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Very fun scooter.

Model: Dual Motor
The other day I dropped off my car to get new tires. I could have taken half a day of PTO and sat around to wait for them to finish, or I could have taken the bus; 2 transfers and an hour later I would be at work. Instead I pulled the Wide Wheel out of my trunk and ~10 miles and 30 minutes later I was at work on time and with a smile on my face. Later in the day I took the scooter downtown to run an errand, something I would normally never do, due to traffic and parking difficulty. It was an easy fun trip on the Wide Wheel. I let the scooter charge the rest of the work day until it was time to pick up my car.
I would only suggest this scooter if you have access to trails/bike lanes or 2 lane streets with 30mph speed limits for most of your trips. You will probably feel uncomfortable on anything else, and motorists will be unhappy with you. If you do, I wholeheartedly recommended it, it’s a fun scooter.

-Holy torque, this thing gets up to speed quick. In stop sign to stop sign traffic you can keep up with cars.
-Fun to ride, it is very stable and turning has a cool carving feel to it.
-Looks cool, no small feat for a scooter.
-Good range, I think I would get around 15 miles at full throttle without running the battery super low. More if I dialed it back a bit. (180lb rider)
-Good suspension – It’s going to feel rougher than if you were biking over the same terrain, but its pretty good for such small diameter non-pneumatic tires. It’s easy and fun to do little jumps to avoid larger road obstacles.

-The max speed for me was 23 mph on level ground. I wish it were a little faster (+2-3 mph would be ideal). If it were, I would feel comfortable taking it on one lane roads with 30mph speed limits. As it is, I think I would get run off the road in those situations. Maybe if your area has kinder drivers you won’t have this concern. (180lb rider)
-Throttle response is poor from 0-25%, 50-100% feels much better. Makes it hard to co...

Nicely built

This machine is solid....Built for convenience and durability....I am currently dealing with rectifying an issue, thus not on the road yet. I will post another review.

Beyond Impressed

This scooter serves a purpose. To get you from Point A to Point B FAST and in style. I'm looking forward to an accessory lineup, parts and new scooters from Mercane. Peter is of great help as well. Thank you.

Solid machine. Great power

I'm using the wide wheel for my daily commute. I ordered the dual motor version, and it has plenty of power to make it up a few steep hills in my area. Much more powerful than the typical scooters.

I'd welcome a more intuitive control unit - a smartphone app would be ideal. Also, it would be helpful to be able to lock or otherwise disable the machine when parked.

Overall, strong and solid machine. Tight construction, great power, and easy to ride.

Tons of FUN but does need some minor improvements

Love the Wide Wheel. Having the dual 500w motors really makes a difference. It's so much fun to ride, even for a large guy like me (I'm over the recommended weight limit).
But it could be improved.
The display is not user-friendly. Takes time to get the timing right on long to push the 1 button, to get the option you want.
Would be nice to be able to change from Eco to Power while riding. I also purchased Mosquito Light & really like the controller display on it (can change power mode, shows speed, battery life, odometer, etc).
The headlight is bright but aiming needs to be adjustable so could light-up the path in front of you.
The cruise control function works but you're never sure if it has engaged or not.
Disc brake doesn't inspire confidence though it hasn't failed me yet, just would be nicer if it slowed down quicker.
The suspension works but would prefer a more travel.
Also would like it if the board deck was a little wider & longer.
Folding handles do fold but don't really stay folded due to cables.
I like how the brake light flashes when applied but the flashing only happens if headlight is on.
The mechanism used to be fold scooter down is a pain. I would carry it more but folding the scooter down takes too much time & it has been vibrated loose while riding. Make sure its tight.
The last improvement would be to the charging system. I think the power adapter could be incorporated into the deck, and just use a C13
connection cable (typical computer desktop power cable) to plug in. This would make it really easy to bring a charging cable with you (current power adapter is too bulky to haul with you).
It sounds like I'm complaining but really these are just minor issues & areas that could be improved. Overall it's a blast to ride. I can't imagine wanting to go faster than this can already go (when in full power mode). Very easy to learn to ride. The wide wheels work great and give you confidence in balancing. The dual motors are fan...

Hi Ty - thank you for your balanced review. You have very valid improvement suggestions there and we are always passing these along so we can get better for future versions. The one thing I do not agree with is your comment on the disc brake. Feedback has actually been very good and the brake's strength in combination with the wide tires make for a short braking distance. As every disc brake, it needs to be properly adjusted to be fully effective. I will send you a little video with some tips...
Wide wheel scooter.

Great scooter with great customer service. A1 support. The wide wheel is as advertised. Very fast and sturdy. Thank you again.

Great company, great scooter!

For the price, it's really hard to beat the performance and style. This thing moves my heavy self with no issue ( 225lbs ). The company is great and responsive. They genuinely care about a good customer experience and will go the extra mile to ensure your happiness and satisfaction. Order with confidence!

Best Scooter!

This scooter is the most stable electric scooter to ride. The wide wheels make it that way. It has the get up and GO you're looking for. I was amazed at the torque the first time I tried it. Charge times are a bit long but its lasts a long time. I got almost 19 miles out of the first charge. I do wish it had a digital display to see your speed and mileage. Overall a great experience with timely delivery of a very solid scooter.

Fantastic Smooth Ride!

This scooter exceeded my expectations. Fast, powerful acceleration; stable operation; long-lasting battery charge. Top kek!

Very powerfull indeed

Is haven’t been able to overide the speed limiter

Awesome scooter

Little hard to get it set to top speed .it does takes me 6 to 7 times trying this is after a couple month of owning it

Fun scooter

Very fast and fun to ride. Peter has great customer service 👍

Just Awesome

My whole experience with my new scooter was incredible. I love the scooter. It’s comfortable it’s smooth, incredible ride, awesome design, very quick, just plain bad ass! In addition the support, concern and knowledge that Peter provides is second to none. If you want a truly awesome ride and a phenomenal experience than Peter and Wide Wheel is the only choice!

