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🛴💨 The 12 Best Electric Scooters for Commuting Vs Everything else

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Are you interested in buying an adult electric scooter for commuting? You’ve made the right choice. Travelling by electric scooter is a great and affordable method for your commute and it’s a lot friendlier to the environment than traditional rides. And, let’s be honest, it looks amazing. Riding around your community on an electric scooter gives you the perfect accessibility to every spot and location you desire to visit.

You've made up your mind and you want one. So no need for convincing. It’s pretty clear why an electric scooter is the right choice for you by now.

To know what you need, it’s important to understand the main components that differentiate the various types of e-scooters out there.

ModelWideWheel Pro CityRiderHorizonMantisWolfWarrior
Top Speed26 Mph18 Mph
25 Mph40 Mph50 Mph
Range22 Miles10 Miles25 Miles45 Miles70 Miles
Weight54 lbs28.5 lbs42 lbs65 lbs101 lbs
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ModelMosquitoCityRiderHorizonMantisNami Burn E
Top Speed26 Mph18 Mph
25 Mph40 Mph45 Mph
Range22 Miles10 Miles25 Miles45 Miles45 Miles
Weight29 lbs28.5 lbs42 lbs65 lbs100 lbs
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How to choose the best electric scooter for commuting?

All e-scooters offer the same thing: A "green", swift, practical way to get from A to B without breaking a sweat. But there are variations to the theme. Speed, performance, weight and comfort vary quite a lot.

Electric scooters come in different shapes and sizes just like any other vehicle - so the best option for your commute might vary from another person's needs

To make it easier for you we have broken it down into three categories focusing on usage and budget

- Lightweight & portable commuting scooters
- Long-range commuting scooters
- Fastest commuting scooters

Lightweight electric scooters for commuting

What exactly defines a lightweight electric scooter?

A lightweight scooter is supposed to be easy to carry, fold, as well as store. If the weight starts to approach 50 lbs (22 kg) we think it cannot be considered lightweight anymore. You should be able to carry it easily in one hand.

The size is also important as it should be small and compact enough to be comfortable bringing on public transport, fit the trunk of your car or even bring into your work under your desk. It needs to be very foldable.

fluid Mosquito

29 lbs (13 kg)

Motor: 500W base - 700W peakTires: 8" x 2" solid tiresDimensions: 44.25x15.75x45.5 inches
Battery: 48V 9.6Ah (461 Wh)Suspension: dual spring based suspensionsFolded Dim: 41.5x5.65x13 inches”
Range: 22 milesBrakes: rear drum & rear step on brakeWeight: 35 lbs
Top Speed: 25+ mph (up to 28mph in gear 5)Lights: bright front and rear LEDDrive: Front Wheel
Weight Limit: 265 lbsDisplay: color center displayBattery Position: Under Board

The fluid Mosquito is exactly as the name suggests. Small, almost invisible yet packs a big punch. It looks little more than a kid's regular kick scooter but is capable of a 28 mph (45 km/h) top speed and 22 miles (35 km) of range. And it only weighs 29 lbs (13 kg) yet accepts a max rider weight of 265 lbs (120 kg)!

The manufacturer has even managed to incorporate a double suspension system which is needed as it sits on solid tires. The ride quality will never be amazing on such a budget commuter scooter but that was never the intention.

The purpose of the Mosquito is to offer a very portable lightweight electric scooter, with no risk of running flats, easy to carry and yet able to go fast. In other words, as practical as possible. And in this, they have succeeded above and beyond.

A front wheel 500W/700W peak power motor and a battery capacity of 48V 9.6Ah is the power plant of choice.

The acceleration is faster than on the average share scooter but still smooth and controlled. It is very easy to ride and that dual suspension system helps smooth things out to a degree.

Folding it is where you realize just how practical an electric scooter can be. It only takes a couple of seconds and as both the stem and handlebars retract it only measures 13 x 6 x 42 inches (33 x 15 x 106 cm) when folded. This is such a small package that you can bring it with you anywhere.

It has a rear drum brake, rear step-on brake, regenerative braking and an IPX5 rating so it will tolerate some rain.

Keeping things as light as possible means keeping it simple and practical and without accessories that will weigh it down. And for some, that means this will be the best commuter scooter of choice.

It is not an e-scooter for the more experienced rider who needs to travel outside of city centres on rougher surfaces. Instead, it targets the practical solution-oriented audience who view it as a commuting tool only, and who want the biggest bang for their buck.

Look no further than the fluid Mosquito as it has no real contender with these types of performance figures. It is quite remarkable.


  • Ultra light weight
  • Best in class ride quality
  • Very high top speed for its size


  • Braking distance can be long if going top speed

"Tiny Beast!"
"Bought this for my daughter at college, but wanted to put some miles on it to make sure everything was ok. I have another brand scooter and this outclassed it in almost every way. Lighter, easier operation, more torque and top speed. The smaller solid wheels don’t feel as “bike-like” as larger inflated wheels, but the suspension on this made sidewalk paths tolerable that were too jarring with fixed wheels. Once you get used to both brakes, stopping power is amazing. There’s a lot going on here in a small package that can be easily carried up a few flights of stairs."

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fluid Horizon V2

40 lbs/18 kg

Table header 0Table header 1Table header 2
Motor: 500w BrushlessTires:  8" Rear Solid, 8.5" front Air
Dimensions: 42.5 x 23.2 x 46.8 inches
Battery:  Lithium-ion 48V 10.4Ah / 13AhSuspension:  Front spring / Rear hydraulic  Folded Dim:  38.6 x 7.1 x 14.6 inches
Range: 20miles(10.4Ah) / 25miles(13AH)Brakes: Rear drum brake + RegenerativeWeight:  40 lbs (10Ah) / 42 lbs (13Ah)
Top Speed: 23-25 MphLights: front and rear LEDDrive: Rear Wheel
Weight Limit: 265 lbsDisplay: Advanced display with throttleBattery Position: Under Board

The e-scooter market has rapidly come out with quite a variety of choices to accommodate the different tastes and requirements of commuters. The options seem nigh on endless and are ever-growing.

