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The most fun I’ve ever had in transport

Excellent quality scooter

Very strong frame and powerful motors, it's very stable and fast
I m happy with this purchase

Hold on tight

Excellent Scooter. I’m running the street tires very stable at high-speed feel very confident in the scooter only thing I wish is they would make all terrain tire for the scooter . The street tires work fine for light off-road use very impressed

Happy so far

I am very happy with the service and with the scooter. When I emailed FF I got a direct phone call from Peter and he answered all my questions.

Delivery and set up were both quick, I received my scooter within three days of ordering. I was initially worried about the steering column locking pin because it did not settle all the way into the groove to hold it vertical but after a couple days it settled in fine naturally.

Ignore YouTube videos that show the horizon going off road because it is not suitable for that but it is outstanding for commuting on city streets and sidewalks. I have 40 miles on mine so far with no issues.

I recommend buying the E-Took lock as well because it is very functional, I liked it so much I bought another one for my electric bike.

So much fun

I was a little concerned about the size and weight at first, it is a big boy, but SO worth it. I am a fairly big guy, 6'2, 230lb, and this thing feels like a rocket. In Dual Motor mode the acceleration is unbelievable, and I get up to my comfortable cruising speed ~30mph in a second or two. 40MPH scares me too much, so the top-end is less important to me, but acceleration is key. I use this to commute in San Francisco and I love being able to boost past bikes & cars alike when needed. And it is SUCH a smooth ride. The suspension is very cushy and the clearance height makes going over bumps & tracks a breeze. Highly recommend, especially if you can handle the weight & size of the thing comfortably.

My only other scooter experience is on the rentals in SF, which only go about 15mph. It is definitely an adjustment riding this beast, and I will admit this thing could be very dangerous if you aren't careful, but the stopping power is great, the suspension keeps the ride smooth, and as long as you don't abuse the dual motor power you should be just fine! :D

Scooter Commuter - My First Hyper Scooter - Mantis

I have a lot of experience commuting on electric scooters and occasionally on my Onewheel. My commute is about 16 miles each day that covers my home in San Francisco to the Embarcadero BART station. From the Embarcadero BART station I travel 37 miles on the train until it arrives in Union City. From Union City I travel 6 miles to my office which is mostly bike lanes. I have done this now for nearly 5 years. I think it is important to know my primary purpose for my electric scooters. I also use it to go the few miles to my gym in the early mornings.

I have owned or currently own:
- The first generation Glion (sold)
- iFreego S10 (sold)
- Ecoreco M3 (sold)
- Ecoreco M5 (sold)
- Ecoreco L5+ (one of my daily drivers)
- Speedway Mini-IV (one of my daily drivers)
- 2 x E-Twow Booster (still have but don't use much)
- Onewheel XR (don't use for commuting but great for exploring)
- A few electric bikes which all have been sold.

I picked the Mantis for the following reasons:
1) Fluidfreeride is a US-based company with great support and ownership.
2) I wanted to try a hyper scooter.
3) Mantis was one of the more portable hyper scooters with high value pricing.

My Mantis charge port came lose internally and I had to get the part replaced. Fluidfreeride promptly shipped out the replacement part and I was able to fix the port. It is great to have a US-based company provide support. I had a lot more difficulty dealing with repairs and parts for my Speedway Mini-IV and E-Twow scooters.

The Mantis power and ride are on a completely different level from my fastest commuter scooters. The ride is plush but confidence inspiring at speed. I have not had any problems with most hills in San Francisco. I exclusively ride in Turbo/Dual mode. I also find the base disc brakes to have plenty of stopping power. You can easily power slide and stop with the brakes as they come out of the box. They are easy to adjust as needed. The suspension is also very good and can ta...

Scooter is amazing

It is awesome, I honestly use this more frequently than my car

Great Powerful Scooter

I purchased the PRO version and I must say this does not disappoint! Quite fun to ride and VERY FAST! Be warned this is no toy and operation should be taken VERY CAREFULLY until you really feel comfortable operating the Mantis. Fluid free ride staff has been very helpful with any issues I had!!!


I have wanted to buy an electric scooter for about two years now, but I could never find one that was fast, safe, long range, and still light enough to pick up and carry. I am glad I waited, this scooter has checked every box I was looking for.

I got my Mantis Pro about two weeks ago, and I absolutely love it! The performance is more than enough to keep up with city traffic, and I feel that's a safety consideration. The frame is very strong, and every thing feels solid, more like a motorcycle than a scooter. The suspension is excellent, along with the handling and brakes, I feel very confident zipping thru the city. Easy to lock up to a bike rack, and light enough to bring it up two flights of stairs to my apartment.

