Introducing INOKIM

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Safety First
Quality & Durability
Ease of Use
Trustworthy Experts

INOKIM values safety over speed and uses high quality parts to ensure you will have a safe and consistent experience when taking your scooter on the road:
• High quality Li-Ion batteries from reputable manufacturers
• Dual brakes for superior stopping power
• Great riding stability in any traffic condition
• Pneumatic tires for excellent road grip and a comfortable ride.

While most electric scooters in the market use readily available components from different suppliers, INOKIM scooters are custom designed with great care from the ground up. INOKIM runs their own factory with strict quality control and can ensure excellent workmanship to give you long-lasting performance for many years.

Fluidfreeride backs this promise with a 12-month warranty on all INOKIM scooters.

Whether you are 25 or 65, you will be amazed by the straightforward and effortless riding experience.
• The intuitively designed thumb throttle makes for a quick learning curve and a smooth ride.
• The easy to use folding mechanism lets you fold your scooter in two quick motions, so you can take it on a train or store away.
• High quality lightweight materials enable you to easily lift your scooter.

As pioneers of the electric scooter industry, INOKIM’s award winning iconic design is second to none. Sleek lines, subtle branding, and vibrant colors make for the most aesthetically pleasing scooters in the market.
It’s not all about looks: Custom designed parts are working in perfect harmony and easy ongoing maintenance capability was designed in from the start.

Don’t want to gamble on an unproven electric scooter model? Look no further. Over 11 years of experience in building electric scooters makes INOKIM the first choice for reliable transportation:
• Creators of the first electric scooter with brushless hub motor and Li-ion technology.
• Tens of thousands of units sold in Israel, the world’s leading electric scooter market.
• Strong presence in Europe and Asia, now finally available in the US through fluidfreeride.

Free Shipping

All items ship for free within the continental US.


12 Months Warranty on all INOKIM Scooters

US Based

US based service and support by fluidfreeride

Pay As You Ride

Starting at just $75/month - select affirm at checkout.

Green Technology

Plus fluidfreeride plants 100 trees for every scooter sold

3 Reasons to choose Inokim

An INOKIM electric scooter is your ticket to an improved lifestyle. Start looking forward to your commute, gain back quality time and experience a new level of urban freedom.

1. Design

An electric scooter to feast your eyes.
Award winning design with attention to details.

2. Quality

High quality materials assembled with care. 
More than a decade of experience.
With proper maintenance, an INOKIM will last for many years.

3. Peace of Mind

fluidfreeride will provide service throughout the lifetime of your scooter.
US based parts availability and friendly support.