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Evan F. (Iowa, United States)
Horizon - Great

Great mid level scooter. Probably good to get the bigger battery if you need to go anywhere

fluid CityRider
Steve Z. (California, United States)
CityRider is a sweet little scooter

I picked this scooter because I am sick of broken rentals that are speed limited and sad to ride. This gets me anywhere downtown in minutes, is easy to carry inside or up stairs, and is noticeably 50% faster than the rentals. The honeycomb wheels do seem to take a lot of the shock out of the ride, and the battery lasts a long time. I like the clean design and the fact that parts are available. It carves pretty well and tempts you to have more fun than you probably should! Only had it for a few days, so I am still getting used to it. But it is a winner!

kevin h. (Massachusetts, United States)
Great scooter!

My son uses it to get around in Boston. He is a student. He had an electric longboard that eventually rusted and stopped working and now has upgraded to a fluid free ride scooter. He is loving it!! Has met all of our expectations and then some. Would definitely recommend.

APOLLO Explore
Joe S. (New York, United States)

APOLLO Explore

INOKIM Light 2
Concesa S.P. (California, United States)

INOKIM Light 2

Henry B. (Florida, United States)
You’ve found the best - Read on for why

The service:

Let’s start here, because the scooter is better than anything else in the comparable price range, no arguments, so either stop reading now and buy it, or read on and get why this IS hands down the best you’ll find.

The scooter was delivered exactly as advertised, couldn’t be happier on my end. An issue occurred, on my end, and the team (Adam - absolute legend) has completely sorted it out. These people are legit, care, and deserve every rave review and to be sold out.

The scooter:

Delivers on all aspects. Mobile, fast, long range battery (48V 13Ah), not too heavy, easy ride, great looking, lights for night, waterproof and did I mention how fast it is?

I literally could not be happier with it, as I shopped around for every brand and had a couple of referrals, but the referral for this one raised my interest most, because it came from a friend I highly respect when it comes to making good decisions and he did not steer me wrong!

If you’ve read this far you know what to do, stop looking elsewhere and buy, you will get everything you’re thinking you want and more. If you still need convincing contact me @henrybyalikov on any of my social media platforms and I’ll gladly confirm all of the above for you and answer any further questions. I couldn’t be more grateful to this company for their product and for their unparalleled service for me.

Wolf Warrior X
David R.

I received my scooter 2 days after ordering, awesome!! There was a slight glitch in the headlights, they sent a new part and a free headlight!! We’re bac up and running, the scooter is fast and pretty much climbs anything!! Very impressed!!

David S. (California, United States)
Love my new scooter

Real easy to set up and use. Everything as advertised. It’s a great way for me to get to the gym and run errands around the neighborhood. Can’t wait to take it on my next vacation.

Jake R. (Illinois, United States)
New to scooters

Even though this is our first scooters, they are exactly as promised. Build quality is fantastic, performance is great and they fold up better than any comparable scooters for the money.

INOKIM Light 2
Nikita V. (Florida, United States)
Everything great

I like my new scooter soo much. Thank you a lot ;)

Mantis pro

Excellent!!! Having lots if fun. I want the wolf next.
Customer service is very good.
Hope to pay a visit to you next time I'm in Miami.

Wolf Warrior X
Brent (Washington, United States)
My first scooter. Wolf Warrior x

So much Fun!! I was on the fence whether or not to get a scooter to supplement my bike commute. I ride a bike for work and I commute on a bike so the fun of cycling has been waning. I felt I needed to mix it up a little and this scooter so far has done the trick. This scooter is a blast! It's nibble, quick, quiet and stable. Having never ridden a scooter before I felt pretty comfortable after the first few miles. The brakes are Zoom and they are little touchy when first starting the ride but are easier to modulate after they warm up. I was surprised at how well this scooter stops. The lights are crazy bright, too bright for the shared use trail I use to get to work but are great on the street getting to the trail. I'd prefer the light to have a hi and low beam toggle switch instead of pushing a single button through its modes. Sometimes it sticks on the flash mode and that mode is a nuisance to anyone in front of it for 100+ yards. I think I'd do away with flash mode. I commute in the dark which is why I bring it up. I weight 160 pounds and the rear suspension seems a little stiff for my weight. Curious if there are springs available with different spring rates? That being said, I'm approaching 300 miles and it seems to getting a little more comfortable, or I'm just getting use to it. My commute is 25 miles round trip and I've done it on a single charge ending at 56 volts stopped. I charge at work just incase I want to take the long way home.

Fluid Free Ride were excellent when I was on the fence about the purchase. It arrived the same week I ordered it and I've been super happy with my decision to buy it! I have a feeling my quiver of scooters may rival my bike quiver.

APOLLO Explore
Tung P. (New York, United States)
First scooter at fluid, excellent experience

Chuck at fluid Brooklyn was very helpful

WideWheel PRO
BILL (New York, United States)
Widewheel pro is alot of fun but a little scary in a fun way.