So for example, if you've looked at the fluidfreeride CityRider, and come to the conclusion that its portability and no-nonsense practicality would be perfect for you, but you hesitate due to its lower power output and the Mosquito is too practical and lightweight, then you should consider the Horizon.

Here you find the same practical commuting scooter as the CityRider, with a choice of two battery versions. 

Output delivery is now upped to either 48 V 10.4Ah or 48 V 13Ah depending on which option of the V2 you prefer. It has a 500W/800W peak power rear wheel drive motor that can easily tackle inclines of 15%. Top speed is 25 mph (40 km/h). The range for the 10.4Ah version is 20 miles (32 km) or 25+ miles (40+ km) if you opt for the 13Ah version.

It weighs slightly more than the CityRider but not overly much. At 40 lbs (18 kg) it has to be considered a "light" commuter scooter. The accepted max weight limit is 120 kg.

The folding design is equally on par with its sister models, and with handlebars folding in as well, a big plus. It also has a telescoping stem and once folded it is a very compact package that will be easy to bring onto public transport if you need to.

Here you have a combination of dual suspension and an air-filled tire in the front with a solid rear wheel. It sounds like an odd combination but provides a surprisingly smooth ride. It ensures you will never get a rear flat tire.

Stopping power is provided by a rear drum brake as well as regen braking.

This is a very good commuter electric scooter especially if you are looking for something practical with good performance and little need for maintenance. It might not be a weekend warrior for fun trips on dirt trails but will be a perfect workhorse that is fun to ride on every occasion.


  • Strong Power to weight ratio
  • Very Practical & Foldable
  • Long Range


  • Board deck can be a bit narrow

"Best scooter out"
"- This scooter has the perfect balance of speed, weight, quality and size for what I needed. I take it for my 5 mile work commute no problem. I personally feel that this is the best scooter out right now in 2020 for the price. Definitely recommend this for anyone that wants a convenient way to travel without worrying about parking, traffic, bus/train schedules or even just to get away from the crowds on public transportation."

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fluid Cityrider

28 lbs/13 kg

Table header 0Table header 1Table header 2
Motor: 350W brushless hub motorTires:  8.5" x 2" honeycomb solid tires
Dimensions: 43.3x18.1x47.8 inches
Battery: 36V 10.4AhSuspension: inner suspension tires  Folded Dim: 43.3x18.1x19.7 inches
Range: 15 milesBrakes: Rear drum & rear step on brakeWeight:  28 lbs 
Top Speed: 18 MphLights:  front and rear LEDDrive: Front wheel drive
Weight Limit: 265 lbs / 120 kgDisplay: Speedometer + App control Battery Position: Under Board

If your top priority in a commuter scooter is lightweight, portability, practicality, nimbleness, and not so much top speed or mile range, the CityRider could be your ticket.

The Cityrider is equipped with a 36V 10.4Ah 350W front motor and has a max speed of 18 mph (29 km/h). Mile range is a more modest 10 miles (16 km) but remember, this e-scooter is all about a swift short-range inner city solution getting from A to B.

It only weighs 18 lbs (13 kg) which is as light as they come and picking it up and carrying it around is easy. It is foldable with an easy pull of a latch mechanism on the stem. It then folds backwards and clicks onto the rear bumper to make for a very practical "package" to carry.

Once folded it measures 20 x 19 x 43 inches (51 x 48 x 109 cm). The handlebars don't fold but you can unscrew them relatively quickly if you need it to be even narrower.

Even though it is considered a "budget" electric kick scooter, it still has front and rear led lights, integrated turn signals, and lateral reflectors. Android and iOS apps let you personalize driving modes, set different top speeds, customize the display unit for preference of miles or km, as well as engage cruise control.

A drum brake on the rear wheel and a stomp brake on the rear bumper works fine on this lighter e-scooter.

Wheels are quite small with their 8,5 inches and non-air-filled honeycomb tires make this a commuter best suited for tarmac only. These tires will never puncture. Max rider weight is 265 lbs.

If you need to commute parts of your journey via public transport, bring your scooter into your workplace, carry it up some stairs and still have it deliver a comfortable ride enough for a smaller inner city commute, this is great value for money.


  • Lightweight
  • Good top speed
  • Modern Design


  • Handlebars does not fold

"Can't get anything better for the price!"
" - The scooter is well build, I like the skateboard look of the base. The speedometer and turning lights are cool. I wish it had a bell! Speed wise is good enough for me, I've done about 30Km/h which is as much as I'd want to do in a scooter anyway. The handlebars are a bit tall, I'm 5'7" and they're fine but for my shorter girlfriend they are uncomfortable. I've had it for about a month and so far I love it!"

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INOKIM Light 2

30 lbs/13,6 kg

Table header 0Table header 1Table header 2
Motor: 350W base / 650W peakTires: 8.5" x 2" air tires
Dimensions:  42.5 x 41.3 x 18.1 inches
Battery: LG Li-ion 36V 10.4AhSuspension: pneumatic tiresFolded Dim: 37.4 x 14.2 x 9.8 inches
Range: realistic 15-20 milesBrakes: Front & rear drum brakeWeight: 30 lbs
Top Speed: 21 MphLights: Front and rear LEDDrive: Rear wheel Drive
Weight Limit: 220 lbs / 100 kgDisplay: Adv. thumb throttle display Battery Position: Under Board

A premium ultra-portable e-scooter from Inokim, one of the best brands on the market today.Very easy to ride and manoeuvre. A low centre of gravity deck that is perfect for those inner city commutes where it can get cramped and crowded.

It is a kick-to-start scooter, meaning you have to kick it to engage the 350W/650W peak power rear wheel motor. This is a safety feature and eliminates the jerky reaction some other scooters have when accelerating. It accelerates smoothly and undramatically to its max speed of 21 mph (34 km/h).

It only weighs 30 lbs (13,6 kg) but still manages a range of 20 miles (32 km) on a single charge in real-world riding.

The front and rear drum brakes have the best stopping ability of any lightweight scooter today. Very impressive.

A low centre of gravity due to its low-placed deck is brilliant for stability and ride quality. The downside is that ground clearance is sacrificed which needs to be remembered when negotiating curbs or other similar obstacles. 

A low centre of gravity due to its low-placed deck is brilliant for stability and ride quality. The downside is that ground clearance is sacrificed which needs to be remembered when negotiating curbs or other similar obstacles. 

