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Fun and Fast!

Great scooter and worth the price. Sturdy, long range, very fast, and always fun to ride. Shipped quickly. I had initially ordered the 2019 model, but customer service at Fluidfreeride informed me that the 2020 Pro model was just released and I changed my order. Glad I made the switch to the latest model. I like the dual brakes along with the internal headlight.


Fantastic experience all round! Service was great and the scooter just amazing.

Great scooter and service

Great experience all round!

Great...Fast Scooter

I recently purchased the Mantis Pro to upgrade from my prior 1000W scooter that was starting to have less charge, so rather than purchase I new battery, I started looking. I happened upon the Wide Wheel at first and started to investigate, but after seeing the small deck as well as the weight limit, I had some pause on the wide wheel. Then I noticed a review comparing the Mantis to the wide wheel and after investigating further, it appeared the Mantis Pro to be a better fit for me being 250lbs. I got the pro version not for the range, but more for the lifecycle as my prior scooter was 4 years old and the capacity of the battery helped it to last all those years with riding in my hilly neighborhood.

First proof point of the Mantis is I took it out and went up a slight hill which it handled with ease in single motor. Second proof point is I went to another hill that is at least 15 degree incline and in dual motor, it was accelerating me up the hill, this thing has power to spare. When in dual motor and off eco, just blipping the throttle you will feel the scooter try to take off with out you, so be prepared as the torque can go (and this is with me setting the torque to come on slower, the original setting is too risky for accidental take offs).

I turned on the ABS, it feels weird as first, but I actually like it and with regenerative and ABS on, I get plenty of stopping power with just the rear, and can stop on very short distances with front and rear, so I like this safety of knowing I can get to a stop if needed. I found myself waiting to brake until much later than my prior scooter which had brakes twice the size of the Mantis ones, so I think the combination of hydraulic, ABS, and regenerative helps bring the Mantis to a stop much quicker.

Fun is the best way to describe it

This is my first electric scooter, and to be honest I didn’t expect it to have this much power. I commuted to work (5 miles one way) on it today and it did fantastic. It’s a cross between a functional vehicle, and an extremely fun hobby. The throttle and feel of the scooter does take a little getting used to, and it does seem to be jerky at low speeds, but like anything it takes practice to get the feel for it. I look forward as using this as my nice weather, ride to work!




Speed: it’s really fast, you dont even need both motors running in order for you to go fast, this thing is ridiculous fast. Up hills i can go up to 30mph, flat surfaces i go 37-38 mph even 40 in a full charged. Still fast even with the battery below 65%.

Suspension: trust me, you won’t feel any bump it feels like you’re literally flying. VERY smooth.

Brakes: you can always adjust it, it works pretty good for me.

Weight: 61lbs kind of heavy but i carry mine up to 3 floors no elevator, which is not that hard for me.

Folded dim.: i drive a honda accord and always put it in my trunk and still have space if i want to put anything else.

Battery: I switch between dual motor and single motor everytime i ride it, and still get a lot of range.

Lights: really bright any car in the dark will see you.


To be honest i am very happy with my Mantis Base the things i do not like is

Weight: i wish it was a lil bit lighter but i guess it has two motors and really fast which makes sense is a little heavy.

The rear fender should be longer because when it rains or the surface is wet your pants can get dirty easily.
Besides that i truly recommend it, it worth every dollar.

Great Scooter for its price range

I received my wide wheel pro a few days ago and I couldn’t be happier. I upgraded from a Xiaomi M365 as I needed something with more power and more range for my daily commute.

This scooter is great for climbing up hills, it has the power, and great range. Took it yesterday around my area (there are really steep hills and a lot of wind) and it did not disappoint. It shred the hills like it was nothing. It’s perfect for my daily commute and it definitely has people turning around to look at you. Yesterday as I was going uphill (20mph) a car passed me by and I could see the lady on the passenger seat pointing at me with her mouth wide open. Like she couldn’t believe it lol.

The throttle is really sensitive, it’s not like those rental scooters that you gotta press it all the way to take off. You press the throttle half way and then it pulls you really fast. This is something you need to get used to as this machine has power.

