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fluidfreeride Customer Reviews

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11" Never-Flat Street Tire
Neal B. (Hialeah, FL)
Never flat tire

So far so good

60V Fast Charger Kaabo Connector
Eggert J. (Manchester, CT)
60V Fast Chargers with Kaabo Connector

Well built lab quality. They work.

Mantis 8 48v 800w hall motor
Patrik (Amsterdam, NH)

Tycker de är bra att de finns sidor med reservdelar och har ett bra pris ! Grymt💪

fluid VISTA
Tonya (Jonesboro, AR)
Use Case: College student
Perfect for college student!

My son rides his scooter from his apartment to his college classes and it is perfect!

fluid Mosquito POS
Annie C.
Love chuck!

Chuck was super helpful in helping me pick out my mosquito in the Brooklyn store. I use it all the time, lightweight and so great

10" Inner Tube
damian d. (South San Francisco, CA)

Great service, the guys did a great job, thanks

60V Fast Charger
Cameron Z. (Graham, WA)
New charger

Works great

Armor-Dilloz Tire Sealant
Andrew S. (Philadelphia, PA)
Worked like a charm!

Couldn't recommend this product more

Wolf Warrior King GT Pro
Justin L. (Bowie, MD)
Use Case: Leisure and play
Wolf warrior king gt pro

I love it and it is everything I've wanted from a machine to go so fast from takeoff to a complete stop. Thanks for creating such an awesome experience.....

Wolf Warrior X
Edith K. (Thomasville, NC)
Use Case: We have the scooter used only one time , but we want to go out to the mountains next week...
Perfect e scooter!!!!!

This e scooter is the best thing I ever bought, it’s very comfortable , easy and very fast, my husband is very happy with the scooter !!!

High Security Folding Lock
Richard A. (Washington, DC)

So far so good! If my scooter ever gets stolen then the product is an excellent one that did its job!! Only time will tell. There are a lot of advance theives in neighborhoods now who want to steal a great scooter like the Mantis 2. They will use any means. So it is premature to honestly rate this product at this time. Request another survey in a year or two. Thank You !!

Monica S. (Concord, CA)
Use Case: Recreation and transportation for shopping and visiting friends.
Even a 5' woman can ride this

I've been riding e-scooters for 15 years now. (I've never had a DL)
I've had a Ninebot, Jetson, Xiaomi, and some chain-driven scooters.
I was looking for a e-scooter with a longer battery life and could handle hills. After months of research, I settled on the NAMI KLIMA.
I am a 57 yr old 5' chunky woman. I was worried about a 98lb scooter, as I am sometimes picked up by friends and I could NOT lift that into a car.
I slowly introduced myself to to this "monster scooter" it took weeks of short test rides.
I am a fan, once I became comfortable with handling this beast, I LOVE it. There are many trails in my area and with this scooter I can go across many cities, enjoying beautiful views.

My Con's are: Too heavy. The brakes are Too Touchy.

SAS (Miami, FL)
Use Case: Commuting and fun
All I ever wanted in a scooter!

Spectacular scooter! The ultimate commuter on steroids! This is what I have been looking for in a scooter: nimbleness, good looking, great range, easily fits on a sedan’s rear seat, sweet acceleration, customizable riding settings, fantastic suspension, yet robust with a solid build. Hopefully it will be reliable and durable. Delivery was lightning fast, ordered on a Tuesday from Miami, arrived on Saturday. Thank you FFR!

Jose P. (Brooklyn, NY)

Great place
Amazing people

Christian T. (Brooklyn, NY)
Use Case: Getting around New York.
So far it’s awesome

Only had it for a couple of days but it’s the perfect scooter. I’m in NYC and it’s tough and stable for these rough roads. Speed is excellent and I don’t think I would want to go any faster while dodging potholes. If you’re in NY you know what I mean. Anyways it’s excellent to get around. I already rode from Brooklyn to midtown Manhattan and back. Battery life is excellent but I did keep it on mode 2 most of the ride.

Herold D. (Brooklyn, NY)
Use Case: Commute from the bus to work and for errands and for fun.
The Horizon is Phenomenal

Wow, what a game-changer! I recently purchased the Fluid Horizon scooter and I'm absolutely blown away! This thing is a beast! The sleek design and vibrant color immediately caught my eye, but it's the performance that truly impresses. With its powerful motor and smooth handling, I feel like a pro gliding through the city streets. The ride is incredibly comfortable, even on rough terrain, thanks to the top-notch suspension. Plus, the battery life is phenomenal - I can cruise all day on a single charge! Whether I'm running errands or just having fun, this scooter never fails to put a smile on my face. If you're in the market for a new ride, look no further. The Fluid Horizon is definitely a total game-changer and worth every penny!

Randin G. (Las Vegas, NV)
Use Case: Gets me around different properties on the strip in Vegas.

I love the Nami Klima was a great investment. I use it mainly for riding out on the strip in Las Vegas gets me where i need to be in a timely fashion.