No suspension but two 8,5-inch air-filled tires cushion the ride slightly. The Light 2 is best suited for well-paved surfaces.

It folds in a very clever way, typically for Inokim. The front stem is attached to the deck via a cantilevered folding mechanism that makes it a very compact package once folded. Handlebars fold as well.

It folds in a very clever way, typically for Inokim. The front stem is attached to the deck via a cantilevered folding mechanism that makes it a very compact package once folded. Handlebars fold as well.

A very comfortable thumb-activated throttle and an LCD display which saves its settings are other examples of why this feels like a premium e-scooter. The max weight limit is 220 lbs (98 kg).


  • Multiple color options
  • Reliable build
  • Long range


  • Torque somewhat limited

"Light 2 delivers on promise"
" - The Inokim Light 2 was not my first choice. The online research changed my mind — specifically the mechanics of the folding mechanism and the speed-to-mileage ratio. Rides beautifully. 21 mph and about 20 miles per charge. Unexpected benefit? It the air-filled tires provide for magnificent and zippy gliding. A tad heavy to carry folded, but that’s off-set by the folding handlebars that make for very easy closet storage. My only complaint is that the cap that covers the charging port doesn't always snap back into place easily. Overall, very happy."

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INOKIM Quick 4

47 lbs/21 kg

Table header 0Table header 1Table header 2
Motor: 600W rear BLDC Tires: 10" x 2.5" air tires
Dimensions: 42.5 x 44 x 19 inches
Battery: Samsung Li-ion 52V 16AhSuspension: pneumatic tiresFolded Dim: 44 x 14.5 x 9.5 inches
Range: realistic 25 milesBrakes: Front & rear drum brakeWeight: 47 lbs
Top Speed: 25 MphLights: front and rear LEDDrive: Rear wheel drive
Weight Limit:  220 lbs / 100 kgDisplay: Bright advanced displayBattery Position: Under Board

A step up from the Inokim Light 2 brings us to Inokim Quick 4. The same brilliant design and features, but more of everything.

If you don't have very large feet, this might be the best all-around commuter. It has a more powerful motor with 600W on the rear wheel and a slightly higher 25 mph (40 km/h) top speed. The 52V 16Ah battery has a real-world range of 25 miles (40 km).

Here now is a lightweight commuter scooter that won't shy away from some off-road duties. Due to 10 x 2.5-inch air-filled tires and dual damper suspension, it will handle itself on trails and grass or bumpy tarmac. 

But as mentioned above, the deck is quite short as is the wheelbase. While this makes for very sharp cornering capabilities it will feel a bit less stable at top speed than a slightly bigger e-scooter. 

Thumb throttle with that familiar Inokim style smooth acceleration, dual drum brakes, bright display at the centre of the handlebar shows speed, battery charge, voltage, and mileage, and it allows for three choices of speed settings/gears and cruise control.

The same clever cantilevered folding mechanism as on the Light 2. Very portable although slightly heavier at 47 lbs (21 kg).

The weight limit is 220 lbs (100 kg) and if this is your weight, you might find the Quick 4 a bit sluggish even though it will carry you. For a lighter smaller rider, it will fit like a glove though. Fabulous as per usual with Inokim.


  • Easy folding in seconds
  • Adjustable stem
  • Large display


  • Deck is shorter than most scooters

"I'm a fairly small person and the Quick 4 fits my needs well. Performance is incredible, even on hills, and the suspension does a pretty good job of cushioning the ride. Reports about oscillation at the upper factory speed limit of 25 KPH are true. But it's connected to the short, wide deck, which is extremely sensitive to side-to-side tilt. Ride the scooter with your feet 90 degrees to the direction of travel, see what a little press with your toes can do, and you'll feel more in control. Perpendicular foot placement also helps with carving, which can make this scooter kinda fun. I want to thank the folks at Fluid Free Ride SF -- especially Sam, the mechanic -- where they not only made it possible to test ride their scooters before buying, they also put zero pressure on me to buy and gave me honest answers to all my questions."

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Long-range electric scooters for commuting 

A long-range electric scooter is a more comfortable ride with stronger performance and added features than your average inner-city lightweight commuter scooter. It might be an alternative to a moped or even a motorcycle.

Not everyone lives in an inner city environment. Is the e-scooter an option even for those in the suburbs with a longer commute? Yes, it most definitely is. You will need to step up from the e-scooters we've covered above and go slightly bigger though.

For longer rides, and we think anything above 30 miles (48 km) is considered long-range, you will need a bigger and heavier e-scooter as it will have a bigger battery capacity. Bigger batteries mean added weight.

They can still be folded and carried around, if not for long distances, and maybe they won't be nimble under your desk but bringing it onto a train should be ok.

Bear in mind that to get the maximum mile range, as per stated by most electric scooter manufacturers, you will have to ride in eco mode. For dual-motor scooters, this will mean riding in single-motor mode, with eco settings and not going aggressively on the throttle.

Mantis V2 fluid Edition

33 / 45 miles 

Table header 0Table header 1Table header 2
Motor: 2x 60V 1000W / 3000W peakTires: 10"x2.5" air tires
Dimensions: 49 x 24 x 50 inches
Battery: FST 60V 18.2Ah (1092 Wh)Suspension: front and rear spring armsFolded Dim: 49 x 24 x 19 inches
Range: 33/45+ miles (eco / single drive)Brakes: Dual disc (full hydraulic)Weight: 65 lbs
Top Speed: 40 MphLights: white front/side & rear red LEDsDrive: front & rear wheel drive
Weight Limit: 265 lbs / 120 kgDisplay: LT01 display (on throttle)Battery Position: Under Board

Stepping up in the commuter e-scooter world, as well as experiencing higher top speeds and a smooth ride not expected on an e-scooter, we give you the Mantis V2.

This is a fantastic e-scooter and sits comfortably at the top of many experts' lists as one of the best scooters you can choose in its price range. And this second version has improved on what was already a good foundation.

There are two battery versions available, 60V 18,2Ah or 60V 24,5Ah. The range will be 33/45 miles (53/72 km) respectively. 