I love the double breaks. They definitely help when you are going speeds about 20mph.

Always wear a helmet, preferably a full face one as this scooter is not a toy.

The only thing I’m not a fan of, is the weight. It’s definitely a heavy scooter at 54lbs. It’s fine if you carry it a flight of stairs, but no more than that. But for the power, range, and built of the scooter, this is a small price to pay for something great.

Would definitely recommend this scooter 😃

Will update this review as the weeks pass by and my experience with it!


Finally got my 2020 WW PRO. Wow is the only word that comes to mind.
It’s solid, sturdy, safe, and FAST! One downside - it IS heavy. But that’s to be expected from a scooter of this caliber.
I guess more words came to me after all. :)

MANTIS - Advanced All Round, Power & Range

Mantis Pro Adult Scooter

I was ready to purchase a Nanrobot D4 scooter but hesitated because I had reservations about its suspension. If I'm going to spend this much $ on a scooter, I better be completely sold on it. I wanted a scooter that had decent range, enough power(to scare me if I wanted it to) and suspension to take it off road. Is that too much to ask? After searching, scooters that checked all my boxes were either too big/heavy or too expensive (might as well buy a motorcycle). I came across a video of someone riding a FluidFree Mantis and the first thing about the scooter that stood out for him was of its suspension and how nice the ride felt. I saw a few videos and finally checked out FluidFreeRide's website and was pleasantly surprised that they were a US based company. Read the reviews and decided that although I can go cheaper by purchasing the Nanrobot D4, the Mantis and its better designed suspension, its LG battery (Pro) and its MiniMotors USA controllers was worth the difference in price in my opinion. I ordered the Mantis on a Saturday and received it on Wednesday. Fast delivery was a definite plus! My first impression when I first opened the box was that it was bigger than I expected. This is definitely not a toy. The scooter looks to be very well made and heavy (a plus when going 25+mph). After assembling the handlebar and tightening a few screws -I was excited to take it for a test ride. That initial acceleration made me realize how much torque this scooter has. I almost let the handlebar go. I would advise new users to start slow, check the settings including its initial acceleration settings which can be changed from strong or soft. It's nice to have options in the settings like cruise control, ABS, speed limit and auto turn off to name a few. While I haven't had the chance to fully test the range, speed and suspension out. I am satisfied with my purchase so far and look forward to taking my Mantis with me on my mini getaways up and down the CA coast to explore.

The best scooter out there.

and the Wolf did not disappoint me the scooter is insane speed and range A+, it’s everything I thought it would be pricey but worth it and the second charger along with the will save you much time. Thanks Peter.

Amazing scooter

This scooter is awesome. The new braking feature is amazing and the shocks make it even better than the much more expensive boosted Rev. I live in San Francisco (big hills!!) and this thing conquers the hills, no problem. Highly recommend this scooter to anyone looking for a cheaper and better alternative to boosted rev and other more expensive scooters.

Great scooter!

The mantis is great but I was under the impression that there was a black friday deal where you get another scooter if you buy a mantis or wolf. I havent recieved another scooter but would benefit greatly from having it. Please let let me know when possible.

Mantis Base Model

I've had this scooter for a week now and have put 30 miles on it so far. I've taken it off road on decently kept gravel roads/trails on my land, through grass, and of course pavement. It's done well on all of it. Has plenty of speed and plenty of battery for my needs. Suspension feels great and pulls hills with ease (185lb rider).

My only complaints so far is that the front motor has a bit of noise/whine when going 10-12 mph. If I'm accelerating through I only hear it for a second but I can hold the speed and make it a constant noise, I've yet to contact FFR about this but I will to see what they say. The other complaint is the rubber mat you stand on does not stay down well at all with the double sided tape they used. Mine is almost all of the way peeled away and would probably fly off if I weren't standing on it. Will get some 3M and fix it myself, a small nitpick that can easily be remedied but I felt it needed mentioning.

Also worth mentioning is to unlock the P settings you need to input code 9221 at the SO screen when you press the Power/Mode buttons down each time you power on the scooter and want to access or change them. This code or the SO screen is not mentioned anywhere in video reviews or the manual and I was able to find it through a Reddit post.

