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Throttle Upgrade

Recently, I upgraded the throttle on my WWP. The process was easy and the new throttle gives you much more control.

Dope escooter

We really like it and love to ride... but need a thumb throttle... we are hoping someone will make one.

Awesome scooter

Super fast acceleration. Great scooter

This thing is a monster... I love it!

Smooth ride, fast acceleration, great breaks.
Only issue is a wish you could fold the handlebar

A-1 customer support fast shipping

Ordered parts for my widewheel pro fluidfreerides has everything you need that keep your scooter up an running quick shipping excellent customer service thanks for the great support


Great product! Fast shipping!

Power mode, i call it beast mode.

Tackling the bike trails of anchorage ak. Uphill down hill, no problem. It does get the job done. Awesome scooter...

Power, power, and more power

As a first time scooter owner, I’m impressed with the power output of these small machines! I really love the acceleration, range, and overall build quality of the WW Pro. My only concern is the turning since it’s not as smooth as traditional 2-3 inch tires. Other than the turning, this thing is amazing (especially with the seat upgrade)!

Looks great. And good quality!

Great quality on the material. And the design is a cool GPS map. And it certified. It does its job

Happy with my purchase

First, the positives.

1. Many of the reviews I watched stated that the acceleration was a bit much for beginners. I would disagree. This scooter's acceleration, though reasonably quick, is smooth and should not be intimidating for a beginner. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that it didn't give me the rush I was hoping for but its still quick enough to be fun. Good acceleration, I believe, is a plus as it lends to more stable starts. And the top speed of 17 - 20 in eco is perfect. It pulls hills like a champ!

2. The braking, though a little rough during brake in, works well. The wider tires seem to grip well and give the scooter more than sufficient stopping ability.

3. The console and controls are nice. The console is easy to navigate and easy to read even in bright sunlight. I like the thumb throttle. It is placed perfectly and the grips are nice. Brake levers are good.

4. The suspension, when I bounce up and down on the deck does work although it was a little squeaky during break in. I'm glad I have it, however, as the ride is pretty rough as it is. I can't imagine what the ride would be like without it. This may not seem like a positive but I certainly wouldn't want to be without it (more on suspension and ride later).

5. Its nice to have lights. I like the placement of the headlight high on the stem. Though the light is a bit weak, its nice to be visible and to be able to see what's coming up on the surface of the road. I would like to have a little more light as this scooter has the speed to come up on things pretty quickly. I would be cautious about riding at night on roads or surfaces that aren't smooth or that you don't know well enough to anticipate the bumps on. I like the rear light and the fact that if flashes when braking. It's a little slow to react to braking, however.

6. I tested the range and was impressed that it kept its acceleration and speed for an 18 mile ride. It climbed hills well and it had charge left so I'm confident it will make 20 - 22 miles as advertised.

7. I really like the looks of this scooter. To be completely honest, it was one of the main reasons this scooter stayed on my purchase list.

8. This scooter was delivered quickly. No one wants to wait for a shiny new toy.

Now for the things that concern me.

1. The number one complaint I have is the rough ride. The small wheels make every bump reach my teeth and shake my vision. I have to ride with my knees bent or it rattles my brain unless I am on an ultra smooth surface which surprises me since it seems to have pretty good suspension. Again, I would hate to be without it. Unfortunately, I haven't found too many ultra smooth riding routes yet. The first time I rode it, I learned I needed to time a bounce on the deck to rebound and lighten shock of uneven sidewalk cracks, my driveway approach, etc. The first time I rode into my driveway which has about a 3/4" bump, I thought I may have broken the scooter. I thought the suspension would have taken the bump but it felt like I hit a curb. I just jump over it (and pretty much every other bump) using the rebound of the suspension now. My legs get a pretty good workout on longer rides.

3. The throttle doesn't seem to have variable speed. Its like it either on or off so if I don't want to ride at top speed, I have to keep hitting and releasing the throttle. That being the case, I haven't even tried the cruise control. It would be nice to be able to set a speed that I could ride on our river path at a pace my wife is comfortable with. In stead, I have to constantly push and release the throttle.

4. As I stated above, I wish it had a brighter headlight. The scooter is quick enough that it would be easy to come up on a treacherous crack or bump and not have a lot of time for evasive or proactive action (jump). I also wish it had side visibility lights to protect me from vehicles approaching from the sides.

5. I've noticed that the nut used to secure the handle bar stem works loose on longer rides and needs to be periodically retightened especially if the route isn't very smooth.

6. Lastly, the bell is comical. I think I'll just pull it off and toss it. I will probably find another option.

Overall, I really enjoy riding my Wide Wheel Pro. I get lots of comments. Its a great looking scooter. This is a great way to get around.