Dual 1000W/3000W peak power motors will see very powerful acceleration and a top speed of 40 mph (64 km/h). Stay in single-motor mode and you will still do 30 mph (48 km/h). Real-world range in eco mode is 27 miles (43 km).

In dual motor mode and gunning the throttle you need to hold on as it will do zero to 15 mph (24 km/h) in just over 2 seconds. The sinewave controllers make it a smooth rather than head-snapping acceleration which is to be preferred.

A scooter with this type of performance will always have great brakes and so it is with the Mantis that has Zoom hydraulic disc brakes as well as adjustable regen braking.

The ride quality is very good on any terrain and that has got a lot to do with the front and rear swingarm suspension as well as 10-inch air-filled tires. Dirt trails, grass, roots or kerb hopping is easy and it is super strong up hills as well.

Considering it is a bigger scooter and weighs 65 lbs (29 kg) it is still manageable to pick up and carry. The stem is foldable but not the handlebars. Its max weight is 120 kg and it is IPX5 rated.

You wouldn't choose this primarily as an inner-city commuter. For that, there are other better options. But if you live in a suburban area and need to travel long distances and maybe over rougher terrain it is a star. 


  • Very long range 
  • Great on trails & off road
  • Multiple settings & driving modes


  • Heavy & large for public transport 
  • Handle bars does not fold

"I am blown away by this scooter. Mind you, and this is my first ES. I was looking for a mode of local transportation. From time to time, I will go into NYC for work and meetings, and driving in to find parking is getting way too much. So take the train in and use the scooter to get around. I have been riding the V2 for about a week, both nighttime and daytime. The power this V2 has is incredible. A smoother ride than expected. Easy to control and very smooth acceleration. Suppose you're looking for power, speed, and fun. Get this scooter. I have to say that the hand bar size you can not find different types of bars is negative. Customer service has been excellent and helpful. They have been a great help."

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Wolf Warrior X 

40 / 52 miles (64/84 km) (Standard / Pro)

Table header 0Table header 1Table header 2
Motor: 2x 1100W / 3500W peakTires: 10x3" tubed STREET tires with split rimDimensions: 49 x 24 x 50 inches
Battery: FST 60V 21Ah (1260 Wh)Suspension: front hydraulic / rear springsFolded Dim: 49 x 24 x 19 inches
Range: 40 milesBrakes: Dual disc (full hydraulic)Weight: 65 lbs
Top Speed: 40 MphLights: white front/side & rear red LEDsDrive: front & rear wheel drive
Weight Limit: 265 lbs / 120 kgDisplay: LT01 display (on throttle)Battery Position: Under Board

If the fluid Mosquito stands out for being anonymous and small enough to be mistaken for a regular kick scooter, then the various Wolfs are the exact opposite. These are no-nonsense high performing electric scooters to be taken seriously.

The Warrior X has a dual motorcycle-style front stem with front hydraulic shocks and rear dual spring suspension. And that stem indicates that the Warrior is ready for battle.

This e-scooter can handle most of what you throw at it as far as ride quality goes. Off-roading is no problem let alone less-than-perfect roads or dirt and gravel. Especially if you choose the optional 10-inch off-road tires.

It comes with two versions of batteries to choose from where the only difference in performance is the range, acceleration and top speed.

The standard has a 60V 21Ah battery capacity and the Pro is a 60V 28Ah. Their range is 40/52 miles (64/84 km) respectively and the top speed is 44/41 mph (71/66 km/h) for the Standard/Pro. Yes, you read that correctly. The Pro's slightly bigger battery and smart battery management system mean added weight which affects acceleration and top speed. Not that you would mind though.

There is plenty of motor power with dual 1000W/3500W peak power on offer. This means that acceleration will be eye-opening and it will spin both its wheels on tarmac if you have all the power settings on max.

Which means you need to be able to stop properly as well. Zoom hydraulic dual braking system as well as adjustable regenerative braking system is par for the course and it will stop as effective as it accelerates.

If you choose any of the various Wolfs or other big performance scooters available, portability is probably not a big factor for you. However, it is foldable although handlebars stay out. This is the norm for most top-end e-scooters as stability at high speeds is a priority.

It is a big boy weighing in at 79 lbs (36 kg). But you should still be able to lift it into your car trunk. It has a max weight of 265 lbs (120 kg) and an IPX5 rating.

The ride quality, handling and suspension are phenomenal. There are bigger e-scooters available but you might find the Warrior X the best choice considering the asking price and what it offers.


  • Great power to weight ratio
  • Brilliant stability
  • Very comfortable ride


  • Side lights can be fragile

"This scooter is awesome!! I've had it about 2 weeks and am using it to commute about 5 miles round-trip, to and from work. It easily does 35-40mph in dual motor/turbo mode. Allows you to stay with the flow of traffic (in a 35mph zone). Lighting is excellent - front and back....you are easily seen in low light/darkness. Working turn signals and flashing brake light system-outstanding. I am recharging about every 3 trips (~15 miles)...but that's riding fast in dual motor/turbo mode. Haven't tried single-motor for mileage efficiency. Love the weight and maneuverability too...easy to lift and put in the car for transport and light enough to move around within building for parking/recharge. Perfect tail-grab bar. Dual-fork system feels very stable and easy to maneuver the scooter. Excellent hydraulic brakes. Ride platform is great size. Great customer service from the FluidFreeRide Team. A personal text right after ordering, and a follow up email after delivery. They shipped immediately, and I had the scooter in 5-7 days. Great experience....great scooter for a great price (under $2k). I already want another one!!"

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Mercane Jubel

40 miles/64 km 

Table header 0Table header 1Table header 2
Motor: 500W base / 800W peakTires: 12x2.125" pneumatic tiresDimensions: 48 x 22.5 x 50 inches
Battery:  48V 15AhSuspension: 12" air tires deliver a smooth rideFolded Dim: 20.5 x 9,5 x 50 inches”
Range: 40 milesBrakes: front drum brake + rear disc brakeWeight: 48 lbs
Top Speed: 25 MphLights: high mounted LED headlight and rear fender mounted LED taillight stripDrive: Rear Wheel
Weight Limit: 220 lbsDisplay: Mercane DashboardBattery Position: Under Board

Mercane keeps surprising us and stands out compared to other electric scooters in interesting ways.

