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Awesome company

I love my scooter! At first I was having some problems with getting the speedometer read mph but they were very helpful through the entire process. I have the Horizon which is so much fun for a beginner that wants to step up to more than just an every day rental that you get on the streets. I will more than likely move up to the wide wheel pro after I get comfortable with the Horizon and pass the Horizon to my daughter whom loves to surf the streets with me. Everyone should own one of these. They are an affordable great way to get around and fluidfreeride has a fantastic selection!

Very Bright Light and dimmable

Just what I wanted....hope the rubber attachment piece is replaceable if need be

Great scooter

My college son loves it. Says it a really smooth ride around campus.

Jason C

I purchased this charger because of the ability to select the finish charging amount of 80%, 90% or 100% to extend battery life if I just wanted a simple top off.

Pleased with the product....🤩

"19" Widewheel Mercane

Just received my NEW Widewheel Mercane the other day,i'm pretty impressed with the speed & acceleration so far No Doubt As for comfort or a smooth ride goes,NOT SO MUCH' The performance of my scooter outweighs that... battery seems okay then again i'm a prev owner of a Ninebot-Max witch had a 40 mile range. 2019 model does not have a speedometer/odometer though long story short- i'm liking my mercane so far must buy!!! :-)

You Sent me the wrong charger again
This is the second time
I need an ox super Old charger
This will allow me to operate the scooter you sent me otherwise it is useless
Get your act together and send the right charger it’s not that hard.

Premium build scooter at an affordable price!

I am absolutely blown away by the amazing quality of my Cityrider by Fluid Free Ride! I havent been able to ride it much due to the cold weather where I live, but the ride is smooth and scooter quality feels top notch. If i had a criticism, it would be that I wish the acceleration was a little faster, but once you get moving, the ride is great! Thank you for making such amazing scooters!

Coolest electric scooter by far

Well balanced, powerful & super fun to ride! Love the wide tires!

HORIZON - Practical Commuter Scooter - Great Value

Loving it

Showed up fast & rides even faster. Having a blast, thank you.

Great Customer service

Filled the order quickly and haven't had any problems. Great product and company.

Batman's scooter

Upgraded from a Ninebot Max and could not be happier. Super fast acceleration and so much fun to ride! High quality build.
Great support from fluid freeride too! I had a question regarding settings and brake adjustment and was helped promptly.
Highly recommend this scooter for whoever wants a fun and fast ride.

City riders

My brother sent us the link to purchase! Great fun! We love our new City Riders! We purchased two and even got a discount! Thanks!!! Also, I love that I can adjust my 9 year old speed on his scooter all from the App. It’s a great safety tool.

Love it!!

This will be my island transportation carried aboard my sailing catamaran!!

5 Stars

It is as good as claimed and very easy to use.

Widewheel Pro 2020

This scooter gets me around where I need to. I like the ability to get up hills since I live in San Francisco! I can say that ride quality is ok but it really needs time to get used to the widewheel but it's ok. It can be very slippery when wet so one wish I have is better tires for them in the future then this will be your no 1 commuter scooter. 1 more improvement is wider deck as well too will make this the all out scooter. Thank you fluidfreeride!

Jason C

Received the Wolf Warrior in good condition had a small problem with the factory chargers and Fluidfreeride was very responsive and helpful with resolving the problem.... !!! 🤩🤩🏁🏁

Wolf warrior 11 + highriser

Great product if your a taller person this highrise helps with arm comfort considerably
Fully recommend easy install
As well love that it comes with
New bolts and thread locker

Great lock

Need to install it but well built.

My second scooter!

Was not pleased with my first scooter. So I returned it and did my homework this time. Set up was simple, and was definitely pleasantly surprised it lived up to all its promises.

Gift for my son

my son is 14, and kinda of an introvert, doesn't ride skateboards or bikes, But has ridden his scooter almost everyday.has definitely lived up to it's expectations so far!

Happy me

Received in good condition,beautiful machine and design, works like a top but rains to much in BC , cant wait for summer to come, Thank you Fluidfreeride

Horizon scooter is great first ride!

I just received my first Adult size scooter today in mail from FluidFreeride. I have already put it together and checked all bolts and took it out for my first 2 mile ride. I’ve been looking for a fun way to get outside and get out of my virtual office these days since COVID-19. I sure bet my wife will be on this sooner than later. I’m eyeing the mantus pro for down the road.