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fluidfreeride Customer Reviews

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MANTIS V2 - fluid Edition
Larry H. (Quakertown, PA)
Use Case: Fun
Great scooter

Happy with my new scooter. No problems at all. Lot’s of power.

My new Wolf King Gt Pro

Awesome scooter and great price for an almost new looking refurbished scooter. Fast shipping and was received in good condition and well packaged. Thank you Fluidfreeride for the Awesome deal love my new Wolf king gt pro.

fluid CityRider
Steve (San Francisco, CA)
Use Case: Last mile commute
Upgrade from Ninebot

Great quality construction. The battery on this fluidfreeride is easily replaceable and the quality of the parts are great. It's much more maintainable so that was the main selling point for me compared to all the other similar spec scooters. For example the Ninebot F30, it's basically impossible to replace the battery or find replacement parts.

Mantis King GT
Dustin (St Louis, MO)
Use Case: fun and commuting
Amazingly Quick

I've only just received it and haven't had time to do a full review, but it'll definitely do 40+ mph. I appreciate the brake lights. I really want to do more miles on it to get a better appreciation on its performance and long term reliability but its build quality is top notch.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
High Security Folding Lock
Edison I. (Brooklyn, NY)

Good size

11" Never-Flat Street Tire
James G.I. (Rockville, MD)
One Greqt Oder

They Fufilled this order correctly — then I ordered something else the next week and it never came!! SMH— I and got AI Email responses promising to reach out — I guess the bot took vacation with my product-- just canceled the new order 🤣

freehand Phone Holder
Anthony G. (Mesa, AZ)
Great phone holder

Phone holder is great quality and nice style. My only issue is that if your phone has a headphone jack at the top, it will be covered up by the phone holder and so Bluetooth headphones may be best. Other than that I love not having to dig in my pockets to access my phone and change songs. Great quality product.

fluid VISTA
Jonathan B. (Denver, CO)
Use Case: Commuting
Rock solid, love the big solid tires with great suspension

My geography (Topeka, Kansas, USA) is notorious for holing pneumatic tires, so I sought and found the e-scoot with the largest solid tires known (10"x3"), which is my FFR Vista. And it is marvelous. It has a suspension which makes it practical at its full speed (34.5 MPH on straightaway) on public roads (and I'm not going to talk about Topeka roads)! And it's a wonderful solid build overall, very steady rider. Its overall form factor is a bit different than I have been used to, a bit shorter and wider foot area, but if it was longer its portability would suffer quite a lot. It is heavier than many, but again, I'll think that's needed for the stability, for that marvelous suspension. Well done folks.

Awesome purchase

Used but in pristine condition. Fast and quick, Quiet and smooth. Saved money 💰 🤑


Amazing scooter! Highly recommend. Fast free shipping.

Vista Battery 60V 21Ah
J.R.W. (Muscle Shoals, AL)
Im a DAV and a photographer. This scooter gave me mobility!

With my legs damaged from my time in the USAF, I cant walk as far as I'd like. This scooter takes me places that I just cant walk to! I didnt think I would like this so much, Now I ride it just for fun!


Great scooter. Quick shipment. Highly recommend!

fluid VISTA
Jay L. (Miami Beach, FL)
Use Case: Going everywhere.

It's absolutely amazing. Very quick and fast. Love the kingsong app also. I think I'm going to start posting YouTube videos of me riding. Had the cityrider and got this upgrade less than a month later.

It's a really good escooter. Some scooters come with a 10-inch tubed tire, and those are a pain to deal with. The Nami Burn-E2 MAX comes with an 11-inch tubeless tire, which I like. I dislike mounting tubes to small tires.

60V Fast Charger
CHRISTOPHER L. (Mississauga, ON)

The charger works great! Being able to charge to 80 - 90 or 100 is a game changer! And also being able yo select different charge rates is great! I hope it will last a long time.

MANTIS V2 - fluid Edition
Loreen Z. (New York, NY)
Use Case: Riding to work and around town

MANTIS V2 - fluid Edition

Wolf Warrior GT Pro
jim (Olivehurst, CA)
Wolf King GT pro & Wolf GT pro

I got the Wolf Warrior GT pro and Wolf King GT pro and have been riding them for over a year got them last summer , never had a problem still going strong , very stable at high speed , dont need a steering damper works great as is, this is my long range scooter very fun can go anywhere even the steepest hills no problem, big and heavy though , I usually ride them from home , sometimes I transport them in my van to explore other trails, I think these are some bad @ss scooters! you wont be disappointed.

Hardshell Bag For Wolf Warrior
jim (Olivehurst, CA)
Wolf bag completes the look

if you own a Wolf Warrior this bag adds a nice touch , your scooter is not complete without this nice quality bag, to carry essential items , like extra snacks , small tools , first aid , wallet keys, etc

HORIZON Front Tire
David R. (Santa Ana, CA)

HORIZON Front Tire

11" Street Tire
Shayne D. (Neenah, WI)
Nothing but the Best

I ride a Wolf Warrior GT that I purchased on-line from Fluid last December and it arrived as they stated which happened to be on my birthday which at my age I don't celebrate to hard anymore. But last December I was kid again . Everything arrived in perfect condition, easy to assemble.
Haven't stopped riding since, infact haven't put one dollar of gas in the vehicle although I have had to purchase a new tire and talked with a Rep. On-line who sent me a link for the exact tire in needed so easy and hassle free.
I'm about to order my third scooter not sure which one yet, but I know that it's with Fluid.

Thanks again everyone at Fuild.

Shayne D.

NAMI BURN-E 2 MAX - Open Box & Refurbished
Chris K. (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
E2 max

Awsome ride in every way. Cant stay off the thing.

For the price I got it it's unbeatable. Love these little scooters too much.

11" Street Tire
Kay (San Jose, CA)
Fantastic Company!

These guys/gals knock it out of the park. Grand slam! Cheers!

High Security Folding Lock
Carla M. (Wellsville, NY)
Stress Free

I bought this lock because my boyfriend has the exact same one and when we go to the city we were locking our scooters together and it was a pain so I bought my own so we can lock them up separately. It is a great lock and I won’t have to worry about my scooter being stolen. It is heavy duty. It really does take the stress away and I won’t worry about my scooter getting stolen while I am in a restaurant eating or something like that.

8.5" Inner Tube
Gideld B. (Brooklyn, NY)
Fast service

As always Peter went above and beyond his call of duty. Thanks Pete

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