They gave us the Widewheel which managed to look cool as well as have a very interesting ride quality due to those low profile wide wheels, not to mention being proper quick. And now with Jubel, they have again chosen a different strategy with great results.

The immediate stand-out feature, as with the Widewheel, are the tires, but now because they are big and skinny rather than wide and low profile. If you find e-scooters a bit unnerving to ride due to their small wheels and tires, you should try the Jubel. It feels more like a bicycle on its 12-inch air-filled tires soaking up potholes with a shrug.

And because of that, there is no need for a suspension. It is quite fast even though it only has a single rear-wheel drive 500W/800W peak power motor. The top speed is 25 mph (40 km/h).A 48V 15 Ah battery capacity will give you 40 miles (64 km) of range if you ride conservatively.

A single motor and no need for a suspension system save weight and with 48 lbs (22 kg) the Jubel is considered lightweight, if only just.

Very good braking performance from a front drum brake, rear disc brake and regen braking but without any risk of flying over the handlebars.

In addition to the bigger tires, it has a very wide low positioned grippy deck which further enhances the feeling of stable ride quality. This might be a perfect choice for beginners or the one who is not a fan of smaller wheels.

Obviously, it is foldable with handlebars also folding making it one of the most portable e-scooters in its class. And it comes in white or slate grey. Most scooters are grey or black so the option of a white e-scooter is very attractive.

It has an IP54 rating as well as a 220 lbs (100 kg) maximum weight capacity. A very clever choice and a very affordable scooter as well.


  • Incredibly soft ride 
  • Beautiful design
  • Big comfortable deck


  • OK Acceleration

"Scooter arrived quickly and works very well. Large board and super nice design in white. I can get 23 mph easily. Acceleration is OK. I like most that it's really comfortable to ride. The handlebars are high and the larger wheels make the ride soft. "

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Apollo Explore

35 miles/56 km 

Table header 0Table header 1Table header 2
Motor: 1000W base / 1400W peakTires: 10" pneumatic tiresDimensions: 46 x 7.7 x 48 inches
Battery: DYNAVOLT 52V 18.2Ah (946 Wh)Suspension: front spring and rear dual springFolded Dim: 46 x 7.7 x 17 inches”
Range: 35 MilesBrakes: Front & Rear Discs Weight: 52 lbs
Top Speed: 31 MphLights: front and rear + lateral and in stem LEDsDrive: Rear Wheel
Weight Limit: 265 lbsDisplay: Apollo branded QS-S4 (on throttle)Battery Position: Under Board

If your commute takes you over hills or undulating territory you need something that can tackle those obstacles. The best option is a dual-motored scooter but, that means added weight. There is an option though and that is the very good Apollo Explore.

This is a single-motor rear-wheel drive 1000W/1400W peak power e-scooter that is strong uphill, has fast acceleration and a 31 mph (50 km/h) top speed. Powered by a 52V 18.sAh battery it has a real-world 30-mile (48 km) range.

It weighs just over our considered lightweight criteria with 52 lbs (23,5 kg) but is very foldable and once folded it measures 46 x 10 x 17 inches (117 x 25 x 43 cm). This is possible because of the telescoping stem as well as folding handlebars.

It has a very comfortable ride quality sitting on 10-inch air-filled tires as well as a dual spring suspension system and riding on dirt trails will not be a problem. Potent dual disc brakes provide excellent braking capabilities.

A wide deck is perfect for longer rides which is what this scooter was designed for. Strong performance with a good range yet still portable.

It is also IP54-rated and will accept a max weight of 265 lbs (120 kg). A very good choice if you are content with a single-motor option.


  • Excellent ride quality
  • Long range


  • A bit heavy to carry for a daily commuter

"We purchased the Apollo Explore for our daughter who is attending college. She has used the scooter for about a month now and absolutely loves it. It has performed superbly thus far. The scooter has great power to go up the steep terrain on her campus and has been such an added quality of life addition for her while on campus. She commutes with it daily and really enjoys having it. We didn't know much about electric scooters until this purchase and we are so happy we went with the Apollo and Fluidridefreeride for the purchase. We have not had any tech issue as of date with it but I'm confident if we do they will be there to assist us. I would highly recommend this scooter, great functionality, appearance, led lighting and power. I would also recommend the accessories that you can purchase with this. The lock is a must and my daughter can use with ease. We are hopeful to get several years of commuting for her out of this scooter!"

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WideWheel Pro

The powerful & fun commuter scooter that tackles any hill

Table header 0Table header 1Table header 2
Motor: 2x500w motorsTires: 8" x 3.9" never-flat foam filled
Dimensions: 43.1 x 21.6 x 43.3 inches
Battery:  Lithium-ion 48V 15AhSuspension:  Front and Rear springs   Folded Dim: 43.1 x 8.6 x 16.1 inches
Range: 22 MilesBrakes: Front & Rear Discs Weight:  54 lbs
Top Speed: 26 MphLights: Front & Rear LEDDrive: Front & Rear Wheel
Weight Limit: 220 lbsDisplay: Smart DisplayBattery Position: Under Board

If you live in San Francisco or some similar city with proper undulations to navigate on your daily commute, the WhideWheel Pro, which is the development of the successful Whidewheel, could be your choice of e-scooter.

Overall stronger build quality and an all-new 48W 15Ah battery deliver increased torque and acceleration. It easily manages 30% inclines. 

This is a fast dual motors e-scooter with unique ride quality. It shoots away from a standstill and reaches 15 mph (24 km/h) in three seconds.

1000W/1600W peak power motors pack a proper punch. Maximum speed is similar to the regular 1000W Whidewheel with 26 mph (42 km/h) and the real-life range is increased slightly to 20 miles (32 km). There is an option to ride in ECO mode which will increase the range to approximately 30 miles (48 km) if you cruise slightly slower.

The upgraded folding design makes for the same easy portability as the regular Whidewheel. Handlebars fold in to minimize the risk of snagging things, and the weight is similar at 54 lbs (24,5 kg) even though it packs a bigger battery pack. 

The weight is manageable if you need to bring it on public transport, but not if you need to carry it for longer periods, or maybe up some stairs. Both of these e-scooters fit in most car trunks, which is also something to consider when planning one's commute.

