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Best scooter ever

Love it.

Good scooter - a few issues

Overall this is a very good scooter. The power and brakes are especially good. The user interface could/should definitely be improved, and neither the suspension or user interface are comparable to the turbowheel lightning, which costs about $400 more. weighs 25 lbs more, and goes 15 mph faster. -Still, it's an excellent, well built, and fun machine for what it is and at the price its at.

Smooth ride

Works as promised. Having difficulty removing speed limit.

Will not disapoint

I acquired the Wide wheel dual motor, it is a beast. Exhilarating acceleration. Have used it day and night. The wide wheels help overcome all types of terrain and no incline is to steep and I live in an area with plenty. Very Impressed!!!

Very compact and useful

Very compact and useful

it’s cool

this 2019 upgrade throttle is good :)

Great scooter... throttle still pretty jerky

Really like the scooter overall: power delivery, braking and design/construction are all as promised. Throttle response is still fairly binary... very hard to modulate at low speeds, at least in high power mode.

Powerful and stable scooter

The WideWheel is amazing, great stability, dual motor allows for massive torque - it's unnerving for the novice rider. Only had it a few days, loads of fun.

Additional pros:
[a] The key lock mechanism is unique for an e-scooter.
[b] Rides very well, very stable. You lean into your turns!

Things to improve:
[1] The throttle needs more work - you push down pretty far before it engages dramatically.
[2] How about some underbody lighting?
[3] Throttle + voltage display + key ignition is basically covered in cheap plastic, it needs to be of higher quality.


i've owned a few scooters, this is by far the most exhilarating scooter. The suspension is great, the power is off the charts! I live in a somewhat hilly Portland and this handles everything i can throw at it and then some.. The dual motor is the way to go in my opinion. If this is your first scooter i would recommend learning on Eco mode. But for me i unlocked the speed and turned off the push to start. Fluid Free Ride is the best dealer to go through for buying a scooter. the support and responsiveness is uncanny. Peter thank you.

Amazing widewheel

I like very much this scooter is powerful and comfortable especially here in San Francisco where there are many hills. however i have to admit it is heavy and also the display it takes time to figure out how to change the gears.

Excellent product

This is the best upgrade for one of the fastest and best looking scooter out there.

Wide Wheel Fun!

Loving my scooter. Delivered on the date promised and working fabulously well. Looking forward to scootering around town with my buddy Seth from Electrek, as he's loving his as well! Thanks.

Awesome Scooter, Even Awesomer Service!

The Widewheel is amazing, the acceleration is crazy compared to my Xaomi M365. Of course the top speed is great too, and noticeable when you're at 25mph.

I did have one little problem, and the customer service of Fluid Free Ride was amazingly fast, friendly and efficient. Kyle got back to me first thing the next business day and took care of the issue!

I will buy from FluidFreeRide first if they have what I'm looking for!

If you are on the fence of buying, know that it's a solid company.

Best Scooter ever!! 5 🌟

This is my first time owning a scooter and it's very fun to ride it. My wife and I enjoyed ridind this wide wheel scooter yesterday at the park and we couldn't get enough of it. It's very fast and smooth since it's equipped with dual suspension. I got the dual motor scooter and it's worth the money. Peter was very helpful explaining about the shipping since my purchase was a pre-order but I got my scooter on time. Thanks to Peter for doing a great job while helping with the shipping of my scooter. My advise to anyone buying this wide wheel scooter is wear a helmet try to keep the scooter clean after each ride because it's easy to do with some wipes and it's a beautiful design scooter that can turn heads on the street as well. I only wish that the scooter had a built in speedometer reading as an extra feature but everything else is wonderful and perfect.

Great Scooter / Awesome People

very well built product, easy to use and simply great. the Fluid Free Ride people were great!!

Great scooter with one big flaw - I sent back for repairs

I LOVE the scooter! It crushes the hills near my house which is why I got it. However, my particular scooter's power would die randomly while riding it, a few times putting me in unsafe situations. It would always die while going over a modest bump, but would sometimes die just randomly. So I sent it back for a replacement. I would give a 5 star review but can't because my particular scooter had this fatal flaw. So netting out at 3 stars.


Bought two of these, because while one is fun, two is practical; I'm always going to travel with my wife or one of my kids, and my kids want to ride with a friend or sibling (in that order). First thing we did, was bump it off "eco" mode so we can take advantage of the higher speeds and, while not everyone in the family will run hot, everyone loves that it has as much speed as they can want. The wide wheels and deck give you a much more stable feel than most; something that is needed with this kind of performance. We have a few situations around our hood, big crack in neighbors driveway, 30' of gravel in anothers, etc. that also make those wide wheels a necessity for broader use. I can go on and on about how great these are, but I'm sure you've already seen all the marketing hype... yes, that hype is pretty spot on. The only thing that is a bit wonky is the digital readout for the battery; since it isn't a percentage, but rather a voltage indicator, you either need to learn what that means and how to read it or ignore it completely. I suspect 99% of users will ignore it, and use the 4 indicator lights that each represent (roughly) 25% remaining battery life. Hey, maybe I'm wrong. Either way, I absolutely love these things. Oh, one final note... when I first got them, one of them was making a whining noise from the front motor (I bought the dual motors), so I called fluid and they were able to help me diagnose the issue and were quick to ensure that I was completely satisfied; turned out to be an easy fix. Great folks to work with.