Wolf Warrior King GT Pro
Brandon.C (Weyburn, SK)
Use Case: Traveling to work
Great scooter

Absolutely love it. Great purchase and it arrived early.
Definitely a solid unit. Lots of power. Gear 5 is insane!!! Iv never felt so much Torque before. Has more then my track bike.

Fluid freeride has Great customer service and they reply right away. I highly recommend Fluid.


Works. Def better than the stock charger

fluid VISTA
Rene R. (San Antonio, TX)
Use Case: I use it just to go down the road to check my mail and also to pick up a meal at local restaurants nearby.
New Fluid Vista Scooter

It’s a nice. I had to figure out how to jump on it before taking off. I wouldn’t recommend this to an older person because it’s like getting on a wild bull. This scooter will take off so fast that you can get badly injured. I was a little scared to ride it at first because of the power it has. I’m 60 years old. The best way I’ve figured out to take off is put my right foot on the scooter and roll myself with my left foot and lean forward a little bit so it doesn’t pop a wheelie, then slightly accelerate. I wish there was a video tutorial on how to get on and ride. Also it rides very smoothly on flat pavement. But is a very rough ride on the road considering it has shock absorbers in the front and back.

Wolf Warrior King GT Pro
Carl J. (Schenectady, NY)
Use Case: I commute 8 miles (one way)from Fort Lee NJ to a construction site on the East Side of Manhattan
Second Wolf King

1) the folding mechanism would NOT engage, right out of the box, meaning the scooter could Not be ridden.Being familiar with design, I adjusted locking device but it became sloppy, so in order for it to actually work correctly I needed to file the receiver opening to allow for safe operation.
As you know this is the third Wolf Warrior I have purchased from you but the only time I had a problem with this component immediately.
This was frustrating.
2) the front brake either has air in the line and/or was shipped with low brake fluid.
The lever goes all the way to the hand grip.
I believe that you should send me some brake fluid to correct this and make my machine safe!

52V Fast Charger
Scott (Los Angeles, CA)
Faster Charging

You plug it in and it charges your scooter in half the time. Not that complicated. Great product does what it’s supposed to and worth the investment.

Michael O. (Grand Rapids, MI)
Use Case: Recreational
So far, great scooter for the money.

Just a quick background before info about the Horizon v2 (13Ah). My family (3 of us) have owned Macwheel MX Pro scooters for the past 3 years (since 2021). They are based on the Xiaomi 365 platform. These scooters have been bitter sweet. They provided second to none range in their price category but were not built well requiring periodic repairs. The MX Pro had a max speed of 15.5 mph (speed/gear 3). I could consistently acquire a range of about 19 to 21 miles at full speed with fairly flat terrain before the battery was depleted. At 9.5 mph (speed/gear 2) I could get up to 28 miles before the battery was depleted. The range was the only impressive part about this scooter. Check out electricscooterguide.com (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhCLaQvSY8g&t=370s) review for this scooter. It is very accurate.

I purchased 3 Hiboy S2 Pro scooters from Hiboy in hopes that they could replace the Macwheel scooters since 2 of the 3 Macwheel batteries went bad and Macwheel is out of business. The range of the S2 Pro was less than I had hoped for with a result of 14 miles total at 19 mph (top speed). Same conditions/route/terrain as the Macwheel. And only 22 miles total at 10mph. The S2 Pro's ride quality compared to the Macwheel was an improvement but still bumpy. I am selling the Hiboy scooters as Hiboy won't take them back.

I just received the Fluid Horizon V2 (13Ah) on March 19 2024. The Fluid Horizon is a noteworthy improvement in all categories compared to the before mentioned scooters, especially for the price. Speed, comfort, range and portability. I am about 180 lb. and 5'11. I was able to reach about 22 to 23 mph on level ground. So far on my first test run I was able to get about 20 miles of range going full speed. I haven't been able to test the full range at slower speeds due to poor/cold weather where I live. I attempted to test the range at 10 mph but I had to quit early due to the cold temps (32-34F). I did go a little over 20 miles when i quit the test. The battery indicator was flickering between 2 and 3 bars from empty out of a total of 6 bars. The voltage was around 44.5 volts yet. About 2/3 of the battery was used up leaving 1/3 left. I believe the Horizon would have made upper twenty something to thirty miles of range at 10 mph.

All in all I hope my results can shed some light on what is possible with the Horizon V2 (13Ah) scooter. Keep in mind I only have a couple runs with the Horizon but so far I am very impressed and optimistic. Great range, solid build, comfortable ride, speed, compact, etc, etc. Lot of bang for the buck. 👍

fluid CityRider
Kelvin M.
Use Case: Travel to work less the 5 miles away
Great city ridrt

20 out of 10 would buy more. Great quality Great product.

Wolf King GT Pro POS
Shamode T. (Miami, FL)

Very helpful great service flexible with the prices great customer service 👍

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