Bear in mind that this e-scooter is for smooth paved surfaces only. The solid wide wheel tires provide a brilliant sensation when riding on a well-paved road or path. But venture out on cobblestones or rough surfaces and it quickly loses its charm.

It does come with front and rear spring suspensions to compensate for the polyurethane tires. This version also has front and rear 120 mm disc brakes for improved stopping power, as well as regenerative braking. 

It has a new led display that shows speed, battery charge, and total mileage. Equipped with cruise control very cleverly done by pressing and holding a button at the desired speed on the display.

Touch the handbrakes or throttle and it disengages, same as in a car, very intuitive. Upgraded Led headlight and rear light help improve visibility forward, but for proper dark riding on city streets, we recommend buying an additional front light. This is like the Golf GTI of electric kick scooters, and it even manages to look cool, which for an e-scooter is quite a feat.

If you want something fast, with great acceleration, high speed, a brilliant braking system, and fun to ride, this could be the best electric scooter for you.


  • Never worry about flat tires
  • Very powerful
  • Eco & power modes
  • Clever Display


  • Folding mechanism takes some getting used to

"Awesome WideWheel Pro 2020"
" - OMG - this scooter exceeds all expectation!! So we’ll made, heavy duty in fact. The only thing remotely critical might be it’s weight, but that was forecasted and in being heavily and well made - that’s likely hand in hand!! Otherwise I’d buy it again. Already have 60 miles in it and I love it - my kids do too. Great purchase."

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Fastest electric scooters for commuting

If you don't care about portability or overall weight but instead crave max power and performance, you will look at bigger scooters with a top speed well above 20 mph (32 km/h) which is what we consider to be fast electric scooters. 

These machines, or beasts as they are sometimes called, are to be treated with respect as they are extremely powerful and can buck you off like a wild horse unless you know what you are doing.

However, unlike wild horses, they have various settings allowing you to ride very conservatively and keep it all under control.

Nami Burn E2

60 mph/96 km/h

Table header 0Table header 1Table header 2
Motor: 2 x 1000W base / 5040W peakTires: tubeless 11"Dimensions: 53 x 24.5 x 57 inches
Battery: 72V 28Ah (2160 Wh)Suspension: adjustable front & rear hydraulic coil-shock suspensionFolded Dim: 53 x 24.5 x 25 inches”
Range: 90 MilesBrakes: dual disc (LOGAN 2-piston full-hydraulic)Weight: 100 lbs
Top Speed: 45 MphLights: ultra bright front, side and rear LED + turn signalsDrive: Front & Rear Wheel
Weight Limit: 330 lbsDisplay: feature-loaded color smart displayBattery Position: Under Board

The Nami Burn E2 is a more affordable version of the phenomenal Burn E2 Max which was developed based on feedback from thousands of riders.

The design and performance indicate that this is as far away from the average share-scooters littering the sidewalks as you can get.

The hand-welded aluminium frame and the carbon fibre stem are but two signs that this is a special piece of kit. 

And it has a lot of power. Dual 1000W/5040W peak power motors, sinewave controllers and a 72V 28Ah battery will produce a top speed of 45 mph (72 km/h), and a real-world 60-mile (96 km) range. Ride conservatively and you can get up to 90 miles (144 km).

Some say the acceleration is thrilling, which is one way to put it. Or you could say mind-boggling. From zero to 15 mph (24 km/h) it only takes 1,8 seconds. 7,5 seconds from zero to 40 mph (64 km/h). That should be fast enough for anyone.

Braking will be equally impressive with LOGAN fully hydraulic 160 mm disc brakes and an adjustable integrated electric brake. 

All that power and performance figures are impressive but where riders rave the most about the E2, is the ride quality. 

The combination of a welded tubular frame, adjustable front and rear hydraulic coil shock suspension and 11-inch air-filled tires feels so right. It makes you a better rider however good you already are. Off-road tires are optional and you might consider them as you can definitely enjoy the Burn E2 on other than tarmac. 

It weighs 100 lbs (45 kg), has a weight limit of 330 lbs (150 kg) and is IP55-rated. You can fold it, not the handlebars but the stem, but you probably never will. Why should you? 

This is not a portable e-scooter. If you buy this you know that and you won't care. You will be satisfied knowing you have one of the best electric scooters ever made and you will smile every day you press that thumb throttle.


  • Very long range
  • Incredible comfort
  • Eco & power modes
  • Clever Display


  • Very heavy if you intend to carry it during your commute

"After much research and debate over the last few months I landed on the Nami!Thanks to chuck at FFR I picked mine up a couple weeks ago and couldn't be happier.I decided to have it shipped to them and had them install the damper and puncture proof tires. Been having blast with it ever since. No worries about flats, no worries about range. I hit about 43mph and honestly I don't need to go any faster then that. In real life situations over 35 really isn't necessary for me.Suspension handles great in these NYC streets and I'm very happy with my purchase."

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Wolf King GT Pro

62 mph/100 km/h

Table header 0Table header 1Table header 2
Motor: 2x 2000W baseTires: 11" tubeless (self-repairing)Dimensions: 49.6 x 29.5 x 51.1 inches
Battery: 72V 35Ah LG / SamsungSuspension: front dual hydraulic shocks / rear dual springsFolded Dim: 61 x 10.6 x 18.5 inches”
Range: 90 MilesBrakes: Front and rear Zoom hydraulic brakesWeight: 120 lbs
Top Speed: 62 MphLights: ultra bright front, side and rear LED + turn signalsDrive: Front & Rear Wheel
Weight Limit: 330 lbsDisplay: 4.2" center TFT displayBattery Position: Under Board

If you want the fastest of them all, and your riding will be mostly over rough terrain and dirt trails with bumps and jumps, your go-to choice should be the Wolf King GT pro.

So far, the various versions of Wolfs are the only ones with a motorcycle-style double front stem dual hydraulic shocks we've seen on electric scooters. And that stem means that the stability you get from the Wolf is rock solid.

Which is a good thing, considering the top speed of 62 mph (100 km/h). 

