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Our Best All-Rounder - Save Time, Money, and Stress on Your Daily Commute

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23+ mph
30 miles
$749or $68/month


Our Best All-Rounder - Save Time, Money, and Stress on Your Daily Commute

23+ mph
30 miles
Buy Now
$749or $68/month

Everything you want from a commuter scooter at an affordable price.


Classic design and high reliabililty make it the perfect choice for urban transport.


Reaches destinations up to 30 miles away. Rechargeable in around 5 hours.


"I recommend it to anyone starting on their e-scooter journey. It's the perfect mid-ground between a budget and premium model, meaning you get the best of both worlds with an affordable price and a feature set that’ll keep you entertained for years to come."







> 50,000

Join our fast growing community of smart riders who value fast, fun & eco-friendly transportation and industry leading support.

> 470,000 hours

Never get stuck in traffic again. At just 20 minutes commuting time saved per week(!) and rider, our community got back a cumulative 50 years in time to spend on better things. If you personally were able to save just 20 minutes every work-day, you would free up over 80 hours every year.


By replacing your car for just 15 miles every week our rider community is saving big on gas alone. That does not take into account any other expenses of owning a car. By some estimates, an individual rider can save around $8,000 per year by retiring the car in favor of an electric scooter.


While an electric scooter already helps reduce carbon emissions, we are donating part of our revenue to Trees for the Future who have planted over a million trees on our behalf, more than off-setting our operation's carbon footprint.





Unpacked your scooter and noticed it is not the right fit? No worries, we will return your unused scooter in original packaging for 15 days after delivery.


We ship in stock scooters same or next business day. Depending on your location, your scooter will arrive within 2 (West Coast) to 5 (East Coast) business days.


Need a part? Have a question? Our team of experts is there to help. You can count on fluidfreeride even after your warranty has expired.


All our scooters come with 12 months warranty on all major components for full peace of mind. After your warranty expires, you can make use of our Lifetime Service Program: Parts and Labor are 50% Off for fluid freeride customers for the lifetime of your scooter.


  • Is there a seat for the HORIZON?

    Yes, you can find the HORIZON folding seat in the accessories section above. Easy to install, this adjustable seat accommodates a range of riders and includes a built in suspension.

  • How is the scooter packaged and delivered?

    The HORIZON ships in a thick cardboard box with an additional over-box and shipping bands. We ship by FEDEX ground with signature required to ensure your new scooter does not disappear from your door-step.

  • Does the scooter come readily assembled?

    The HORIZON is almost ready to ride out of the box. Simply unfold, check your tire pressure on the front wheel (should be 45 PSI) and get up-and-scooting!

  • Can I use the HORIZON in the rain?

    We advise not to use the HORIZON in heavy rain as it is rated water-resistant, but not waterproof. However, it has proven to be the most reliable scooter in the rain. The display is IP66 rated. The two fenders do an excellent job in keeping the water down. And the deck openings are protected with silicone. As with a bike, be careful when it is wet as it’s possible to slip and fall - especially when crossing train tracks etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 911 reviews

Amazing scooter! Highly recommend. Fast free shipping.


Great scooter. Quick shipment. Highly recommend!

Strudelboy (Inglewood, CA)
Use Case: 4 mile work distance, fun riding, social connection ...
Horizon fun ...

After having researched various micro mobility versions (various skate boards, other scooters, even electric roller skates) I decided that the Horizon was probably the best compromise between “fun" (and it’s a blast), “form" (small enough for permanent trunk storage for impromptu use when parking further away from destination in LA or a quick getaway from work to the 3 mile distant coffee shop, etc.), and “function" (I can still easily have a backpack on, and a basic skatepark helmet doesn’t mess with the hair enough for a biz meeting). I am happy to report that my guesstimates on all these parameters worked out, and I am considering getting a second one so my wife and I can barrel down the beach together to lean further on the “fun” aspects ;-)


It’s genuinely insane the value of this scooter for how relatively inexpensive it is- especially in comparison to other electric vehicle options.
This thing RIPS! Built like a tank, waterproof, folds up tight, and has transformed my commute like I hoped it would!

Christian T. (Brooklyn, NY)
Use Case: Getting around New York.
So far it’s awesome

Only had it for a couple of days but it’s the perfect scooter. I’m in NYC and it’s tough and stable for these rough roads. Speed is excellent and I don’t think I would want to go any faster while dodging potholes. If you’re in NY you know what I mean. Anyways it’s excellent to get around. I already rode from Brooklyn to midtown Manhattan and back. Battery life is excellent but I did keep it on mode 2 most of the ride.

