Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults

The electric scooters seems to have well and truly arrived on the scene as a “green” and practical alternative to quickly get you to your destination in urban areas, whether one approves of this or not. And once you’ve tried it, it does have a lot going for it. Instead of waiting for the bus, or shuffling down the subway to squeeze into an already cramped train, just because the walk to where you need to be is long enough for it to be inconvenient, an electric scooter for heavy adults gets you there swiftly and you need not break any sweat as you would if you opted for a bike. As with all things that catch on in a similar fashion however, a myriad of options start to appear on the market, obviously all of a different variety and quality. 

Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults

The one question you might ask yourself, (if you no longer possess the athletic body most of us had when we were 15 years old), but have instead accumulated a bit more bodyweight than was planned, and you are now in the “heavy” league, or if you are the one that was always picked first when the basketball team in school was called, and due to your length you weigh more than the “average” person, is the electric scooter for you? And if so, which one should you get? After all, there are things to consider for a heavy set person. Wear and tear of the scooter, is brake power sufficient, overall build quality, what type of tires does it ride on, is the suspension good enough, is the steering rack long enough for tall people? Here we will answer those questions for you and find out, which is the best electric scooter for heavy people, and depending on your exact weight we have some options for you.

Heavy Duty Scooters For Adults - Specific weight limits

The fluidfreeride Mantis is by far the most impressive electric scooter I have tried. The one thing that stands out at first glance is the wheels and tires. They are bigger than what one is used to on electric scooters and at 10 inches wheels with 2.5 inches air filled tires, they will provide a much smoother ride, as well as negotiate uneven road surfaces or other possible obstacles better than the average electric scooter we are used to by now. For a heavy adult, the suspension will immediately make you feel comfortable and again, get the impression that this is not your average typical electric scooter. It has front and rear spring arms and will accommodate a heavy person up till 265 lbs/120 kg. This is a scooter I would be comfortable running on a dirt track or even fire roads in the forest if not too challenging. The top speed is a stunning 40 mph/ 64 km/h!!….as I noticed on my first try out. It is quite astonishing if not a little scary as it rockets away. A good thing then that it is equipped with dual discs semi hydraulic brakes for stopping power. It feels bigger than most electric scooters and the steering column is also longer which is a feature much desired by many customers who feels they have to bend down to reach the  handlebars on other scooters. The riding position here feels perfect for me, I am 6 feet/185 cm tall and even a significantly taller person will not have any issues with reach. If you are a tall person, or on the “heavy” side of average, and looking for top performance, look no further than the Mantis.

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Heavy Duty Electric Scooter - The Wolf Warrior

However, If you are already sold on electric scooters, and are looking for the most extreme version of them, the Wolf Warrior will probably do the trick. When you see it for the first time, it gives you that same feeling as when you see a proper dirt bike, that this is a machine more suited for extreme sports activity than just the daily commute around city centers. The fork style handlebar and the offroad style tires screams “backflip on the X-Games” more than flimsy kickbike with a battery pack made up of cheap second rate metal scrap that we see all around city centers nowadays. And as far as top speed goes, this one does….wait for it….an eye watering 50 mph/80 kph!! Dear lord. This is the one I would not rule out a motorcycle gang member using to intimidate other road users with ease. It really looks phenomenal. And as for weight...this one accomodates even those who have reached the 330Ibs/150 kg landmark. If you are up here, and still want to kick some serious butt on the electric scooter trails…the Wolf Warrior is the heavy duty electric scooter you want to go for. It’s got hydraulic suspension in the front, springs in the rear, front and rear wheel drive and hydraulic brakes front to back. But please remember….always wear a proper helmet as well as other protective gear. After all we are venturing into electric scooter 2.0 era faster than you can say Wolf Warrior.

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Electric Scooter For a heavy Person - The Horizon

If you (like me) think... well…”as much as I’d love to be able to backflip...but let’s face’s not gonna happen”, and you don’t want to splash out the better part of approx 2 500 USD to get to work on your electric scooter. What then? Rest easy, there are a couple of options. The Horizon brings it all back to the relative “normal” state of things electric scooter wise. It is a properly built scooter that will accept 265Ibs/120 kg of heavy body frame with ease, and still be able to reach 25 mph/40 kph which is still plenty fast around city centers these days. Do keep in mind that weight is a big factor in which speed you will achieve and if you are around the 265lbs mark the Horizon will probably struggle to reach the very top speed. Here the hydraulic suspension is on the rear and spring on the front. Front wheel is air filled and back wheel is solid to balance it all out in a smooth way. At around  700 USD mark it might also be a good entry point into electric scooter land.

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Scooters For Heavy Adults - WideWheel

Last but not least, the Widewheel is probably a favourite of mine considering practicality, price and funnily enough...looks. This is the first scooter I have ever seen that made me think it actually looked cool. The design is smart and looks more like... “Lamborghini race drivers quick getaround in the pit area millenial activist with a Fjällräven rucksack on his/her way to the next protest rally”.... I suspect the wide wheels have a lot to do with it. It is funny how even on a small vehicle such as this...wide wheels with a cool rim still make it all look right. The wheels, due to their width, also inspire to some leaning into the corner antics….that is if one has got the cojones for it of course. This one will also do 25 mph/40 kph (which will leave the activist millenial in the dust en route to said rally)... and not disappoint Giacomo...Lamborghinis race he needs to get to his antagonist in a hurry to discuss the latest altercation on the track. It comes in at just under 1000 USD and is extremely good value for money, probably the one I would choose if X-games are not in town.

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