The power available is scary. There is no other word for it. Dual 2000W/8400W peak power motors are good enough for whiplash-style acceleration. You get used to it, but the first time will always make you go "wide eyes open". There are various riding modes though and opting to calm the beast down and disengage the turbo button as well as one motor will still leave you with a fast scooter albeit more tranquil.

A big 72V 35Ah battery is the power source and you can ride very far on the King. Up to 90 miles (144 km) if you preserve yourself. In real-world riding, you can get 50+ miles (80+) km. 

Front and rear hydraulic Zoom disc brakes and adjustable regenerative braking are par for the course. Be careful when you brake as they are powerful and you must learn the proper technique before applying maximum braking power.

The ride quality is superb and the stability from the double front stem is enhanced as the added weight of the now front fork-mounted sinewave controller package is adding to that stability. At these speeds, it feels more stable than a single-stem 40 mph scooter. You can have it delivered with 11-inch tubeless self-repairing off-road or street tires.

Of course, it is going to be a big boy and weigh 120 lbs (54 kg) with a max weight limit of 330 lbs (150 kg). You can fold the stem but you probably never will. It is not a fast or easy process. 

It has an IPX5 rating which will come in handy as the adventures in the forests and dirt trails are likely to kick up some dust. Long live the King. 


  • Fastest electric scooter
  • Incredibly high range 
  • Fantastic stability at high speeds


  • Big & Heavy.. like really heavy

"I love the acceleration, torque and speed of this scooter; ergo it's the beast! So far the metrics provided match the documentation (you know what I mean). It feels well built and is clearly the King of scooters. I Love the dual front forks (with shocks) as they are sturdy at higher speeds (NO stem wobble). I would not like the single stem that other hyper scooters have (have seen stem wobble on YouTube). I'm so glad I made this selection and NOT one of the other hyper scooters. What can they improve; rear brake/signal light needs to be brighter (not smoked) and the rear shock more accessible and bushing sturdier. The customer service team has been very responsive with e-mail questions. Look forward to a long term relationship with them as new models are rolled out."

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Why should you pick an electric scooter over other vehicles?

When planning your daily commute to work there are several factors to consider and often several modes of transport to choose from. The two major factors that influence that decision is how long it will take you to get from A to B, and how much it is going to cost you.

We will be looking at a few modes of transport, their pros and cons, and how an electric scooter can potentially solve some of your commuting issues.

You might be thinking that your commute needs to include more than one mode of transport. Fear not, we’ve got that covered. Almost every commute is likely to involve some walking, even if it’s those 200 steps from the car park to the office. However, when we mention walking, we are referring to a significant distance.

Discover the cheapest electric scooters for adults

Ride Comfort of Electric Scooters

When all is said and done, what really matters? You want to be comfortable while riding your scooter. It has got to feel right. That’s why at FluidFreeRide, we look for the best designs available depending on your preferred choice of usage.

One thing to consider is the type of tires and the suspension. Some are airless and others are solid. In the last few years, crazy tire progress has taken place. Michelin created an airless tire that has been all over the news. What are the advantages? You don’t have to worry about flats and it has a better stability. Airless might be a great option for you.

Make sure to check for tire sizes and front/rear suspension. You will want suspension if you use solid airless tires since all these things will affect your ride. But we all know the best way to get a feel for it is to test-drive. Try to go out and ride a friend’s scooter or even watch YouTube video reviews. The best part about buying online is the reviews and experiences you get from real users. 

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Walking Commute vs Electric Scooter Commute

What’s a significant walking distance you might wonder? That may vary a lot depending on who you ask. All factors such as age, physical ability, or pre-existing injuries, will affect what a person may consider a significant distance. For argument's sake, let's say you spend 15 minutes travelling one way on your commute. That’s 2.5 hours per week. How much time could you save by perhaps using an electric scooter or even a bicycle?

The big question is, do you want to spend hours a week on your commute? Using the average walking speed of 3.1 mph (4.98 km/h) and the distance of your commute, you can work out how long it takes you.

So, the question you want to be answered is; can an Electric Scooter save you time on your commute when you usually walk?The quick answer, Yes!

Let’s use this commuting example to look at the difference between using an electric scooter at an average speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) vs walking.

15 minutes walking = 2-3 minutes on an electric scooter

This is the equivalent to:

10 hours of walking = less than 1 hour on an electric scooter

Although you will have to pay upfront for the cost of the electric scooter (finance options make this less of a problem nowadays), the running costs of commuting on an electric scooter are far less than compared with other transport options. Granted, walking is free, but can you put a price on the time you’ll save on your commute?

Luckily for you, when looking at saving time by changing your commute, not only is an electric scooter cheaper than other methods, but also more environmentally friendly. This is a win-win in our opinion.

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Biking vs Electric Scooter - which is faster?

According to a study in Copenhagen, the average speed of a bike is 9,6 mph (15,5 km/h). Denmark is the country with the second highest percentage of its population using bicycles as a means of transport.

Easily calculated, a bike is roughly half the speed of a decent electric scooter. Note, this excludes rented scooters as these are often limited to 12-15 mph (20-25 km/h).

One upside to commuting with an electric scooter is how quickly you can stop and start. If you have had the pleasure of riding an e-scooter, you’ve probably experienced setting off quickly from a standstill. Whilst cyclists are still trying to accelerate, you’re already far off in the distance.

It is worth mentioning that there now are electric bicycles as well. Although you have assistance when riding distances or up an incline, the limitations of the size, weight, and practicalities of a bicycle remain the same - electric or not.

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Bus vs Scooter Commute

For the sake of relevance, we will be focusing on bus commutes that match the average electric scooter range, which is around 10-25 miles (16-40 km).

Buses... no one particularly enjoys a bus ride through a busy city as a necessary commute.

Through no fault of their own, buses aren’t reliable for keeping to time schedules when they get caught in traffic jams or suffer breakdowns. These potential delays can cause them to be unpredictable and unreliable. Not to mention sitting next to potentially unfavourable strangers. It is not the ideal journey on your way to or home from work.

To list the average speed of a bus and compare it to an electric scooter is near impossible as each city has its prerequisites for how effective travel by bus can be.

A study done by the New York Department of Transportation showed the average speed of a city bus was 7,44 mph (12 km/h) with some bus routes as slow as 3,9 mph (6,2 km/h) which is essentially walking speed!

