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Linda H. (Washington, United States)
Best customer support service for all your PEV needs!!

I had bought the Nami and received my first one with some problems as that will usually happen with a new product and being part of the first batch shipment. Some of the issues were caused by shipping (FedEx) and their delivery service but FFR had fixed the shipping issues by shipping their boxes on pallets.

I had received my 2nd Nami replacement in better condition yet still had some issues with my Nami and parts. I was surprised that customer support was very quick to aid in help and sending my concerns to the right person and department within 24hrs.

I had the pleasure of receiving help from the mechanic Jay and he was spot on with the problems I was having. He had went above and beyond with his support and service and had recorded and sent videos to help show me a visual on how to fix the problems I was having.

I am a very busy individual but Jay had made sure to keep checking back with me and making sure to get in contact with me at my convenience.

FFR has the best agents, and mechanics that I have spoken with and they are some of thee most friendly and up to beat individuals.

If your looking for a high-end scooter with some of the best customer service to help aid you in person or over the phone. Look no further because these are the guys!

Thank you again for your assistance Jay! 👍

-James Rodriguez

Ka H.L. (New York, United States)
Very happy with the purchase

Excellent customer service, personally contacted via text from a customer service representative for my inquiries. Not only did they solve my shipping carrier concern and allowed the shipment to switch from fedex to ups; but also, they gave me a discount! The product itself is phenomenal, it is just the perfect package for my NYC commutes. I have put 30 miles on it so far and many more to come! Thanks fluid!

WideWheel PRO
Christopher C. (New York, United States)
Amazing Scooter

I love this scooter , it’s a beautiful thing and built with quality. I feel completely safe when riding it , the frame is so sturdy and the base and wheels are wide . Moves fast , ride is smooth , and I feel secure on it. I definitely would recommend purchasing this one , you won’t regret it.

WideWheel PRO
Cameron G.

I waited a few weeks to give this scooter a review. It’s super fun, it rips, I feel safe on it, I’m super happy with my purchase!

David V. (New York, United States)
Nami exceeds all my expectations

I picked up my Nami from Fluidfreeride in Brooklyn,NY
Greg and the fine mechanics over there tuned my scooter perfectly before pickup. I upgraded to PMT tires along with new handlebars, grips , and a damper. I rode this scooter for 15 miles in the sun and 4 miles in the rain and I must say it handle any conditions very well. This is a first batch unit which I am still very satisfied with but I expect the next batches to get better and better. I give FFR 5 stars across the board for there excellent staff, service and knowledge of scooters. Highly recommended.

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Jason w. (Ontario, Canada)
love the ride

is an awesome scooter and thanks for the fluid free ride. the service is good

Frank C. (Florida, United States)
Amazing so far

Chose the horizon 13 for my first scooter and although I have only put 45 miles on it, its been perfect! Absolutely no issues and whatever questions I had were promptly answered by customer service . Definitely would recommend

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Benjamin M. (Bavaria, Germany)
Scam don’t buy

This scooter was crowd funded through 3 different sites and never delivered to the initial investors that prepaid. Don’t support their products and lower your expectations on if they will even delivered what you paid for.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11
Cooper (Nevada, United States)
Awesome ride

I absolutely love this machine. Such a joy to ride.

Phone Holder for Handlebar
Walter B. (Rhode Island, United States)
Phone holder

Nice I like it

Jose C. (New York, United States)

Is Fantastic

Daniel V. (Florida, United States)
Amazing scooter and great customer service!

Got this thing around 3 days ago and still can't get off it. Incredible power and thanks to the Sine Wave controllers it's all smooth and manageable no matter what power mode you are in. This scooter will be unlike any other you will see for sale. Most of the parts/display are totally new on a scooter and I've never seen on any other scooter and everything works great. This massive battery got me around 60 miles of range going 30-40mph but if you ride crazy you'll still get around 50 miles of range. This is one of the only scooters out there to have amazing lights, IP55 water resistance rating, and it even comes with two 2.8A chargers so there's no need for a fast charger. After adjusting the suspension as shown on the Electric Scooter Guide first look video the scooter feels Incredibly stable even at top speed. Trust me when I say that this is the most fun you can purchase right now. This combined with FluidFreeRide's amazing service (I live right around their Miami store) I honestly couldn't have made a better purchase.

WideWheel PRO
frederick l. (District of Columbia, United States)
So far so good

Thing is scary fast first time user

So I love the thrill..have to get the hang of

The turns but I look forward to that.