Widewheel / Mosquito Light

Both arrived in good condition and operated as advertised. The widewheel is a lot of fun. My daughter really likes the Mosquito Light. Peter was very helpful throughout the ordering process by answering all my questions.

Great customer service

I had an issue with the grip tape and Peter emailed me right away to resolve it. I’m also a new to the scooter world and had asked him to call me because I had a few questions. Peter returned my call right away and answered any questions I had about the product. Overall my experience and support has been great!!

Widewheel is truly amazing!!!

So after countless articles and hours researching scooters, I landed in an article put out by electrek about this new scooter and how the wide wheel was on special price. I immediately went into their website, read the specs, looked at videos and ordered the dual motor. It came in within the week and I was ready to test it. Let’s just say this thing is solid and it’s weight is a testament of that. It’s not portable per day, at a hefty 45lbs but damn is it stable. After taking a tumble in the cheap foot powered Razor I was done with small and skimpy wheels.
After messing with the two speed settings, I finally ventured into the higher setting and OMG get ready to hold on cause it’s quick. Yeah 25mph might not feel fast in a car, but go ahead and do it on a scooter and then come back and write a review...yeah told ya so. Best purchase ever made and it’s a USA product, not counting the batteries which are quality products as well.
Fluid Free Ride, thank you for this amazing product :)

Love this scooter!

I purchased two of these scooters (dual motor for me, single motor for my wife). This scooter is so much fun. The acceleration is impressive. Hold on tight when you hit the throttle. The wide wheels give it a very stable ride. I feel like I’m on a snowboard as I glide across the asphalt. While the punchy throttle is exhilarating, it feels digital rather than analog. Either it’s on full power or it’s off. When I’m in an area with pedestrians and desire to go slower, I would prefer to push the throttle half way to go half speed. Instead, I have to do short intermittent bursts of the throttle. The speed and battery life comes as advertised. The scooter feels very solid with high quality. My wife and I have taken them out a dozen times and they are so much fun. People also often stare or even ask questions, as these aren’t your typical Lime/Bird rental scooters. These look cooler… they’re more powerful… they have dual suspension… I’m thrilled with my purchase.

Great scooter, not great documentation

-Feels sturdy and very well built
-Very powerful, basically is able to get me to the limit of what I'd feel comfortable with on a scooter
-Very stable ride, can go through uneven/rough roads with no problem

-Documentation is not great. When I initially got it and plugged it in, the charger wouldn't light up. After emailing, I was told this was normal on the first charge, but this was nowhere in the manual
-Some of the smaller build quality details are not great. The charge port cover on mine, for example, fell off in 3 days and I had to glue it back on
-It's definitely on the heavy side, but I knew that coming in

Customer service

Peter was beyond helpful in answering all my questions after I ordered my scooter.

Powerful scooter

I've had the scooter about a week and it's by far the best and most powerful I've owned. It handles all the hills in my area with ease (I have dual motor version). It takes some time to get use to the wide wheels, turning raduis, and the speed because it is very fast. I returned a different model scooter and I am more than happy with the wide wheel, it's really awesome, fun, and crazy powerful.
Peter is awesome
Thanks again

Best looking scooter on the market

Great looking scooter fast the display/interface could use some work but overall it’s well worth the money.

Dual motor wide wheel scooter

Quality product, construction. Plenty of power for dual 500 watt motor. The price is also very competitive. The no flat tires and swingarm suspension make for a stable ride. Easily climbs up my steep driveway. The speed limiter can be unlocked. I left the kick and go settings since it’s safer. This avoids accidentally hitting the throttle. I left it an eco mode as well since there’s too much power in the acceleration. I haven’t tested the full range yet. I’m happy with this purchase and shipping was fast .

Like going from a Chrysler to a Lamborghini...

So this is my fourth electric scooter, including models from Eco Reco, Swagtron, and the M365. By far blows the others out of the water. They feel like toys compared to this thing. I have the dual motor version, weigh 220 lbs, and this is the only scooter that can get me up significant hills. Without breaking a sweat. It is super quiet compared to the others and is so much more powerful that you never feel it is straining. I enabled the full speed mode and have gotten up to almost 30mph. And everyone who sees it wonders if it is the younger sibling of the Batmobile.

Making tight turns on it requires leaning, more like a skateboard, than my other scooters. And it takes some getting used to, but once you do, watch out.

Battery life has been awesome, I would guess at least twice as much as the next best one I have, and easily three times as much as the Swagtron, even traveling at full speed. Cruise control is a nice touch.

Two things I wish - that it had a speedometer, and that the brake could be switched out for hydraulic. That would be the cherry on top.

Awesome awesome awesome awesome scooter. I am never going back.

First Week Report

Dual motor version offers excellent quality, great speed. Disc brake is effective.
The only issue is a sudden jump in acceleration right after takeoff. This happens in both high and low power modes. Not sure if this is an issue for everyone or its just my speed control.

So far about 300 Miles in NYC (160lb)

1. Torque
2. Goes faster than most delivery ebikes
3. Wide tires are great on snow and rain
4. Conquered all the hills I’ve tested
5. Front and Rear LED lights
6. Medium to High Quality Parts
7. Fair price (would pay more to cancel cons)
8. Stealthy

1. No display or smartphone integration
2. Dual motor version does not come with dual brakes
3. Very stiff suspensions and not adjustable
4. Does not have quick release battery
5. Handle bar stem is slightly wobbly
6. Twisting mechanics to fold scooter
7. Wish each motors were at least 750w or 1000w
8. No regenerative braking

Great for daily use and would buy again.