridden the Bird scooters before and this one is sooo much better :)