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The Scooter is Great Customer service is Greater!

I purchased the dual motor widewheel and I Love it! What I love most about it is where I bought it from. Peter and team have done an amazing job keeping me in the loop with tips, updates and recalls...they send parts quick and provide very good tutorials on how to replace parts. Great Team to buy from! Appreciate the updates and support guys!

Highly recommend this Mantis Pro

This scooter is everything I hoped it would be. Built well with an extremely fast smooth ride. So far, I love everything about it. Highly recommend!

Rear fender extender

Easy to install, works well.

250Km Review

Hi all, reached the first 250Km on my Fluid Freeride Mantis, base model, light motors, 10x2.5 tires.

Mantis is a fantastic machine. I'm 8Km away from work including 3Km of hilly busy city roads.
My main concern was coping with traffic on those 3Km. I have to say Mantis is perfect for that, DUAL mode engaged and it has more that enough power and speed to flow with traffic. Having enough speed and climbing power is a security requirement for me and i feel i made the right choice each time i ride the Mantis.

The UPsides:
- Performance. Great dynamics, fantastic acceleration and power, good range;
- Stability, there's something solid and stable about riding the Mantis;
- Smooth ride and simultaneously very powerfull, it makes you confortable using the power;
- Slow speed manouvers are also easy to manage using some finesse on the accelerator;
- Great looks, stealthy black, ellegant badass scooter;
- Acceptable weight and portability for a performance scooter;
- Not too expensive comparing to other performance scooters;
- Ah, yes, performance;
- Have i mentioned performance enough?

The Downsides:
- Small bolts (head) tend to damage with use;
- Few maintenance information: It would be great to have a maintenance chart on Mantis initial documentation. For example, as any other scooter i think the stem bolt should be inspected and replaced from time to time and this kind of information is missing;
- The deck is vulnerable to water, adding some silicone to seal it up is an frequent option;
- My Mantis has the first motors and design, newest versions have some changes, some might prefer the latest version available;
- Seems to me the rear brake cable is forced to bend too much when the stem is folded.
- Some edges on the stem holes can be a bit sharp for the cable casing if you fold the scooter very frequently, additional padding is wise move;

The Mantis is a fantastic performer and an absolute joy to ride. This scooter enables you to ride with authority on bike lanes, street, roads, hills... everywhere.
The Mantis has some few design rough edges but the upsides are overwelming, what a fantastic power scooter. I look forward to my commuting time everyday.
About motor versions: "Light" motor is faster but with lower heating resistance, the newest "heavy" motor has lower top speed, little more torque and higher heating resistance. Those who always prefer the newest versions, like me, might prefer the heavy motors but i don't feel any real issues using the light one, has plenty of torque, doesn't heat too much on my commute and i do have the extra speed. Thumbs up!

I'm thankful to FluidFreeride for the great costumer support and hard work getting my Mantis delivered. The shipment was complex and troubled due to the X-mas/new years frenzy, but we kept exchanging information and always felt insurance about the final result: delivered. FF also generously offered additional assessories for the shipment issues, having this beyond duty type of costumer care makes all the difference, thank you.

Great machine, great costumer support, highly recommendable... thank you all.

Everything I had hoped for. Very solid and performs well. Best bang for the buck.

Powerful scooter with awesome style

Very attractive looking scooter and the instant pick-up from the twin motors is really impressive. Note that this is not a light piece of kit: it's heavy duty and (while it can be carried) it's not lightweight.
Great service from the folks at Fluid Free Ride.

Works well for scooting around show grounds

Bought this scooter to get around horse show grounds quickly. Works great in dust/sandy paths. One suggestion: the acceleration is a bit too fast! It is NOT possible to go slow on this thing!

Fender extender

Received the free splash guard from fluidfree. Thank you. I wish Fluidfree WW Pro had the on off key. I understand Apollo WW Pro comes with the key. In one of the pics For WW Pro on the Fluidfree ad it shows the key but it is not on their Pro. But love the scooter overall.

Fantastic power scooter!

The Mantis is the perfect blend of low weight with powerful motors. The engendered steering makes the scooter feel light and nimble at low and high speeds. It feels light and maneuverable at sub 10mph just like a smaller scooter and rock solid at 40mph without any of the twitchy tendency’s other scooters in this class have. It’s also at the perfect price point. I like the hook for the stem when it’s folded down. This keeps it from swinging around. The size of the Mantis is perfect for RV’ers that want a compact mode of transportation that can travel at normal road speeds but takes up a small amount of space. The suspension is great for a person of my weight (190lb). It’s smooth and eats up the bumps. I could go on and on. What are you waiting for? Just buy one!