Fluid free ride is a great company to deal with. My third scooter from them so I am no stranger to scooters. The widewheel is a fun scooter for me. Motors are smooth and quiet. Acceleration is a blast for a commuter scooter upgraded the throttle much better angle. Throttle does have a dead spot in the beginning with either throttle. Brakes are very good. Handling is very wierd. It does not handle turns well especially over bumps of nyc but it does make it thrilling. Scooter looks awesome. I would have preferred pnumatic tires and I think this scooter would be even better. The best part of this scooter is the acceleration and looks. It really is a blast. Just be careful. I'm more scared to ride this scooter than my dueltron thunder or wolf warrior. This scooter is very solid and very solid stem decent folding mechanism which I like alot

WideWheel PRO
DW i.S. (California, United States)
Great Ride, Dumb User

I am actually really happy with the Wide Wheel Pro. Hills are no match for this. Only issue is me being stupid and dropping it, breaking the front brake caliper, front stem assembly, and bending the front brake rotor. Getting parts with this global shortage is a pain. But other than that, I really like the reliability of the solid tires and power up hills. Great scooter!

APOLLO Explore
Kenan A. (New York, United States)
Apollo explore

It's a great scooter fast and fun you best city commute so far no more public transportation 😁

John H. (New York, United States)

Aaaahhhh man!!! I am blown away by this fluid Horizon scooter.. It is good looking specially at night wen im flexing the front and rear led lites, is peppy and quick and has a purrr wen you pull the throttle.. This sweet heart is bad to the bone 🔥 and she is my first broke my scooter virginity and im whiped.. lol..
L❤VE my baby she is just Amazing..

Great ride

This scooter is a pleasure to ride. What was once a tedious last mile walk is now a highlight of my day that I look forward to because of the Horizon. In reviews I have seen the acceleration of the scooter criticized, but when I maxed it out in the P settings I found it more then adequate, and even preferable over head snapping acceleration… at least for a daily commuter.

Wolf Warrior X
Lee A. (New York, United States)
Great service, Great scooter

Great service. Scooter is a beast

Michael B. (Washington, United States)
Super stable

Just got this this week and it feels really stable at speed. Like it so far!

60V Electric Scooter Fast Charger
Nelson R. (Nevada, United States)
Scooter Charger that you need!!!

The best reliable stable charger quuuick charging can’t ask for better fast shipping I use it on my kaabo wolf X Pro…

Jose V. (New York, United States)
Great compact scooter

This was my first scooter and it has been amazing so far. I live in NYC where parking is very difficult and you can sometime spend hours finding a spot. I normally return from work late which does not make finding parking any easier. I decided to purchase this scooter since there is no parking in my immediate neighborhood but there is always parking far away. I now park in the nearest spot I find near my apt and ride home. No more wasting hours in my week lol.

This scooter when folded is very compact and fits perfectly in the trunk of my cars. I can fit this scooter in my 2016 sonata trunk along with two large suitcases. I can also fit in my evo x trunk comfortably which is tiny.

I myself am a heavy person and this scooter moves surprisingly well. Im 5'10 225lbs and I have been able to reach a consistent 23mph on flat surfaces, 28mph downhill, and up steep hills at around 10mph. I tend to carry a backpack that weighs about 10lbs most times.

The performance of the scooter is great however be mindful of the battery capacity and range. Full throttle will kill your performance so your top speed will decrease pretty quick throughout your commute. This is great for my intended purpose and anyone that has a short commute. You will have range anxiety if you are traveling any distance over 10miles and riding hard.

I would recommend it as a beginner scooter. I already have 250 miles on it and still enjoy every bit of it. I recently bought a Dualtron Victor which awesome and really quick. However, I still use my horizon everyday. It makes my parking situation easier and it's a fun ride overall.

Wolf Warrior X
Marcos R. (Massachusetts, United States)
Wow it's awesome lol

Acceleration is exhilarating, and the lights are awesome. Very manageable at high speeds, also the breaks are fantastic. Downside is there's no good spot to grab onto when lifting on the front side, however the rear has a nice handle. Customer service is awesome, and you can always just call the New York store like I did to speak directly with someone. Only time will tell as far as maintenance goes, but remember to check your tire pressure at least once a week so you don't get a flat, takes literally 2 minutes. I ride it to work every day, and wearing a helmet with either goggles/biking shades to protect your eyes from bugs/rocks is a must at very high speed. I also wear a jacket with pads everywhere, and gloves.

Some screws have come loose and need tightening over time(especially the kickstand in my case), and if they do become stripped you can just buy new ones from a local hardware store easily. The included tool is pretty cheap(it gets the job done if it's properly tightened), but I would recommend buying your own hexkey set.

It's built like a champ, and I even ride it in the rain. I added a bike fender to the rear, that I bought off amazon, and attached it using the screw holes for the break light. I used screws that had a fat/wide wide head in order to keep the fender on there well. This way my back stays dry regardless if the ground is wet or not.

I ride in dual motor/turbo mode/mode 3 on the display(the max settings) for the most part to my work and back, which is 4 miles round trip. I weigh 175 pounds and I can easily do 2 trips without charging. If I wanted to maximize my range output I could use it in single motor for when the ground is flat(map 36mph), and dual motor for hills(max 45mph). Only 1 hill on my way to work but it's huge, probably 30-35 degree incline, and the wolf handles it like butter.

tldr: fast, durable, check tire pressure, check screws are tight, worth the money

60V Electric Scooter Fast Charger
Stevan R. (Texas, United States)
No time to wash the windows

It’s so fast: no time to wash the windows!!

Wolf Controller 60V 40A FRONT
Steve U. (West Virginia, United States)
Front controller

Works great.