Loving it, it’s built for excitement.

Great investment for a first time scooter buyer.

🛴 review

When the delivery person delivered the scooter he said I'm going to Love it.
He was only problem is I had to leave it for 3 weeks. I had work in New York. Lol
But I'm on my way home now !!
Great Scooter !!

Excellent Must-have for the Wolf Warrior!

Fast Charger that cuts my charging time down more than half and allows me to ride more!

Awesome scooter

Fast acceleration comparing to my xiomi m365 cuz thats what i had before, looks like its built well, the only thing am not a fan of is the collar mechanism to fold down the stem for transportation i wish there was a quicker solution

Got 2 and the pro se

They are quality made!
I will definitely recommend them AAA scooter and seller backs them up.

Wolf Warrior 11 Review (1+ year experience)

I love it. The freedom of mobility it provides (going from sidewalks, to bike lanes, to roads, to off road), at the speeds it provides, is unmatched. Of course, you got to be an excellent driver if you're going to ride this thing responsibly. It's definitely not for everyone. Riding this thing to work and back for a combined 10 mile travel time has sharpened my driving skills for sure, but the learning curve is significant, especially if you have no experience using an electric scooter before using this. Got to take it slow and put in the time to familiarize yourself with the Wolf Warrior and the various types of road conditions you'll face, before you start getting loose and crank up the speed. Lots of fun. Worth a buy if you're looking to ride a cool-looking monster on a wide variety of terrain.


Very happy with the purchase. The cooter is very solid with great speed and performance. I did notice a slight clicking sound at top speed but does not seem to affect the performance of the scooter. Overall great experience. Thank you

The best of the five Ive owned in 15 years

Ive had so many different forms of transportation in my life. Many have been more recreational than actually functional. This Inokim OX can be a great recreational scooter. A great weekend fun ride. HOWEVER, this is not just a recreational "toy". It is solid safe substantial transportation to commute to work, run errands, visit friends AND be a weekend warrior. I've had two electric and two gas scooters. This is by far the best. Smooth. Rides like a cloud. Stops on a dime. Very safe and visible lighting system. Wear a helmet no matter how safe you feel. Customer support is personal and prompt. Trust me, you wont be disappointed. If something is not right, they will make it right. The accessories are perfect. This takes you almost to the top of the electric scooter world. I may have to try other models. I'm not a little guy and this unit FLYS FAST. I cant tell you enough, this is not a toy. It is transportation. Well done FluidFreeRide. You did good. When you own an Inokim OX, you make friends. EVERYBODY wants to see it and ride it, and I let them. Scooters build bridges and make friends

Great scooter and service from ffr of Florida.

Great scooter good off road and on, I love the extra wheel of power when you need it. The deck lighting is great but I still added a headlight. The antilock brakes are awesome and it is my preference in scooters. Acceleration is quick and nimble. I keep it set in 2nd gear, 1 wheel drive most times. I would use both motors and the 3rd gear if I wanted to launch into outer space if you catch my drift. Good scooter, solid name brand. I am in south Florida so I have good support available close by if I need it. Edgar was great working with me helped me find the appropriate scooters.

Awesome BEAST.

Extremely happy with my Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11, my expectation has been greater than I thought. I love my Wolf Warrior and extremely impressed. Thank you guys as well .

I received my WidewheelPro last week but the only thing in the box was the scooter and it's packaging. I was missing the charger, instruction manual, tools, and rear shock covers. I immediately contacted Fluidfreeride and informed them of the missing items. John from customer service was able to address my issues and they sent me out the missing items via usps. The missing items must have been at fault by the factory during its packaging. Other than that they have great customer service which is important now adays. I would definitely purchase from them again if I was in the market for another scooter.

widewheel Pro

Great, carry it in my car one hour to Sausalito Marina use it to get 300 yards to boat along boat floating dock, lift it on my boat. Sail to Angel Island. Permitted on island because it is concerted a PERSONIAL EMISSION FREE MOBLE DEVICE. It's a 5.5 mile round trip, with many hills. Some very steep. NO Problem.

SF Hills

I'm 78 yrs old and still working full time as a dentist, have had motorcycles and have an E-Bike on the way, decided to give E-Scooters a try to keep me occupied until it arrives. Got the Segway 9 Bot 1st, but not enough power for SF hills.......the E-Bike delayed another month or so , decided to try the Wide Wheel that I have read so much about......Wow! Does not disappoint, eats up hilly SF streets, such power. A pity the top speed not higher...... LL

Strongly recommend

Everything went very smooth. Great company to deal with!

its very gd scooter to ride on and fun as long u have pans on u r very safe u can take it anywhere and u can buy it for ur kids