Fun to ride

In Nyc cut my commute time by ~10 mins and also turned into a fun experience at the same time. Loving it..

Fun Ride

Very solid and fun performing scooter. My family loves it.

Product is good but preorder sale deals were misleading

I preordered to get 300$ saving on the scooter price. It ended up that the 300$ rebate was on an inflated retail price. So it seems there were no rebate at all. This is disapointing.

Apart from that the scooter behave as advertised.

Powerful scooter

Very satisfied with my purchase of 2019 widewheel dual motors. It can handle the hills in SF easily.

Great for the price but....

NO REGEN!!!! Huge miss from freeride to not provide a way to recover all that energy and extend the battery life. No speed display is also a real bummer, displays are soo cheap now, they could have spent the extra few $$ to put something in.
That said, it's a great stable, sturdy scooter that when you remove the speed lock it really moves! Lots of fun to drive.

My new way to work

Well after tons or research and few weeks of use, I would say I'm totally pleased with my purchase. Using the widewheel scotter has been very simple and easy to operate. That also includes the folding function when getting on the Bart train. The nob makes that quick and easy. You can easily pick the scooter up by the bar but I added a nice touch a Velcro handle ( a Jeep roll bar ohh s#it handle) :) Now back to the scooter and how awesome it is to have so much take off power. If you're not used to snappy throttles this may be a little to much for beginners to use power mode. Don't try to be a mans man and just say I can handle it. I was shocked but amazed at the power and torque of the Eco mode. The top end speed isn't all there but again that's because it's optimized for best use of the electric juice from the battery. So I am very pleased with that function. The kid in me though, I looove power mode. The deck of the scooter is perfect and for a person that has a size 11.5 shoe size there is plenty of comfortable non slip space. I like that they payed attention to alot of details to comfort. They also added suspension to the scooter. I still bottom out off curbs but the ride is smooth on and of the curb. Now for the stability of the ride. Hands down great handling and amazing breaking power. Although Its little nerving that the tires are wide so taking a corner may seem scary but trust the design it does just fine in corners. Well I can type and type about the ride. But it all breaks down to this. We know its pricy but you definitely get what you pay for. They did right with every dollar you spent.
Pros- speed, handling,wider tires, battery life, durability, quality, key, power gauge,headlight break light,breaks are amazing, non slip deck that accommodates bigger feet and My favorite handle bar bell : )
Cons- a little on the heavy side and bulky.The arms on th...

Not really a better throttle... more of a key-start add-on

Like many other users of the Wide Wheel, the two things about it that I disliked were its jerky throttle and lack of key start. For throttle, you were either not accelerating at all or you were accelerating to full speed in the space of 1/8 inch of throttle travel. This makes the scooter very difficult to navigate anywhere you need to travel at a slow, consistent pace (like amongst foot traffic).

I purchased this throttle based on the Fluid Free Ride review saying it was much smoother, and had eliminated the issue that plagued the first version. I didn't find this to be much the case at all. The throttle does engage a bit sooner, but it again goes 0-100 the moment the throttle engages. There might be a SLIGHT improvement in ability to ride at slower speeds, but you're constantly having to lift your thumb off and put it back on sofly to create that slower speed rather than just holding it in the same spot at a lower speed.

All in all, I'm disappointed. Yes, this does add a key start which is nice, so if that's a real issue for you then this solves the problem, but don't expect a totally different throttle. The voltage gauge is ok I guess, but I don't see it adding too much value. Additionally, I like the rubber feel of the old throttle better (this one is just plastic), though that's personal preference. I absolutely love everything else about the Wide Wheel and when I heard that they'd fixed the oft complained about throttle issue, I jumped at the chance to purchase it b/c every thing else Fluid Free Ride has said about the scooter has been totally on point thus far... but this didn't live up to expectations. I really hope there will be an even better version developed soon. Fluid Free Ride customer service has been great up to this point; I hope that continues.

Power to spare

I did a lot of research and had rented Birds and Limes when in San Diego. They were ok but the dual 500watt Wide Wheel is so much better. With a top speed of 26 for me and the ability to stay at almost that speed up hills, you don’t want for more power with this beast. The acceleration immediately gets you smiling.