In short, this is the scooter I would have custom made if I had the skill-set/expertise. It is the best way to get around the city.

Great product

We love it !

Bright Light

It’s the perfect light for night and daytime riding. Plus it’s detachable for charging ease and not having to leave it behind.

Mantis Pro - The best high performance e-scooter under $2500

Another happy customer here upgraded from Horizon/M365.
My 1st unit had some issues and FFR had sent me a replacement in two weeks, which was a great service :)
I have 350 miles on the 2nd unit and haven't had any issue so far besides the minor brake sensor adjustment.
From my experience I see the advertisement here is true and can't agree more to those 5 stars review from the other proud owners.
AFAIK this is the best consumer rated scooter ever today for the price range and I'm glad I've made a right choice for my final upgrade 3 months ago :)
I'd recommend purchasing the fast charger that not only shortening a charging time but also comes with features to protect your home or scooter.
Seeing is believing so please watch the short video attached here where I tested 0-40mph Dual motors acceleration with a GPS.
There is also a 13min long video review available here: https://youtu.be/t61r2KJ5K38
Hope it helps to show you future riders how fast/comfy a Mantis Pro rides :)

Greet Scooter and Great Support.

The buying process was as smooth as could be and the communication from FluidFreeRide couldn't have been better. The scooter itself is pretty awesome and has been a pleasure to ride. Being a new product there are some opportunities for improvement and I had some concerns about how I received the scooter, but the customer support from FluidFreeRide has been top notch. Not only have they been receptive to my feedback, but also very forthcoming with information and suggestions for best practices and possible future upgrades.
As far as the scooter goes, it's performance is impressive. Easily hitting 40mph in "Eco" mode. Very stable and safe, and the LEDs on the deck turn heads wherever I go. You are going to need an handlebar extender to mount anything as there's no space on the bar. The controls are somewhat counter intuitive as you depress one button to turn a feature on, but then depress another to turn another feature off. Why can't it be the same for both? Also the battery meter is pretty useless as it jumps from full to empty constantly during a ride despite it being fully charged. Small gripes really, as it's fun to ride and makes my daily 5 mile commute a breeze.

Big dude on a Scooter

I was initially nervous because I’m a big guy at 6’5” and 250lbs and it’s hard to see how sturdy this thing is from the pictures. Rest assured, this thing is a tank. It gets the job done amicably and I’m not gentle with it. I had to adjust the brakes at first because there was a little rubbing, but it was super easy to fix. Other than that it’s super fun. It powers through hills and when I need to save on battery, the eco mode is a lifesaver.

6 months commuting

The widewheel has been fantastic although it has it's quirks. It is fast and handles well and not having air tires is a real benefit in the city streets. I have the dual motor larger battery 2019 model. It can get me around the city to do all of my usual stops and take me home again. I lock it to a regular bicycle lock, and because it's black and not too bulky it is not conspicuous.

A few things to point out. The rear fender does not work in the wet, so I had to duct tape a piece of plastic to extend it. The stem/neck attaching the handlebars to the main body has a little play in it. It's not something you want to put a lot of stress through, definitely not for yanking the front wheel up and over obstacles. Tightening some bolts at the bottom of the stem improved this a lot. The settings are simple and I like that. I often change on the fly from the eco mode to the more powerful mode if I'm not concerned with conserving the battery so much. The brakes require regular adjustment. I thought that they lost strength so quickly that it must have been the new cable lengthening out so I started by adjusting the cable through mechanism to the brake caliber. I fell victim to the design flaw here and soon ended up with dysfunctional brakes. After pulling the cable back to it's original spot and adjusting the caliper using an allen wrench I corrected this. I've gotten faster at this and probably adjust once a week. I remove the two bolts that hold the caliper on and remover the caliper, keeping the wheel on the scooter. I tighten the bolt at the rear a 1/4 or 1/2 a turn which brings the pads closer and then re-attach the caliper. I recommend tightening all bolts on this scooter when new. I noticed after some miles the bolts holding the rear disc in place slowly worked their way out and started rubbing. The only other issue was when I left it in direct sun on a hot day, or outside in a rain storm. It stopped working. I let it dry and cool down and it started again.

Wolf warrior 11

After a couple issues I had with my wolf warrior, Peter and the team at fluid free ride were able to resolve the issue by shipping me out a brand new unit even with a return label really fast as well! These guys answer questions ASAP usually within a day. I can’t express how satisfied I am with the customer service I have Received, and how absolutely amazing this scooter is and the power it has !! I can’t say enough if ur looking for a top of the line scooter from a top of the line retailer this is the place to go without hesitation!!