My few complaints aren't enough to drop the rating to a 4, but I'd give it a solid 4.75.

This thing is a beast

Man, where to start...

The Kaabo Mantis is one of the most fun things I've owned in probably a long time. People who talk to me on the streets say" man that thing is zippy" and that is probably the biggest understatement. It is fast as two cheetahs doing it on a bullet train. This thing shreds the streets, and the front and rear shock absorbing arms make if feel oh so smooth when doing so. The brakes are a little touchy, but with a bit of adjusting I found my sweet spot. Everything arrived pretty well assembled, but a few screws were missing (no biggie). The display is bright and gorgeous and the lights on the sides are pretty damn bright. The only thing I would recommend when riding at night is to get a bright front light. Honestly, I cannot complain about anything on this scooter. It is definitely heavy, but the specs show it coming up at 60 ish pounds so thats a no brainer that it will be heavy, but thing thing feels like it is built to last. It excelled up the hills Ive taken it on, and made almost every other scooter I've ridden look like a play thing. I showed it off to one of my buddies and I believe he is now in the process of buying one. This thing is amazing and I couldn't be happier.

PS: Wear a helmet cause it is wildly fast.

Awesome customer service so far for all my questions and concerns love the scooter.

Massive price hike

Bought mantis and it’s a great scooter. What’s with the massive price increase?

We have not increased prices since our last preorder discounts expired. Maybe you are looking at Mantis PRO model vs the base.

This is really a great scooter. Suspension is a dream...like riding a magic carpet even over a bumpy tree humped sidewalk. Makes you feel confident since the speed is so fast and I’m a big guy and it still gets up there in mph. Just gotta figure out how to get air in the tires since my air connector is too wide and hits the motor in the wheel while trying to attach to the stem. White led lights on side since it supposedly illegal for blue due to the confusion of being a police vehicle. Highly recommend this scooter for speedy commuting. People won’t understand the high price tag but it gives you that speed adrenaline rush where other scooters fail to excite just going down the street. Compared to other scooters in its class, it’s much more affordable. Bring the blue anodized swingarms as an option Fluid Free Ride! By the way they were really on top of the shipping schedules and keeping you aware of the expected delivery even with a surprise customs inspection. They also answered my question swiftly about first entering a code to change the p settings. Wow this is really fun but not for the timid riders.

Great scooter 🛴

I’m having the time of my life!! I took a ride from San Francisco to Sausalito on it, came back I still had 60% 🔋
I’m very happy with my scooter everywhere I go people want to know what kind of scooter is it😎
The only downside is that has no key to turn off and lock and no front light.... Very important to have and I missed it when I read the website.

New Harleys

Awesome rides and very safe to rde

Great little headlight for scooter or bike or realpy whatever

I ordered a Mabtos which needed a headlight so I picked this one up. Its great fluidfreeride is a onestop shop for all things you'd need for the scooter.

This headlight is bright enough to cruise at 30 mph at night. Gives me confidence im not going to hit some debris or curbs I dont see at night.

It has 4 brightness settings and charges off a usb. I tend to set it to the brightest setting. Manual says it'll last 3 hours at that setting. Hasn't died on me yet.

I'm a big fan of the rubber strap. Keeps it from jiggling out of alignment.

Excellent lock, light and scooter

Ride good, can lick up in most places and can ne seen at nigh

Amazing vehicle

Truly a great piece of machinery. My first time owning an electric scooter and I'm glad I invested in the right one. I find it absolutely remarkable without any flaws. I've been riding it for almost a month now and I absolutely love everything about it. I'm impressed how smooth and fast it rides. I tested the braking multiple times and it works just fine. I ride it daily with a helmet on and I find it to be a very fun experience.

Better than expected

I was hesitant to spend this much on a scooter but after riding it daily for two weeks i'd adamantly say it's worth every penny. Two of us, totalling 325lbs, ride in complete comfort. The suspension rarely bottoms out even when we jump small curbs. Couples scooting is officially a thing now!!