It’s unfair to paint every bus commute with the same brush though as it’s not uncommon for a bus commute to be very effective. Especially on the outskirts of a city.

The issues mentioned above become more of an issue the closer the route is to a city centre. With this in mind, combining your bus commute with your e-scooter can make for a great idea. Jump off a few stops earlier and glide through the city in no time on your electric kick scooter cutting out that infamous traffic. Keep in mind, when using an e-scooter in this manner, to choose a model that you can easily carry on to a bus.

Less time on the bus, less money forking out for various and often expensive bus tickets.

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Train, Tube, or Scooter?

If you’re taking the train to work you may be travelling more than the 10-25 miles that the range from an electric scooter can offer. However, there are other aspects that an electric scooter may help with in combination with your train journey. Unless you live and work next to the station, you’ll likely have a stretch of your commute where you may walk, get the bus, bike or use your electric scooters to overcome the issues covered above.

When taking the subway, tube, or metro, (each city has its preferred nickname), you might be in range to use an electric scooter instead for your commute. Subway speeds vary heavily and the average speed for each stretch is very different. If we keep looking at New York as an example the average subway speed is 17 mph (27 km/h) but has a top speed of 55 mph (89 km/h).

That being said, we feel there is more to a commute than just speed. We have all been there, stood for a long period, in a hot stuffy train car, pressed against the stranger next to us feeling like packed sardines, simply praying that your stop is next. Why put yourself through the trauma when you could be coasting along, wind in your hair, enjoying the sensation of freedom?

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Driving a Car vs Electric Scooter

Driving a car in this current age may not be the revolutionary answer it once was. For some occasions and purposes, a car is entirely appropriate. However, the costs incurred (not to mention being stuck in traffic and then not being able to park) make it an expensive venture.

Even if you have bought your car outright and do not owe any finance on the vehicle, the maintenance, upkeep, fuel and necessary costs of the vehicle can potentially set you back thousands a year. Plus, there is the cost to the environment that simply has no measurable amount.

For those slightly shorter commutes, using an electric scooter can potentially be quicker. Especially if the commute is through a busy city or town centre. In addition to the basic costs of owning and running a car, there is the possibility of having to pay for parking. For some lucky people out there, this is not an issue. But on the flip side, parking charges for employees commuting in cars, can be sky-high and even taken straight from their wages. With an electric scooter, that could easily slide under your desk or be locked in a bicycle locker, there is even more money to save that you’d much rather spend on something other than parking.

Structural Design of the Electric Scooter

By far, the first thing you should pay attention to is the design of the scooter. It really depends on what you want.

For example, if you want one built for easy portability so you can bring it on trains, carry up stairs, or hide under your office desk, you probably want a lightweight scooter with the perfect design that folds down quickly and is easy to carry around. If you want a fast and powerful scooter to get you up the hills in your neighbourhood, you need to look for a bigger motor/battery and will likely end up with something heavier that is not so easy to carry.

If you want a comfortable scooter, you’ll look for different features that give you a smooth and enjoyable ride like dual suspension for example. 

Some quick things you can look for are the wheels and motor position. Is it front or rear-wheel drive? Front-wheel drive is typically built into lighter and more economical scooters. Rear-wheel drive provides a better weight balance and riding experience. Just like BMW uses rear-wheel drive for all their cars. There are also dual-wheel drives that can give you more power, control, and accuracy while riding.

The aesthetics and weight distribution are also very important. Consider your battery positions. Is it placed in the front pole above the front wheel motor to minimize weight? While these scooters are typically the most lightweight around, your scooter will be front heavy and the deck may come up when you get off too fast at a traffic light.

For longer rides and the best stability, the battery should be placed under the deck. Are they placed in areas that won’t get in your way? Does it make sense to have it where it is? You don’t want to be tripping over anything if the scooter hasn’t been engineered well.

The one thing you’ll notice the most is the position of the handlebars. That might be a dealbreaker for some. Is it too far out? Is it too close? Is it comfortable in your hands?

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Motor and power performance

The motor and power of your electric scooter depend on what you want to use it for. It all comes down to time. If you need to get somewhere fast, consider getting something more powerful. If you just want to stroll around the community, then this might not be as important to you.

For practical purposes, power is important for speed. And also if there are hills it might need to climb. You can measure that through the voltage, watt, and torque.

Electric Scooter Batteries and Range

How long a scooter can run is probably one of the biggest dealbreakers. If you choose an e-scooter that doesn’t last long, it might not even be worth it to you. That’s why it’s important to know what battery your scooter comes with and what kind of battery brands you can add on.

For Safety, IEC standards are an important regulation to understand. They partner with other organizations to develop protocols for lithium batteries and more. It’s important to make sure any batteries you choose are up to global standards.

When choosing an electric scooter, review how long the battery lasts. Take into consideration that manufacturers often significantly overclaim range. You can reach these mile ranges if you weigh less than the max weight limit, and ride in perfect conditions at 50% of its top speed. You can take a big chunk off of these claims if you are planning on using the full potential of your scooter.

Electric scooter features You Can’t Live Without

Technology is changing as you read this. And with that comes awesome, irresistible features. These days, scooters come with great apps that feature diagnostics, speed settings, and more.

It’s worth asking and researching the types of integrations and apps that are available for your electric scooter. It might be the one thing that wins you over when it’s time to decide.

Electric Scooter Reviews and Recommendations

Never underestimate the reviews. Look at it like profiting from someone else’s risk when he/she purchases it. They’ll tell you if it was a good product or a bad one — at no cost to you. It’s the best way to know if you are buying a great electric scooter.

Reviews are the best determination of whether you should buy a specific brand or model. Research and do your diligence when it comes to choosing the right one.

Electric scooters are one of the best investments anyone can make. It’s convenient, fun, affordable, and saves you money on transportation. At less than half a cent of electricity cost per mile, riding an electric scooter costs roughly one-twentieth of riding a gas-fueled car.

This is how you find the best electric scooters. Use this guide as a roadmap and share your new ride when you finally decide!

At fluidfreeride, we work hard to reinvent your commute. With only the best scooters, like the Mantis, you can count on us to get you the ride you deserve. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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