Herold D. (Brooklyn, NY)
Use Case: Commute from the bus to work and for errands and for fun.
The Horizon is Phenomenal

Wow, what a game-changer! I recently purchased the Fluid Horizon scooter and I'm absolutely blown away! This thing is a beast! The sleek design and vibrant color immediately caught my eye, but it's the performance that truly impresses. With its powerful motor and smooth handling, I feel like a pro gliding through the city streets. The ride is incredibly comfortable, even on rough terrain, thanks to the top-notch suspension. Plus, the battery life is phenomenal - I can cruise all day on a single charge! Whether I'm running errands or just having fun, this scooter never fails to put a smile on my face. If you're in the market for a new ride, look no further. The Fluid Horizon is definitely a total game-changer and worth every penny!

Michael O. (Grand Rapids, MI)
Use Case: Recreational
So far, great scooter for the money.

Just a quick background before info about the Horizon v2 (13Ah). My family (3 of us) have owned Macwheel MX Pro scooters for the past 3 years (since 2021). They are based on the Xiaomi 365 platform. These scooters have been bitter sweet. They provided second to none range in their price category but were not built well requiring periodic repairs. The MX Pro had a max speed of 15.5 mph (speed/gear 3). I could consistently acquire a range of about 19 to 21 miles at full speed with fairly flat terrain before the battery was depleted. At 9.5 mph (speed/gear 2) I could get up to 28 miles before the battery was depleted. The range was the only impressive part about this scooter. Check out electricscooterguide.com (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhCLaQvSY8g&t=370s) review for this scooter. It is very accurate.

I purchased 3 Hiboy S2 Pro scooters from Hiboy in hopes that they could replace the Macwheel scooters since 2 of the 3 Macwheel batteries went bad and Macwheel is out of business. The range of the S2 Pro was less than I had hoped for with a result of 14 miles total at 19 mph (top speed). Same conditions/route/terrain as the Macwheel. And only 22 miles total at 10mph. The S2 Pro's ride quality compared to the Macwheel was an improvement but still bumpy. I am selling the Hiboy scooters as Hiboy won't take them back.

I just received the Fluid Horizon V2 (13Ah) on March 19 2024. The Fluid Horizon is a noteworthy improvement in all categories compared to the before mentioned scooters, especially for the price. Speed, comfort, range and portability. I am about 180 lb. and 5'11. I was able to reach about 22 to 23 mph on level ground. So far on my first test run I was able to get about 20 miles of range going full speed. I haven't been able to test the full range at slower speeds due to poor/cold weather where I live. I attempted to test the range at 10 mph but I had to quit early due to the cold temps (32-34F). I did go a little over 20 miles when i quit the test. The battery indicator was flickering between 2 and 3 bars from empty out of a total of 6 bars. The voltage was around 44.5 volts yet. About 2/3 of the battery was used up leaving 1/3 left. I believe the Horizon would have made upper twenty something to thirty miles of range at 10 mph.

All in all I hope my results can shed some light on what is possible with the Horizon V2 (13Ah) scooter. Keep in mind I only have a couple runs with the Horizon but so far I am very impressed and optimistic. Great range, solid build, comfortable ride, speed, compact, etc, etc. Lot of bang for the buck. 👍

Steve H. (Palm Harbor, FL)


Tyler (Provo, UT)
Use Case: Local transportation.
Amazing ride!!!

I bought this scooter as a replacement for a much-slower, less-powerful one that was recently stolen. I liked that scooter, but had to get it replaced. Fluid free ride and their site seemed to have the best deals for my tight budget.
The ad said 23 MPH, which is faster than my last model. The manual says it'll do more like 25. The shipping speed was excellent. Given the New Year festivities, I didn't expect the scooter for another few days.
It took maybe 10 minutes to put the scooter together. Just tighten a few things, adjust the handlebars, and she's ready to go!
My first trip was very smooth. It doesn't do so well on loose gravel in a dirt lot. I went flying to the ground because of the lack of traction and weight displacement. Besides that, the acceleration was very good. I made it to 21MPH in only a few seconds. It'll go faster, but I don't try the top speed on a first trip. I have to figure out if anything needs tightening or room for improvement, so I take it easy the first few times.
The brake seemed okay. Not much for instant stopping, but I made it just fine with local traffic. I'm used to a scooter that gave me more rocky rides on smaller, solid tires. This scooter ran on rough cracks that I didn't feel at all, which gave me a jolt on the previous scooter. So far, this is a very promising ride!
Just don't forget to lock it up wherever you go. Buy the one offered by this site, or get a good lock anywhere else. Because people will think this is worth stealing. I won't give them that satisfaction.

Susan H. (Miami, FL)
Use Case: Fun
Used and broken

My son opened his scooter on Christmas am and we saw it was previously used. It was missing parts and the charger. My husband went out and brought a new charger and we charged it just so he could go out with his friends and it would only go 12 miles and the battery kept dying. For $700 I expected more. I’m soooo disappointed and upset with this piece of crap scooter