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Shawn L. (Indiana, United States)
Lovin it

We couldn't be more pleased with our Fluidfreeride Horizon purchase. We rented BIRD scooters (PRICEY RENTAL!!!!) in Nashville, TN and wanted to buy a scooter of our own for home. Best bang for the buck in my opinion at $799. We get about 23mph max speed. Have not tested range yet. Front and rear lighting is terrific for being SEEN (love the flashing brake lights), but you'll need to add a true headlight for night or early morning rides. I use my quick-mount bike light and it works great. So far we love it. May by a second scooter.

INOKIM Light 2
O.Z (Massachusetts, United States)
Inokim light 2 is very cool

The light 2 is everything that was promised: light, zippy and good looking. It rides great (albeit a bit slow going uphill). The rear wheel is rubber filled (a change from online reviews) and is somewhat rough. I am considering buying a new tire and tube to replace it, though the elimination of flats it appealing. Fluid service is top notch. Had a broken mudguard when the unit arrived - customer service had one in the mail immediately for me. Kudos!

10" Inner Tube
Richard S. (Ohio, United States)
Awesome company.

This company has the best customer service I’ve ever seen. Great people. Back their products.

APOLLO Phantom V2
Sosse A. (New York, United States)

Great customer service and support!

fluid CityRider
Jason H. (Indiana, United States)
E scootwr

This is my first e scooter. Never tried one before I look forward to riding to work and back home. I love the scooter and the look. Your the best

Mantis 8 2A charger for 48V (1+/3-)
Sean (New York, United States)
Just what I needed

I got the exact item I needed and am back riding my Mantis 8. Very happy with fast shipping and the part that was needed. Namaste

Burn-E Brake disc
John H. (Pennsylvania, United States)

Burn-E Brake disc

Mark (Florida, United States)
Good investment

Going on 700 miles all over south beach, and only got a flat once. Been solid.

Melinda W. (Missouri, United States)
Fun and zippy little scooter

This thing is quick and powerful. Hauls me up hills like nobody’s business. I like the power level options and the lights!

WideWheel PRO
ALDO R. (Puerto Rico)

WideWheel PRO

Wolf Warrior X
David L. (Alaska, United States)
Wolf Warrior X purchase

Excellent communications and super fast shipping. I am anxious to get the scooter together and riding it. unfortinately it will be another month before I catch up with the scooter. I am a snow bird and still currently in Alaska!

52V Fast Charger
James H. (Colorado, United States)
Awesome Charger!

This charger is awesome! I love being able to charge my Apollo Ghost to 80% instead of 100% so that I can preserve the battery life.
It doesn't stop charging exactly where it should, it tends to stop at around 85-87% when I set it to 80%, but that's fine. I don't think it has to be exact. I just don't want it filling to full and using up one of my limited battery full charge cycles.
It has a fan to help prevent overheating which is nice. The fan noise might bother some, depending on where they are charging, but I don't care about it.
My wife is constantly stealing my charger so that she doesn't have to use the factory charger for her scooter, so I guess this review counts for the opinion of two people instead of just one.

Wolf Warrior X
Tal H. (New York, United States)
Excellent Service from Chuck

Went to the Brooklyn location. I rec'd exceptional service from Chuck. He spent unlimited time with me answering Q's and letting me test ride numerous bikes. Highly recomennd!

10x3.2" Off-road Tire
Noe I. (California, United States)
Good quality tires and service

Love my off road tires and also the service they provided. Fast respond time

APOLLO Explore
D.P. (Ohio, United States)
Love the Explore!

I upgraded from a Hiboy S2 after just a few months because I loved riding and wanted something more stable. I was looking for under $1500 and up to 30 mph. The Explore definitely nailed it! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for the perfect scooter. I used to think I'd eventually want a scooter that went up to 45 mph. After going 30 mph...I'm good!

Wolf Zoom REAR brake caliper incl. line
Cosmore (Florida, United States)
Great product works just like new

I needed to repair my rear brake calipers because I had damaged it and needed a new one it works like new

E S. (California, United States)
Very happy commuter. Love it!

Did 2 months of online research. Test rode 7 different scooters. Nami Burn E was it for me. Bought it mainly for the mileage, for the ability to adjust the speed while in cruise control, for the lighting, for the comfort, for the programmable drive modes, for the smoother acceleration, for the wide deck, and for the styling. My first escooter. Just take your time to learn it, and you should be fine. Wear your full face helmet and pads. Never know when you'll need to do emergency braking on the trail because a skunk shows up at 5am. Brakes are awesome, and made for a nice emergency stop--tires screeched, and rear lift up, but I stayed on. Stay safe.

52V Fast Charger
MIGUEL D.L.S. (Oregon, United States)
Dope! Highly recommended.

The charger works as advertised!

Selecting the charge % and amperage is such a great feature. Wish it came standard.

APOLLO Explore
Peter P.
My Scooter

Purchasing a scooter through Fluid has been a seem less event, great customer support, along with a knowledgeable staff.

High Security Folding Lock
Carlos B. (California, United States)

High Security Folding Lock

APOLLO Phantom V2
Roy S. (Texas, United States)
Fantastic !!!

LOVE my Apollo Phantom V2.
Received fantastic service from Fluid Freeride.
Thank you to everyone at Fluid !

A.T. H. (Ohio, United States)
Quality Transportation

This is my 5th scooter, and it makes its predecessors seem like children's toys. The tubular frame and well thought out build make for a sturdy, rock solid rig. There is more than enough power to get you up to the mid 40's and keep you there. There is more than enough battery capacity to get you where you need to go. Battery economy was a constant worry on my earlier rigs. I use mine to run around on the weekends. I could get away with just charging the Burn one time per weekend. The Logan brakes are fantastic, and the lighting is very good. As mentioned in the description, the Burn is well fitted to your taller riders. I'm 6' and 180#'s......this is the first rig that hasn't felt like it was just a little short. All of the hardware and parts are very good quality, not your generic cheapo parts you find across all brands of scooters. The complaints about the "dead space" in the throttle are somewhat exaggerated. Yes, there is a short dead space, but that's a safety feature so you don't accidentally bump it and have the rig take off without you. I don't notice it when I'm using the scooter. I only have a couple of complaints, that are more of just a matter of personal preference. 1) I've never been the biggest fan of thumb throttles, I prefer the trigger type. With some repositioning, I was able to get the throttle angled so it didn't feel awkward. 2) The "turbo" feature has to be enabled every time you turn the rig on. It's not difficult to do, but easy to forget. All things considered, this is a fantastic rig. It feels like "real transportation", not "just a scooter". It has a stiff price tag, but in the end, worth every penny.

Inokim 60V Charger for OX and OXO
Bill S. (Texas, United States)
Great Service!

I needed a charger and the process was easy and accurate!

Mantis 60V 1000W motor FRONT
Crescencio R. (California, United States)
Great service

My front Motor stopped working they told me to bring it in and they replaced the motor no questions asked highly recommended great service great customer service and would definitely buy one again

Alex D. (Kansas, United States)

Well packaged and arrived as described. No issues so far and I’m enjoying it.