Thanks again guy!

With best regards, Erik


I had orginally ordered the mercane widewheel but decided to go ahead with the mantis upgrade..besides having to wait close to 2 months to receive a scooter after my initial order, I couldnt be happier! The mantis is next level. I can cruise up hills with no problem and safely traverse bad roads and pot holes. Thanks fluidfreeride for making my commute much more manageable and fun!!

The Mantis Pro Is Big and Impressive

I spent 2 1/2 months waiting anxiously to get the Mantis Pro. When it finally arrived I couldn’t enjoy it right away.
It turns out I did not connect the charger the right way. I reached out to the folks at FFR and they were where there to answer questions. I ended up figuring out that I didn’t make the right contact with the coupler. Chalk it up to user error.

Everything works fine now especially with the added finger sensor.

I’ve tested the Mantis on the hills in my neighborhood in Visitation Valley which is in the South East part of San Francisco, Ca. In this area, the hills are very steep, more so than in the downtown area.

I weigh 195 lb and the Mantis took me up the steepest hills with no problem again and again.
Of course, all of my settings are set with No Restrictions.
The max speed on those steep hills with my weight went down to 11 mph but this was still huge.
I am very impressed with this Machine. The torque is very strong but the accelerator has a sweet spot. I just need to get used to it.
The Mantis is big and impressive.

Still learning about the Mantis and getting used to riding a scooter but so far I think is pretty cool and I hope it lasts long.
I give it 5 stars.

Great WideWheel Upgrade

What a fantastic scooter. I loved my WideWheel, but it did have a tenancy to feel a little less smooth/stable at the 20+ mph range unless you were traveling on a perfectly smooth road. The Mantis feels smooth and stable at the same speeds - and faster - even with small bumps present. (Think: typical neighborhood streets with sealed cracks, patched pavement, manhole covers, etc.) When the need arises, I feel much safer taking the entire lane on a small road on the Mantis, than I did on the WideWheel. The suspension is more than twice as forgiving, and it takes curves and corners much easier than the WideWheel. There's tons of power to pull me up steep roads here in the Rocky Mountains. It is slightly less portable and stow-able than the WideWheel. It also doesn't come with a bell so be sure to pick one up somewhere, and while you're at it, get a decent (bright) bicycle headlight to mount on the handlebars. Overall, I love this scooter, and it makes me look forward to my 5+ mile commute to/from work.

MANTIS - Advanced All Round, Power & Range

Fast charger for the Mantis

Excellent charger I like the option of charging anywhere from 80,90 to 100%. So if I'm going to store the scooter I have the option to charge only up to 80% which is the best state to leave the unit for a long period of time..! also enjoy the option for charging rate from 1 amp to 5 amps.. so I don't need a quick charge I reduce the charge rate to two amps the preferred an Optimum charging rate. The fan is a little loud but no worries I charged the scooter in the kitchen.. 😁😁😁😁

Great for long commutes

I got a Wolf Warrior 11 for daily commuting 15miles each way. There is enough power to easily cruise at 35mph. The heavier weight feels more stable when stopping at speed. I've put over 400miles on & off road and the scooter holds up well in all conditions. I wish the cables were a few inches longer. I need to add raisers to get my hands over my waistline, and have to change the cables to do so. MAKE SURE to check all bolts prior to riding. I have noticed a few have come loose after long, bumpy rides. I had a few out-of-the box issues with the shipment, but they were quickly and easily fixed with the help of Fluid Freeride. I will definitely keep using this company and recommend them to everyone.


All I have to say is this scooter is AMAZING!!! it is well built and fast. Because of its suspension system, you don’t feel the bumps on the road as much and it eats up hills like it’s nothing! I live in the Bay Area so there’s hills everywhere and the Mantis overcomes them with ease. Also, the price is very reasonable for the amount of power you get with this model. Thinly thing I wish was that it had blinkers for turning. I highly recommend the Mantis. I referred 2 of my coworkers to Fluid Ride and they bought scooters as well.

Great charging options

I really wanted this so that I could charge to 80% and save the battery. I usually charge overnight at 1 amp to go easy on the battery, but if I'm on a long ride, I have the option to go up to 5 amps.

Great option for college students!

As a college student, I needed something portable enough to carry around campus while also being powerful enough to handle the commute from my apartment to the campus. This scooter is perfect for those needs and I'm very impressed by it. Great value!