It's not really a good commuter bike if your

Commute involves a lot of stairs. But for a get out there an just have fun on a perfect day..this is the scooter to look

Cool af doing so.

Scooter Helmet
Phillip B. (New York, United States)
Access to everything Fluidride

If you’re in the market for an electric scooter? Fluidride is your number one answer. Great scooters knowledgeable staffs, availability is endless on parts, easy drop offs and pickup location for any repairs . When it comes to scooter experience, Fluidride is a positive relationship. Would recommend to anyone 100%

Kirk E. (Idaho, United States)

Love it, been my daily commuter for work. 10miles each way. Nothings come loose besides the handlebars like to undo a little bit. I do ride a bumpy back road though. This is my first scooter, so I cant compare to others. But it tops out at 24mph I'm around 170 lbs. This dies down fast as the battery is drained. It goes around 12miles on full throttle, and around 20 if I work between 1 and 2. I do enjoy the gears tho and everything does seem solid.

APOLLO Explore
Ross V. (Washington, United States)
Best Commuter Value

The Apollo Exlore is an excellent commuter option. Way less expensive than a car, faster than public transit (in Seattle anyway), faster than a bike plus no sweating, and even cheaper and faster than an electric bike. I average 45 minutes on my 11 mile commute, which would take 1:15 on a regular bike. The Explore will seriously do 30 mph on a flat surface and even at that max speed the suspension soaks up bumps no problem. I'm not a fan of the trigger throttle, but if you put the regenerative brake at higher settings it will basically provide a hard stop so you don't need to try and keep your other right hand fingers on the brake. This thing is just as powerful, smooth, and fast as they advertise. Would highly recommend.

Cheryl M. (Oregon, United States)
Fun, Fun, Fun!

I bought two scooters for my wife and I to zip around town on the weekends and they are a blast to ride. We’ve put about 70 miles on them in two weekends. They seem very well built, sturdy and are several times better than rental scooters. My only complaint is that the handlebars comes loose after a bit and you have to tighten them again. It takes one second, literally, so it’s rather minor. For an entry level, reasonably priced scooter this is a big win.

APOLLO Explore
Sedat A. (Kentucky, United States)

APOLLO Explore

Kaabo MANTIS - fluid Edition
T.L. (Wisconsin, United States)
Amazing scooter. Amazing customer service!

Absolutely blown away from the quality and speed of the Mantis Pro, couldn't imagine needing anything more. Also have to give a huge shout out to their customer service, spoke personally with a representative who was amazingly helpful and professional. I don't do many reviews but felt I needed to give credit where credit was due. Amazing job fluidfree!!

Kaabo MANTIS 8
Oscar M. (California, United States)
Kaabo MANTIS 8

I wanted to feel like a kid again...and with this scooter really takes me back to the days when we were so young and innocent and didn't know about adulting!!! I am now 38 years old and absolutely love this scooter. My wife says I look special but she is just hating lol. I take this scooter to the bank and do small errands. I am about 210 pounds and I have pushed this scooter to about 30 MPH. Battery life is great. I ride it in the highest setting and do about 9 miles with plenty of power left over when I get back home and be an adult lol. This scooter really is a thrill. I already want to get the wolf so i can go FASTER!!!!!!!!! "I WANT TO GO FAST" "IF YOU AINT FIRST YOUR LAST"

Walter B. (Rhode Island, United States)
Fluid horizon

Scooter is very cool - way more powerful and high quality than I was expecting…. My first electric scooter probably not my last!

Nathan Z. (Oregon, United States)
Best Scooter Ever

This is one of the best scooters I have bought, I did a long range test and got 20 miles from the 13Ah one going full speed with some stops and hills, I live this scooter and can’t wait to go further with it!

Update 1: I’m still loving the scooter and almost have 100 miles on it! There is some problems that I’ve came across 1 on some big bumps the bell will ring and 2 the suspension is to strong and I want to loosen it up a bit.

APOLLO Explore
Grace K. (Illinois, United States)
Amazing Vehicle

I love being able to go 30mph+. I definitely feel a safer being able to ride in the car lane on small city streets (with a full-face helmet and high-viz gear) because I don't worry about being door-ed. Cars seem to let me take up the space once they see I can keep up with the traffic. Overall, it seems very sturdy. I did a ton of research and I'm very happy with my purchase.

WideWheel PRO
Brian S. (California, United States)
Wonderful power

I love my new wide wheel pro it’s super quick and fun to ride around the city on!!

60V Electric Scooter Fast Charger
Brian G. (Idaho, United States)

60V Electric Scooter Fast Charger