Smooth ride

Bought a Widewheel to my kids.
Both they and I are very pleased with it.

Great Scooter!

I love this scooter!

Great scooter, fast shipping

I had concerns about the ride on airless tires, but it is totally smooth. This scooter is powerful, stable, and well made. I use it for commuting on city roads, and it works great. The battery holds plenty of charge.

Awesome ride in San Francisco

I live in San Francisco with lots of hills not many scooters can handle going up them all, but this mercane can fly up these hills like nothing. The torque may be a bit sensitive so be wary when accelerating in the beginning. Other than that I would recommend this scooter to anyone I know that would want to get one.

Great for commuting!

I get to and from work with this scooter every day, now. It has cut way down on our gas expenses and it fold up small enough that I never have to worry about parking. I also found that if you extend the handlebars about 4 inches, the scooter will stand straight up supported by placing its back wheel and handlebars on the ground.

Widewheel is an amazingly fun product, even better customer service

I've had the WideWheel for about 3 months and use it as a daily commuting vehicle. Although I have had some manufacturing issues, the FluidFreeRide customer support (shout out to Adam) has been so amazing that even if you do have product issues, I am confident their support team will make it right.

Highly recommend buying a Widewheel scooter, specifically from Fluidfreeride. I will be a loyal customer for any accessories or additional scooters because of their service.

Woaw effect

The torque is so much fun on this Scooter, every people who tried mine said only one word first time they pressed the torque "WOOW"..
Overall solid build Scooter with a great comfort and torque.
Not to be compare with the cheaper scooters like Hiboy or the segways.

Only downside so far is really the weight, it is quite heave to carry.

Great scooter! I love it so far!!

It's a great scooter and perfect for me. I love it so far.
The company's response was so lightening after my complaint about the cockpit issue. They sent a replacement part right away.
Thank you Fluidfreeride.

Jin from NYC

Love it

I did alot of comparisons with other high end scooters before buying the Mantis. Haven't had it long but so far living up to expectations!

WideWheel Rear Fender Extender



Great company

When I received the scooter I was really impressed with the build, except I was missing some handlebar support screws. I sent an email, and within a couple days received what I needed. Great customer support,
Thank You! Love the scooter

great scooter

the design and the ride is great, my only issue was the battery ans the range I was getting. I think I got a defective battery but that happens. The fluid guys work it out with me and after a few tests to the scooter the agree to replace it with other scooter. I end up grading it for a mantis.

Great piece

lock works great, the only problem I got is the holder that comes with a cheap straps and after few days of used eventually will break and chances are you may loose the lock. Lock it self does the job.

Excellent Fun ~ Loving My New Wide Wheel !!

Been a while since I rode a gas powered scooter so getting up to speed was fast and easy for me. This is strictly for fun for and for me Quick and Fast is fun. I ride in full power mode and no kick start just hit the accelerator and go. I've gone 11 plus miles on mostly full throttle and get down to two bars of battery power and at this point I loose a few MPH top speed but still performs well. I've hit 26 mph and passed a speed trap machine at 27 while the Wide Wheel shows 26. Good performance as far as I'm concerned. After letting off at full throttle it has a slight hesitation before the power hits again which when slowing for a turn takes a little getting used to. Straight line stability is excellent tight turns are a challenge at speed but I'm getting it down. Braking is very good, I adjusted mine a little tighter than stock and practice emergency stops, just lean back a grab both brakes and it stops quickly and predictably.
I executed a fairly tight left turn at the end of a cul de sac with my left (front) foot off and the rear slid out somewhat predictably, I was a little surprised but it was pretty cool too. No crashes yet, I wear a full face Troy Lee Designs D3 down hill bike helmet with 100% goggles this is great protection. I wear Jeans hiking boots, neoprene knee pads under my jeans and good motocross gloves. Turning is challenge under power but like anything else, just takes practice to master.
This is a well built little rocket and for the money it's well worth the fun I'm having. Checked all the hardware to make sure nothing is coming loose. So far all is tight. kinda curious if power and battery capacity will improve with a little time ? Not sure if this would be my first choice for a tight busy city commute but it's awesome for acceleration and just plain fun. I love my Wide Wheel !!


This thing FLIES !!
unreal is the word that comes to mind. And, I haven't even been in the third gear yet! A few words about the brakes. Holy crap! There is definitely braking power! I now know, first hand, this is NOT an entry level scooter. And I will need some more time on it to become more familiar with the unit. Again, WOW, what a thrill!