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Kaboo MANTIS 40 MPH Electric Scooter

Dual Motor Performance, Excellent Ride Quality & Portability

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40 mph
33 miles
$1,599 or $100/month

Kaboo MANTIS 40 MPH Electric Scooter

Dual Motor Performance, Excellent Ride Quality & Portability

40 mph
33 miles
Buy Now
$1,599 or $100/month

Dual 2000W motor for a high speed of 40 mph and punchy climbing power.


Front and rear spring suspension for excellent trail performance.


With 65 lbs it is the lightest high performance scooter in its class.


"Everything we have ever asked for in a dual motor scooter! Pro model performance at a base model price. Ever since the Mantis came out it has been the industry standart in terms of dual motor performance per dollar. The ride quality on the new Mantis V2 is exceptionally well balanced." - Paul from Rider Guide (ESG)







> 50,000

Join our fast growing community of smart riders who value fast, fun & eco-friendly transportation and industry leading support.

> 470,000 hours

Never get stuck in traffic again. At just 20 minutes commuting time saved per week(!) and rider, our community got back a cumulative 50 years in time to spend on better things. If you personally were able to save just 20 minutes every work-day, you would free up over 80 hours every year.


By replacing your car for just 15 miles every week our rider community is saving big on gas alone. That does not take into account any other expenses of owning a car. By some estimates, an individual rider can save around $8,000 per year by retiring the car in favor of an electric scooter.


While an electric scooter already helps reduce carbon emissions, we are donating part of our revenue to Trees for the Future who have planted over a million trees on our behalf, more than off-setting our operation's carbon footprint.





Unpacked your scooter and noticed it is not the right fit? No worries, we will return your unused scooter in original packaging for 15 days after delivery.


We ship in stock scooters same or next business day. Depending on your location, your scooter will arrive within 2 (West Coast) to 5 (East Coast) business days.


Need a part? Have a question? Our team of experts is there to help. You can count on fluidfreeride even after your warranty has expired.


All our scooters come with 12 months warranty on all major components for full peace of mind. After your warranty expires, you can make use of our Lifetime Service Program: Parts and Labor are 50% Off for fluid freeride customers for the lifetime of your scooter.


  • Is the scooter legal to use where I am?

    Electric scooters are relatively new and regulations differ widely. Our customers are responsible for ensuring a legal operation in line with local rules and regulations. Electric scooters are the future and we believe that with the continued rise of scooter sharing companies and the accompanying rise in popularity of electric scooters, more and more cities will pass favorable regulations. We collected some more information in our blog. ONLY YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING YOU OPERATE YOUR SCOOTER IN LINE WITH LOCAL LAWS AND REGULATIONS.

  • Will the charger work in my country and come with the right plug?

    Our charges are rated 110V - 240V so they work everywhere. We make an effort to ship every scooter with the correct plug for the country it gets delivered to.

  • What is the weight limit of the Mantis and what happens if I am heavier?

    The manufacturer recommended weight limit of the Mantis is 265 lbs. If you are heavier than this, we cannot recommend the scooter for you. Do have a look at other customer's reviews as we often have heavier customers buy our products at their own risk and have overall good experiences.

  • How long does it take to charge the battery?

    We recommend charging the Mantis over night as it take 10-12 hours to fully recharge with the included charger. Alternatively, you can opt for a fast charger and get a full recharge in just 4 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 467 reviews
Larry H. (Quakertown, PA)
Use Case: Fun
Great scooter

Happy with my new scooter. No problems at all. Lot’s of power.

Loreen Z. (New York, NY)
Use Case: Riding to work and around town

MANTIS V2 - fluid Edition

Benton A.
Use Case: Get to work/ Recreation
Mantis V2

Perfect scooter for getting back and fourth from work, or to just have fun riding around, it has quick acceleration and can keep speed going uphill. I also like that it is lightweight as it makes it easy to take inside. Will be interested to see how this scooter last long-term as it seems to be good build quality.

Steve H. (Newport Beach, CA)
Use Case: Fun, recreation and errands
Great scooter!

I’ve put around 200 miles on it so far.


Very quick acceleration.

Light weight! 65 lbs is pretty much as light as you’re going to get for a dual motor 2000 watt scooter. Light weight means more fun to ride, and also easier to store, put in car etc.

Really great handling, I absolutely rip around on this thing. So much fun. Great ride too.

Great brakes! Hydraulic discs are far superior to cable.

Sine wave controller. I can’t even imagine 2000 watts through a square wave.

Price. I got mine on sale at the end of the year, it was $1,500 total, tax and delivery included. A good value imo.

Looks. I think it’s a nice, simple low key looking ride.

Lighting. Surprisingly good headlight, and other lighting.

Build quality seems very good, feels and rides solid.


Not many!

I prefer a thumb throttle to the finger throttle, but that’s personal preference (and it can easily be changed to a thumb throttle).

The folding mechanism feels very sturdy, but the double locking design takes a little longer to use than some other single clamp designs that can be clamped and unclamped in 2 seconds. I don’t fold mine much so it’s not a big deal to me.

I can’t quite hit 40 mph. 170 pound rider, I can get 38 mph GPS verified on flat ground or downhill. The speedo on the scooter is pretty accurate, btw. Under 30 mph mine is dead on, at higher speeds it reads a mile or two high. On the plus side, the torque is great, I can fly up some steep hills at 32-33 mph.

Overall, I‚Äôm very happy with it, and highly recommend for someone looking for the ‚Äúsports car‚ÄĚ (high power, low weight, great brakes and handling) of scooters.

Ulisses A. (San Antonio, TX)
Use Case: Going to work
Mantis V2

This scooter is a great upgrade from my Horizon. Very punchy acceleration and no problem going up steep hills. Average speed for my scooter is 39mph but have been able to get it up to 43mph on a easy downhill commutes. Very satisfied with my purchase!

Paul H.
Use Case: To get around the city
Mantis V2

Awesome! Love it! It’s powerful enough to get up an hill in San Francisco no problem! To be respected! Thanks again!

Anonymous (Irving, TX)
Use Case: Recreation
First Scooter Perspective

I'm a buy once type of person so I tend to buy as good as I think I'll ever need. I'm feeling good about this choice. I wanted something with a suspension, dual motors, pneumatic tires, disc brakes (hydraulic in this case), and good top speed (for when I get the nerve to use it). I wanted to keep this around 55-65 pounds to be able to load this up for camping and various of other outings. Everything arrived safe in the box without issue. Everything on the scooter looked to be tight and in place. Great bang for the buck.

David N.
Use Case: Pleasure, trail riding
You won't regret it

This is my 3rd purchase from freeride south. In 2000 I bought 2 Mantis base models and just picked up the Mantis V2 version. What an amazing scooter with Amazing upgrades. If you want comfort, speed, style, reliability and distance this is your choice!!!! Do it, you won't regret it!!!!

Eric C. (Santa Rosa, CA)
Use Case: Commute/Recreation.
Absolutely Amazing!!

This is likely the best thing I’ve ever purchased. The Mantis V2 is a beast! Very fast and punchy and handles like a dream. It is a blast to ride! I love my Mosquito, but the Mantis is in an entirely different realm.

One thing to note, is that the Mantis handles wet roads without a problem, where the Mosquito absolutely cannot.

Excellent scooter, thank you!!

Julian F. (Miami, FL)
Use Case: Get to work
Upgraded from the Horizon

After 2 years scooting around on the fluid horizon I had my eyes on the Mantis. I feel like I entered a new world. So fast and smooth to ride. No more cruising in the bike lane!!!